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Why do i feel like Jungkook has a thing with Hoseoks ears?????? There are photo of him going to licks it, there this on fanmeeting he bothers Hoseoks ears, he blows to it too?? N he picking his ears. Like boii.,, whats wrong?? Im sorry for the english.

My guy my dude that speaks exceptional english

you are on the right track and i AM SO GLAD you’ve noticed THE TREND to touch hoseoks ears. And it’s not only jungkook? I’ve seen all three maknaes do it

you won’t believe it, but i actually had a folder on my laptop already

your ask was really, really up my alley, thank you very much

let us start with visual evidence i’ve collected (which is like 5 gifs, 1 picture and one video and i literally own none of those)

if you have more than these - you are more than welcome to add them to this post in a reblog

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someone save max


1. All to Myself - Mariana’s Trench // 2. We Go Together - Grease // 3. Wild Things - Alessia Cara // 4. Burnin’ Up - Jonas Brothers // 5. I Don’t Care - Fall Out Boy // 6. Stupid - Brandon Maclean // 7. Lime St. Neck Deep // 8. I’ll Meet You There - Owl City // 9. New Perspective - Panic! At the Disco // 10. Love Blood - King Charles // 11. The Take Over the Break’s Over - Fall Out Boy // 12. You’re the One That I Want - Grease

Losing Grip (on Sinking Ships)

Summary: When tensions flare up and everything seems to fall to pieces around Dan and Phil, a few choice words may be all Phil needs to cut the string entirely. But can a couple songs convince him to stay, even for just a moment?

Genre: Angst (with a happy ending)

Word Count: 2.9k

Warnings: Swearing

A/N: You’re going to need some tissues for this. Also, for maximum feels, I suggest listening to these versions of The Songs™ (you know the ones), if you’d like. (They may or may not have made me tear up while editing this.) I hope you enjoy!!

Title is taken from This Love by Taylor Swift.

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Common Sense

Tiva, inspired by Bull gif sets where Michael wears glasses. No plot (no porn either, though things do get a bit heated).

Also on FanFiction and AO3

Word count: 3295

McGee’s laugh breaks her concentration. Looking up she sees his mirth is directed at Tony. Tony, who had been quietly working, the steady rhythm of is hunt and peck typing technique almost matching the rhythm of her own touch typing. Tony, who is now glaring at McGee from behind dark-rimmed glasses.

When did he start wearing-

He turns towards her, glare still firmly in place, cautioning her not to join in with the probie.

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BJD Moving Sale!

If you don’t already know, SHIGI AND I ARE BUYING A HOUSE! The closing date is at the end of June and we will but moving our crap during July! In preparation we’ve not only been cleaning and packing, but de-cluttering as well. I’ve gone through my stash of BJD stuff and put a lot of thought into what I can let go of. I have multiple things for sale, and I will be making further Sales posts after this one.

Fairyland Realfee June Faceplate in Normal Skin: $40 + shipping

I purchased a full Realfee June from Denver Doll on 12/28/2016, but I only ever intended to keep the body. I am selling the faceplate and it will include the magnet “feathery ears” as well as magnets that still need to be glued inside his head. I will NOT include the original CoA but I will send a copy of it along with him. He has never had a faceup. 

5Stardoll Tumnus Head in Normal Yellow Skin (with mods): $50 + shipping

I am the second owner of this handsome boy, purchased on DOA back in April 2016. I had plans for him but they changed, and I don’t have a reason to keep him around now. The original owner did the mods: pierced ears and widening the eyes a bit. They told me that the resin has also yellowed considerably. He has magnets in his forehead but does not come with horns, I didn’t receive them when I bought him. While I’ve had him, he has done nothing but sit in a box. This is an SD-sized head and looks to be discontinued. I do not have a CoA for him.

Doll Family-A Luca in White: $80 + shipping

I received this little guy with my last Alice’s Collection order, received in April 2017. He’s never been painted, and the eyes are included.

Sakura & Paper Hamster in white: $60 + shipping

I received this little guy with an Alice’s Collection order I got in August 2016. Never been painted, the eyes are included. 

Resinsoul Tiny Carrying Case: $20 + shipping

I got this bag with the YoSD body I ordered from Resinsoul last year. Thing is, the body itself fits just fine in the case but with the head it’s too big. So this would be appropriate for dolls smaller than YoSDs, I think.

Dollheart MSD-sized Dress: $60 + shipping

No pieces have been lost from the original outfit. It was worn for a few months before getting put back in the box for good. It’s still in mint condition, no damage or discoloration. It will also come in its original box. 

That’s all for this post! All items come from a smoke-free and pet-free home. I will happily take more pictures upon request, and of course let me know if you have any questions. Items will be shipped from Seattle, WA, USA.

And thus the form of a new ship

@soraruru  オレが台風だ

Soraru : I am typhoon 

@kunkunnnn  お前もいつか消えてしまうん?

Kunkun : Are you going to disappear someday too?

@soraruru  オレが消えても第二第三のオレがお前ら人間を襲うだろう

Soraru : Even if i disappear, the second and third me will attack you humans

@kunkunnnn  でもそんなことはさせねーし。ぜってーお前の事オレ等で守ってやっから、だから消えるなんて悲しいこと言うなや

Kunkun : But i’m not going to let such things happen.I am absolutely going to protect the likes of you , so don’t say such sad things like you’re going to disappear  

fucksaysemily  asked:

11, 22 and 36 ^^

11. Want any piercings?

I want a lot of piercings like on my nose or eyebrow & my ears & bellybutton bc I think they’re pretty, but I’d rather die than allow a needle to go through my body :/ I have magnetic earrings & that’s good enough I think

22. What I love most about myself:

I guess the fact that I don’t get into drama a lot bc I try to be a good person & also I hate myself so ik I’m either gonna lose the fight or give up. Unless it’s about Grell.

36. What I find attractive in girls.

like, physically? uhhh tall I guess uhmm idk I don’t think about it a lot. Every girl I’ve ever seen in my life is an angel so

uhh red hair is definitely a plus anyone with red hair has my entire heart on sight

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'Tis a very whiny thing to ask for, but PHE anon sure could use a fluffy mini-fic-pick-me-up. *Scuttles away*

“Hey, Becs…” Beca felt a hand on her shoulder, but squeezed her eyes tighter. They had two hours, at most, to enjoy this time between cooing and crying and singing and sighing, and she wasn’t going to waste it with pillow talk. After a few more nudges, though, it seemed evident that Chloe wasn’t going to let up. With a huff, she flipped over, nose to nose to her wife. 

“Your toes are fucking freezing, weirdo,” she spat. With the moonlight and the glow to Chloe’s eyes, her face was outlined sharply - the softness still there but dotted with a few bags beneath her eyes, held up by freckles that tended to hide under her daily makeup. Beca reached up to trace them, and Chloe hummed. “What’s the deal?” 

Nibbling at her lip, Chloe scanned Beca’s face - it was a move she did whenever she wanted to broach a topic with the other woman, like she was collected every pixel of data she could before deciding to speak. 

“I’m worried about her,” she finally said, her voice a small squeak. When Beca responded by sighing and turning to face the ceiling, she quickly pushed herself onto her elbows and hovered over the other girl. “Beca, I’m serious! She hasn’t smiled! Like, not once! And all the books I’ve read have said that by the eighth week a baby should be smiling.” 

“Chlo,” Beca breathed out, running her hands over her forehead and into her hair. “Maybeeee she just takes after her mom and prefers a nice, solid scowl of disdain and exasperation.”

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