magnet problems

[MBTI - Pick Your Poison Post] There Are 8 Types of Dads...
  • Ne-Dad: Embarrassing, especially at weddings and family outings, author of a dad joke book, basically Obama
  • Ni-Dad: Suspected to have a dubious past, has an extensive library with esoteric stuff in the basement, internet addict
  • Te-Dad: Problem magnet, involves themselves everywhere, rumoured to have been a dictator in their previous life
  • Ti-Dad: Constantly working on something you don´t understand, aloof, whistles and hums all the time, rare pepe
  • Se-dad: Honestly... everybody has a little crush on the Se-Dad. Overactive and constantly fined for speeding, works out
  • Si-dad: Has one armchair nobody else can sit on, wears glasses since he was 9, storyteller, #1 cook
  • Fe-dad: Always concerned, obliterates bullies of their kids, has opened an Insta acc with their pet, super creative
  • Fi-dad: Moody, headphones are glued to this Dad´s ears, has quite a bunch of talents, walking meme, likes Jimi Hendrix
  • Pyrrha's problems in Vol. 1: I just want to fit in and be treated like a normal girl.
  • Pyrrha's problems in Vol. 2: I just want Jaune to like me the way I like him.
  • Pyrrha's problems in Vol. 3: I just want to save the world, but I'm going to have to lose myself and the life I have build that has made me more happy than I have ever been, in order to save the world and the people I love. Because this is my destiny.

some knob at the bar tried to say some shit about public/private dichotomy i.e. we are in a PUB(lic) therefore don’t talk about semen (private) n were like lol we’re not talking about ur cum get fucked later he apologized anyway your secretions are not sacred no matter whom you are and if you’re smoking an e-cigarette i WILL make fun of you w/in earshot even if you’re magnet so. bye


magnet’s favorite band is smashmouth