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Fabrickind, I'm revamping my old Vocaloid Magnet cosplay by adding lights into the ribbon/bow around the waist and into the butterfly shaped headphones to make them glow along with the ribbon around the mini top hat that goes with it. I've never worked with lights before. Would LED or EL lights be better? What's the best way to diffuse them?

Hello there!

With where you want to lights and the fact that you seem to want to edge things in lights, I’d go with EL wire.

EL wire is great for things where you need a thin, continuous line of light without the need to diffuse multiple spots, or where you need some (but not a lot) of flexibility. The drawbacks are that it isn’t as bright as LEDs in many cases (especially if you get the cheap wire), can be damaged easily if it is flexed too much or too far, and requires a large and somewhat noisy converter box to hide the batteries/convert between AC/DC that would need to be hidden somewhere.

I would put LEDs in the headphones themselves and find a way to hide the batteries, since this would be easier to diffuse through the colored plastic, and use EL wire to edge the ribbons and such.  With LEDs, you really need them to be over a larger area and underneath something so that you can make an entire area glow, rather than something small like a bow.

As for getting started, Adafruit has a lot of great tutorials on how to work with lights and electronics.

Note that I am not much of an electronics person myself, so if someone has better suggestions, please leave them in the comments.

I hope that helps! Good luck :] 

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Magnet (feat. Kagamine Len & Rin)
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Hoshiwak as Kagamine Rin
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