magnetic fluid art


Ferrofluid travelling around soap bubbles towards a magnet

Ferrofluid is a fluid made of colloidal nano-sized magnetic particles suspended in a hydrophobic solution. Some home-made ferrofluid can be made from an oil base (like vegetable oil) mixed with tiny particles of ferrite (pure iron) which can be found in printer toners/developers. The ferrofluid moves around the bubbles first due to capillary action- but is then drawn through by a magnet.

The original source really needs to be viewed as it’s fantastic!

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Ferrofluids create all kinds of fascinating shapes when exposed to magnetic fields. In this video, Dianna from Physics Girl shows off what happens when you combine a ferrofluid with glowsticks and explains how ferrofluids get some of their unique properties. Ferrofluids consist of tiny nanoparticles of magnetic material that are surrounded by surfactants and suspended in a carrier fluid. This creates a fluid whose shape depends on gravity, surface tension, and the local magnetic field. By manipulating the relative strength of these forces, you can create everything from spikes to maze-like patterns to whatever this is. (Video credit and submission: Physics Girl)