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Why Your MBTI Type is Attractive

ESTP: You ooze tactile, and touch, something about your very down to earth and hands on persona is so tantalizing, you’re so full of passion and willpower, it’s hard not to find you sexy at all.

ISTP: Enigmatic, Aloof, brooding, with a low-key childlike humor is very intriguing you’re hard to miss, and something about your handiwork is beyond magnetizing, You’re an old soul and child in one.

ESFP: You are radiant, glowing with excitement and vivacity. Your inner strength and pure willpower are unbelievably attractive and admirable, you have this earthy, “I know what I’m doing” vibe.

ISFP: Your shyness hides this intense need for physical action and connection. Your independence and ethereal mystery create this atmosphere of depth and raw love of pleasure. You breathe sex appeal.

ESTJ: You have a commanding presence, something strong and secure and people wish they could handle anything thrown at them the may you do, you’re in control, and it’s hard to miss you with all that confidence.

ISTJ: You have a natural rhythm and go with your own flow, it’s insanely intoxicating. You have an air of structure and intensity, you’re willpower is undeniable, and your thoughts are like wildfire.

ESFJ: You are warmth, and generosity, something about your need for beauty and harmony is beyond desirable. You create a haven of light and love and are so sensual it’s beyond sexy.

ISFJ: Your discreet charm, and smitten smile is beyond attractive, you are tender hearted, but have this hidden strength that others can feel. They love your shelter and you radiate this intense love of sensuality.

ENTJ: you are usually perceived as confident in your thoughts and actions, you know what you’re doing and go into it without questioning, you’re calculated, and usually quite charismatic.

INTJ: You’re meticulous and observant, you work hard and play harder and people love that mystery of your very detached presence, something about you is both fully present and other worldly.

ENTP: You’re witty, charismatic, and novel. You’re like a flame and people are drawn to you. You have a sharp and piercing humor that is so magnetizing. You know how to persuade and are usually very smooth.

INTP: you’re lowkey, dreamy and so interesting. Something about your independence and aloofness is so interesting and people want to know the way you’re thinking, or what you’re thinking about at all.

ENFP: You radiate positivity, charm and electricity, your youthful need for adventure and possibility are contagious and you are so magnetic and sensational because of it.

INFP: You feel so deeply and ardently, you get swept into a dream world that others only wish they can touch. You’re full of romance, and saccharine that so many people feel drawn to your vulnerability.

ENFJ: You’re a warm, and uplifting spirit. Like the sun, you radiate certainty in yourself and something about your devotion to those you love is so incredibly attractive, you can’t be missed.

INFJ: You have a natural refinement and elegance to you, you have a beautiful presence of peace and wisdom and mystery. People want to know what you know, they want to get into your head.

The Morphogenic Field is a term we use to describe the field of energy around the body. It is an extension of the electrical energy of the nervous system. The brain is an electrical generator with its own field of energy that extends away from the physical body. Many cultures and disciplines recognize this field and give it other names. When people discuss auras, chakras, life force or chi, they are possibly talking about this same energy field.

Translation of Bob’s Interviews: 

Bellamy is totally in love with Clarke Griffin. No one else can understand Bellamy’s heart/soul like Clarke can, because, you know, they’re soul magnets™. 

But Bellamy’s an angsty, self-loathing kid and the world’s going to shit, so Bellarke is still taking their damn time in the romance department and I can’t talk about it yet. 


Souls recognise each other by the way they feel. (insp.)

  • Lily: So, how are you feeling lately?
  • Kuro: Well, I've got this headache that comes 'n goes...
  • Mahiru: *enters the room*
  • Kuro: There it is

“The moment you start watching the thinker, a higher level of consciousness becomes activated. You then begin to realize that there is a vast realm of intelligence beyond thought, that thought is only a tiny aspect of that intelligence. You also realize that all the things that truly matter - beauty, love, creativity, joy, inner peace - arise from beyond the mind. You begin to awaken.” - Eckhart Tolle

Art via @dimensao7

You run, hiding and curling into yourself
because this man terrifies you with the depth of his love
this man wants you, scars and all

You don’t believe you deserve him
broken and afraid, oh darling
can’t you see he is the same

it's electric, this connection
the fire rises from that very first spark
Fall, oh my love, just fall into the whirlwind

He’s nothing you expected and everything you need
you don’t get a second chance at this
at having a soul magnet, a true north, so please, jump

I remember how I trembled beneath your touch. Do you know how magnets attract eachother when they touch from opposite sides but repel when they touch from the same side? I think we were both the same side of a magnet. Our souls were too similar that when we got too close, we drove eachother away.
—  I wish I had been the other side of the magnet. (via @sinfulessentials)

Every human being possesses an individual magnetic radiation field (aura), which is populated by that person’s thoughts and desires, colored by the quality and nature of the thought and desire that fills it, and this personal field, being magnetic, both attracts and repels certain powers and forces from the surrounding planetary aura. This is the nature of the human microcosm man is as an electromagnetic being.

When a person reacts upon an impulse or idea, the result of such a reaction – be it a thought, a wish, a fear, an expression of jealousy or ire, etc. – lingers in the creator’s immediate atmosphere and possesses a potency and longevity that is directly proportional to the measure or intensity of the reaction. If this reaction is repeated, the force radiated by it is strengthened, ad infinitum.

Collectively, mankind constitutes a much larger thinking-desiring organism, and the sum total of the thoughts and desires in the auras of all the people that together make up mankind, interpenetrate and form what might be termed a “radiation cloud” around the planet. This cloud is replete with the results of all human thinking, feeling and desiring, not only from causes created in the present but also from the past, for thought and astral energy creates certain elemental forms that can and do survive their creator in the flesh. There is, then, clearly an interaction between human beings and the planetary atmosphere; the human beings contribute toward the quality of subtle substance of the planetary aura in the form of mental, astral, and etheric matter. In the beginning phase of man’s spiritual descent, or “Fall from Grace” (the Garden of Eden days) the psychic atmosphere of this world was still virginal, void of these human emanations. However, with the passage of time they came into manifestation and are forever being strengthened by mankind’s incessant ignorant and selfish activity.

Now what happens when many hundreds, sometimes many thousands, or even, over time, billions of people continuously project similar selfish or fear-based thoughts and desires (which include religious desires for personal salvation, personal empowerment, personal happiness, etc.)? Just think of the selfish prayers repeated endlessly in the churches; the wild enthusiasm of the crowds at football games; the mass outbursts of passion during blood-stirring political demonstrations or evangelistic speeches; the daily repeated negative suggestions in the media that are supposedly formulated in order to enlighten the masses and the millions of people who are all tuned in to the same violent TV programs simultaneously!

Like attracts like, and the corresponding vibrations thus launched into the atmosphere coalesce to form one great cloud of unwholesome energy. It is an elementary esoteric fact that when, over time, many people fix their minds upon one idea, a mighty astral image of that idea develops. The astral world possesses specific possibilities of reflection. So when the minds of many of us are continually fixed upon one and the same idea, then we shall discover that at a given moment a huge astral image has been generated, which is becoming clear and well-defined, and with which we are connected and in communication because we created it ourselves. It is thus that a collective spirit, a collective idea, a collective thought-form or a collective image is created and continuously fed by people of similar disposition and/or belief.

Over centuries such an image can and does become so fortified that it acquires consciousness and becomes an intelligent, self-directing being; a huge, living, feeding elemental being that has an agenda namely to perpetuate and fortify its own existence and nature. This it proceeds to do by inciting mankind, via mental and astral impression, to continue producing ethers of a like quality on which it can feed, on which it can grow. At first it is an image “with dead eyes,” but the moment comes when this image gains life and begins to hunger for more of the peculiar type of energy that spawned it. This is when it starts actually dominating us, when certain powers radiate from it and when it is even capable of attracting all kinds of undivine forces and of pouring these down onto the people. This is the way in which pseudo-religious beings (false gods) come into being. Such gigantic elemental beings can be and are utilized by the “archons” entities residing in the subtle worlds who, with selfish and malefic intent, control and manipulate the mass-consciousness of humanity on earth by way of the images that man himself created.

This fact is explained in the metaphysical literature of all times. These elemental beings are sometimes called “aeons,” and they group themselves into different aspects. If, for example, a person wishes for financial wealth and radiates this desire into the atmosphere by means of his auric field, then this radiation will unite with the corresponding radiations of all other people in the world who want to be wealthy. In this way, an increasingly powerful aeon of wealth develops in the atmosphere, and will then naturally endeavor to influence all humanity continually. There are many kinds of aeons, and the religious type is particularly large, powerful, and inimical because it bestows upon its servants both psychic stimulation (which may lead to astral visions that are quite convincing to the uninitiated) as well as a sense of being a part of something larger and more important than the individual. There was an aeon behind the Roman Catholic Inquisition, the Crusades, the witch-burnings and all the other atrocities perpetrated by the Church in the name of Jesus!

Best features of the signs
  • Aries: You have electric eyes and a body of a warrior
  • Leo: You have magical locks and seductive lips to kiss
  • Sagittarius: You have the warmest jolly smile, with gleaming eyes
  • Gemini: You have a daring charm, magnetic mind and soul
  • Aquarius: You have a goddess like mind and eyes, you shine so bright
  • Libra: You have a romantic smile, with a artistic spirit
  • Taurus: You have earthy beauty, in the deaths of you in and out
  • Virgo: You have unique eyes, with a soul so kind
  • Capricorn: You have a classic face,
  • with a classy soul
  • Cancer: You have doll eyes, and a sweet loving smile that never lies
  • Pisces: You have dreamy eyes, a smile so sweet like candy
  • Scorpio: You have sexy posture, gypsy eyes, with a strong but soft voice
the contract worker


Words: 1,240

Summary:  “I want you to take me to Jimin.”

[img cr]

A/N: aka the drabble that not even I saw coming + special thanks for @lthyl for helping me with this <3

The sounds of the muffled bar mingled in your ears, a sea of clinking cups and empty conversations buzzing in your focused mind without mercy. Sitting at a secluded table in the corner of the establishment, your eyes scanned the small crowd, the golden, dim lights pouring over their mortal bodies gently. Your fingers slowly swirled the thin blue straw, causing for the ice in your glass cup make punctual noises each time it hit the surface. Just a few more minutes, you thought. A few more minutes and one of them would show up.

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sword art online [light novel moments 3/?] - reunion

Long, flowing, straight hair was hanging down her back. She was wearing the same type of dress as Yui but more diaphanous. Thin wings extended elegantly from her back. Everything was illuminated in the brilliant red light of the setting sun.

I couldn’t see her face. However, I understood. There was no way I wouldn’t know. Like a magnetic force, my soul was drawn to her with a nearly visible flash that sparked between the two of us.

At that moment, the girl - Asuna quickly lifted her face. 

We should ask ourselves, “What is the essence of the Gnosis? What is the essence of its aim and its methodology?” The essence of the Gnosis is that on the one hand it bases itself on the fact that the all-manifestation actualizes itself by a multiplicity of light-radiations and on the other hand on the fact that the human being is a light-sensitive being.

When we hear of “light” in the Gnosis and the Bible our attention is drawn to a multiplicity of electromagnetic and radioactive radiations, streams, and fields, which, as the modern person knows, are omnipresent and out of which all human beings and all living things maintain themselves. This is why the gnostic does not restrict himself to the contemplative, reflective, and constantly seeking thoughts about the origin of all phenomena and developments, but he restricts himself to the present-day, absolute now of the light in all its diversity.

Does anyone else feel like the attraction towards a tc is completely different to the attraction towards a guy your own age?

Like when I have a crush on someone my age, I feel giddy when I talk to them and everything, but with tc, it goes so much deeper than that. It’s as if our souls are magnetic, but restricted by the stronger force of the school. Sometimes I worry about myself because I feel like I would do anything for him, despite him being married and decades older than me. Simply the thought of him brightens my day.