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For the playlist title thing: hey hey thats gay.


warning for some sexual themes.

i tried my best? there are a handful of good Miku & Luka ones, but many simply depict them as companions/rivals instead of lovers. as for Vocaloid songs depicting male/male romance, a lot of it is really just sparkly/edgy fujoshi bait so i didn’t include those…it seems a lot is just character shipping instead of actual representation of homosexual love, but these are the closest i could find without being too inaccurate.


“So pull me close to you, like attracting magnets would do” 

-Magnet, Amalee cover

Ink, gouache, and watercolour, on cold press paper with gold ink details. Luka’s face was killer.

Sefikura: Magnet 


I came back and colored this one yassh, although I felt quite confusing so the color is kinda all over the place. Oh well, as long as they look pretty~ U w U 

I’m considering opening art commission but idk if anyone is interested xP Also I haven’t known where to start yet ;-;


this is what i contribute to the pokemon fandom for Sun/Moon