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@tinyadventureclub Last week I pulled off the most mundane prank possible in my office and all my colleagues have been talking about it for days.

We “clock in” by moving these tiny magnetic dots from the “out” square to the “in” square on a magnetic board. Everyone has their own black dot next to their name. For the last several months, someone has consistently been moving Grumpy Dan’s dot to various corners of the board. This outrages Grumpy Dan, and we enjoy watching his rants.

Well, the Dot Bandit hadn’t acted for several weeks, so I decided to take matters into my own hands and move Grumpy Dan’s dot on my own. Sure enough, Grumpy Dan comes in an hour later and starts yelling–only this time, he thinks he’s found the culprit. “Gerry! Freaking Gerry keeps moving my dot! How dare he!”

And so Dan moves Gerry’s dot.

Gerry comes in five minutes later. “NIIIIIIICK, DON’T MOVE MY DOT!” Gerry moves Nick’s dot.

Nick comes in two minutes later. “Jack just loves to mess with me, doesn’t he?” Nick takes Jack’s dot and puts it on the sink in the men’s bathroom (because Nick likes to take things to the next level.)

It’s already going well. Then I want to step it up a notch.

I have this pack of emoji stickers with me (because you should carry stickers with you at all times.) I put a smiley face on Grumpy Dan’s dot and wait for him to come back through.

Grumpy Dan returns. For the first time in my six months of working here, I see him smile. “Who did this?” He’s grinning. “This is…so nice.”

Jack comes in. “Oh look, Dan got a sticker! How cool!” When Jack leaves, I put a sticker on his. Every time someone notices the stickers out loud, I put one on their dot when they walk away, until everyone has one. Mostly animals. Everyone’s chattering–“I got a caterpillar!” “Why did he get a grizzly bear and I got a dolphin? What does that mean?” “Awww, a ladybug! How cute!”

My boss loves it. He thinks we should change the stickers seasonally. He wants to mix it up by doing shamrocks at Christmas and Easter bunnies on the 4th of July.

Everyone still smiles when they come in and look at the board.

I’m still pretty proud of myself for managing to make an entire local government office talk to each other and laugh about something so mundane.

And that’s my tiny adventure! Can I get a merit badge? :)


“Polite Conversation,” mixed media; 2016. I made an anatomical magnet board with an interchangeable magnet set out of my auditory hallucinations’ “Greatest Hits” catalog, so that the phrases can be as mixed up on the board as they are in my head. I hear these phrases at least 50-100 times a day– but they don’t sound as good as they look, trust. 

Can also serve as refrigerator magnets, but I would advise against that, for obvious reasons.

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What’s the sweetest thing you’ve ever done for someone? 

hmmm im not too sure to be quite honest. I used to make really cute homemade birthday/christmas gifts for my best friend. One year I bought a large white board and printed out pictures from the four years we had been friends and then put them on the board with magnets and wrote the date and description of the photo. It was really cute and sentimental, but she doesn’t really like sentimental gifts that much. (i still do them anyways cuz I’m cheesy)

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Hey, I was wondering if I could print out your art and put it on my magnet board. If not that is okay.

I can’t actually stop you, but I would prefer it when you don’t do it. But if you want, you can buy most of my artworks as prints here or ask me not-anon.  


Japanese art student Kango Suzuki hand-carved over 400 wooden moving pieces into a mechanical clock displaying time on a magnetic drawing board titled “Plock”

Magnetic Weekly Planner

Something that I really love doing is planning out my week. What I don’t like is that, when something changes, I have to either start again or cross things out. It’s far from ideal. That’s why I decided to start planning my week on a magnetic board. Planning things on my magnetic board means that I can easily shuffle things around if I don’t do something or if my plans change.

After posting my magnetic planner the other day, I’ve had some people ask how I made it and how I use it, so I thought I’d post about it for anyone who is interested.

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