magnetic soap


Magnetic Soap

A research team at the University of Bristol have worked on soaps sensitive to light, carbon dioxide, changes in pH, temperature, and pressure, but this time they’ve really struck gold—well, iron. They've produced the world’s first magnetic soap. It’s made by dissolving iron particles in water that contains chloride and bromide ions, which are materials commonly found in household items like mouthwash and fabric conditioner. While investigating on a sub-atomic level, researchers found that the iron particles were not only joining the soap molecules, but were also clumping together to form iron nanoparticles, and these metallic centres were strong enough to react to a magnetic field just like iron filings would. In tests where this new metallic soap was mixed in with an organic solution, a magnetic attraction was able to overcome both gravity and surface tension to lift the soap right out. Because of this, the soap possibly has a future as a pollution-controlling detergent—for example, in oil spill clean ups. After the iron-laced soap dissolves harmful oils, it can simply be lifted right out of a sensitive environment by manipulating its magnetic properties, minimising further environmental impact.

July 8, 2015

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~*disclaimer because many people on Tumblr are apparently incapable of actually visit an original source’s page & saying to themselves “Should I reblog this with some sort of attack on the photographer screaming about how animals should not ingest soap? No, I guess not, it doesn’t look like they are the type of animal owner that would feed their pets cosmetics”: he did not eat the soap. I removed the soap from the rats’ presence once I realized that he & his cagemates were magnetically drawn to the soap & under the impression that it was made of cake & ice cream. this has never been an issue with my other rats in the past, hence the reason I had soap out at playtime anyway. do not allow your pets to ingest soap. soap is not food.*~