magnetic stirrer


Woven: Wait For Me - Chapter 2

“What does that thing-a-maboop do?” MJ points to an intimidating looking machine.

“Ah yes, the thing-a-maboop. I believe that is the technical term. But us common folk call it a top of the line Laboratory Magnetic Stirrer. It allows you to economically mix a solution for an extended period of time in the laboratory.”

MJ leans over to take a better look at the machine, her long red hair spilling out from beneath her hood like a waterfall.

“Woah– careful there.” Peter walks between her and the machine. As she straightens up he tucks her hair behind her ear, his hand lingering a little too long.

“Ahem.. I just– you don’t want your hair getting stuck in there.” He gestures towards the machine, and at this point he is almost as red as her hair.

“My hero.” She boomed teasingly while dramatically fanning herself with her hand.

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