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YOI Future!Verse ABO AU - 4 Koma

Shura’s cat problem

Shura absolutely adores cats and is a very proud self-proclaimed cat person. He thinks Yurio’s cat magnetism is the best magic in the world. Unfortunately, he did not inherit it, which leads to much heartbreak for his poor glass heart, which he did inherit from his mother…

(Featuring OC kid Shura)

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IF YOU ARE NEW TO THIS AU: It’s a Yuri!!! on Ice AU, Yuuri-centric with end-game polyamory in an ABO setting, Yuuri gets married to four mates (Victor, Yurio, Phichit, Minami) and they have OC kids.

BASICS and timeline of this AU

INTRO to how ABO works in this AU

A SUPER DETAILED world-building headcanons post on ABO+ in this AU

OTHER POSTS (comics + illustrations) in the Future!Verse ABO section of my YOI Masterpost.


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Everyone at the watch point thinks that genji is super chill cause he meditates all the time and hes found perfect inner peace. Really every time hes mad and his dragon restless hes got a bunch of magnets that he tries to stealth stick to zenyatta without him finding out. Zenyatta knows this and genji knows he knows but still lets him do it.

When hanzo asked zen why he plays along, he just tells him that despite genjis youthful rebellion he never really had much chance at a healthy childhood did he and if this helps genji achieve peace its worth it.

The next week when mccree drags homself half asleep for his morning coffee in the kitchen after a tricky mission in hanamura, no one mentions the magnet stuck to the back of the cowboys arm. Nor the small snout poking out from under his serepe.

let me tell
about a girl
& how
summer lives together
with love in
every part of her
god damn beauty

Self-destructive tendencies - Tony Stark x Reader

Summary : Reader is in love with Tony, but Tony is dating Pepper…until she dumps him, and the Iron Man keeps coming to our dear reader for comfort (nothing sexual…yet). Warning for language.

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You always had a massive crush on Tony Stark, even though he was quite a bit older than you. And when he started dating his long time “assistant” Pepper Potts, your heart shattered. In a way though, maybe it was for the best, he didn’t have exactly a good reputation with his relationship with women…

They stayed together two years, and one day, she broke up with him. And the reasons why didn’t surprise you one bit. He was a difficult man to live with. But you couldn’t help but think Pepper should have known better. Like, she knew him since a long time, and she knew how he was…So why get with him if she couldn’t handle his way of being ? Especially since Tony actually put in a lot of effort in. He stopped drinking, he tried to remember important dates such as birthday and anniversary, even her name day ! And he often took her out, just the two of them…

But she wanted more, apparently. She wanted him to stop being the Iron Man and take more care of her. She wanted him to change some important parts of his personality…and that just couldn’t work. You didn’t get it. Again, she knew how he was, and she knew some things would stay the same…So why breaking up with him for those reasons ?

In your eyes, she just didn’t love him enough to accept all of him. And it broke your heart a bit, because no matter how much of an asshole Tony was, he deserved better. He deserved someone who understood that, since he got kidnapped in Afghanistan, and since the Alien attack on NYC, he wasn’t the same man anymore.

But what could you do ? He’d never look at you in another way than a little sister, you were too young. And he was still in love with her…

You were brooding in your office one late night when you heard a knock on your door. Only one person could come knock on your door at 4 am…

Tony fucking Stark. And he was drunk. So drunk.

-Heyyyyyyy youuUUUuuuUUuuuu. Came by the neighborhood, thought I’d…Check on you or something.

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anonymous asked:

Andreil swimming ?? Andreil going for a run ?? Neil having to play backliner again for some reason I am currently unable to think about ???

Neil floated below the surface, letting a stream of bubbles dribble out of his mouth as he looked through the blurry water.

Somewhere in front of him he saw a splash as someone else entered the water. Waving his hands a little, he pushed himself to the surface in time to see Matt bob to the surface and wave to Dan to join him.

Since the Foxes had finally proven their metal in their battle against the Ravens, they were given a slight bump in their travel expenses for occasions like this when they would have been driving through the night and sleeping sore on a bus. The hotel wasn’t anywhere near five star, but it had a pool and that was enough for the Foxes.

Neil had been the first to jump in. The air was warm and he hadn’t felt refreshed by the quick shower after the game and the promise of cool water was very inviting. Or, that was his excuse if anyone asked. If he was being honest, he’d stayed in many hotels and motels with his mother while on the run, and had always wished he could use the pool but they never dared leave their room. Forbidden fruit always tasted the sweetest, even when it’s as simple as an over chlorinated pool.

Renee and Allison were soaking in the hot tub near by, Allison saying that a jacuzzi soak was the only way to recover sore muscles. Dan quickly followed Matt off the diving board, splashing him as she entered. Aaron was reading on a chair beside Wymack, Abby was calling out for no one to run on the slippery tile, and Kevin was of course getting in laps, fuming that the extra travel time meant they wouldn’t get in a morning practice.

Neil was wondering where Andrew had gone to until he felt a finger touch the top of his head and begin pushing him under. He waited to sink up to his nose before turning to see Andrew behind him, still wearing his arm bands. Part of Neil wanted to point out the hypocrisy of Andrew calling him an idiot for considering wearing a shirt to the pool to cover his scars, but he never actually would. He considered Andrew’s scars just as much battle scars as his own, but doubted Andrew felt the same.

He settled for “You better not let one of your knives fall into the pool.”

“They’re Renee’s knives, she can find it if she wants it.” He was clearly doing his best to maintain a bored and unaffected look while also treading water on the edge of the shallow end. Neil would have noted that too, had he not been trying to do the same. People like Matt and Kevin never seemed to fully appreciate their ability to touch the bottom of the average community pool and it was horribly unfair.

Neil swam to the side to hold on and relax a little.

“Not going to go under?”

“Your brain cells die when you hold your breath. Unlike you I use mine.” He put his arms on the side of the pool, watching Neil.

Neil opened his mouth to quip back but was forced under by arms from behind him, shoving him under and holding him there. Panic kicked in and visions of his fathers men overcame him as he began thrashing, elbowing the offender in the stomach before a fist grabbed him and dragged him back up.

The smell of alcohol hit Neil as he gasped in a breath and a slurred voice behind him was saying something about thinking an Exy player would have stronger shoulders to carry him. Matt was dragging the guy away while Kevin shoved off another drunk fan who was saying something about playing chicken with /the/ Palmetto Foxes.

Once he got enough air in his lungs he turned back to Andrew who was still gripping his forearm. Neil let him, not wanting to pull away from Andrew, who was giving as much a glare as he could at the drunk fans.

“Why is it always you that’s a magnet for problems?” His grip relaxed but his hand didn’t move from Neil’s arm.

“My guess is the scars. People think I’m tough.”

“Imagine being so fatally misinformed.” His other hand seemed to shake slightly, and Neil thought about the last time he and Andrew were in a motel. It had been a better ending than he had hoped for, but for Andrew it was hours of not knowing what was happening to Neil, only to see him return a shattered mess. For someone with as vivid a memory as Andrew, who couldn’t hear “please” without reliving his own trauma, it couldn’t be easy to be somewhere so similar.

“Lets go to the hot tub, I’m getting cold.” He made his way to the ladder, not having to look back to know Andrew was following. He remembered the comments from the others about Andrew doing anything he asked and was glad he had such a useless imagination that he never thought to take advantage.

Grabbing two towels on the way, he sat on the edge and lowered his legs to the knee into the water, Andrew sinking in beside Renee.

“You OK?” Renee put a hand to his knee, her kind eyes worried as she looked him over for signs of an emotional relapse.

“If you’re not, we’ve got lots of options to beat them up.” Allison lounged across from him but her eyes were anything but relaxed, ready to claw out the eyes of anyone who threatened her Foxes. Neil had to remind himself that every time he was hurt, it must remind her of what it was like watching Seth constantly self destruct, only to be found dead when she thought the worst was over.

He really hated being a reminder of terrible things to his Foxes, but he wouldn’t have fit in if he weren’t a disaster.

He put his towel over his shoulders and put the other over Andrew’s head, drying the hair he had gotten wet when he dunked down to drag Neil up. Neil noted the slight dip of Andrew’s shoulders and the way he leaned back against Neil’s knee as a sign he could continue. This he did take advantage of, letting his little fingers make nonsense patterns on the back of Andrew’s neck. He got a pinch for this but Andrew remained settled against him, so he just grinned and continued. Maybe he did have something for Andrew’s neck.

Soon the hot tub was filled with Foxes and their adult supervision, each making sure Neil and Kevin were OK from getting jumped on. Except of course for Aaron, who simply commented that Neil should have stayed where he could touch, as if he was one to talk.

A bottle of cheap wine that Wymack “found” and did not use travel expense on was passed around. Andrew eventually migrated to sitting between Neil’s legs as a buffer from the others touching him. Neil continued to idly wipe the towel over Andrew’s hair and shoulders while Andrew traced a finger along his submerged ankle.

They stayed far past closing time, most likely because the workers didn’t want to tell Andrew Minyard that he couldn’t do something.

Neil found he liked hotel pools. He smelled strange but there was something about sitting in a steaming hot tub with everyone he cared about, sharing wine, sharing stories, and able to care for Andrew in the small way he allowed him. Maybe out of state games weren’t so bad.

Crisis Averted

A/N: These are just a few scenes that popped into my head, as the story progresses, they will fit in. Possibly even send in your requests for the duo! You will see some new faces that are OC’s of mine. There won’t be many, and the parts will be minor, so far.

I do not own Teen Wolf or it’s characters. Sadly.

Word Count: 1,445

Warnings: None that I know of. Light swearing?


You met at the FBI academy.

For weeks now two particular students had caught your eye, and for two completely opposite reasons.

One of the fellow students simply excelled way too much and way too fast at everything. There was no way anyone was just that good, no matter who you’re related to.

The other was a gangly, sarcastic yet in a good way, boy who seemed to push a friendship with the first after seeing him excel so fast.

It wasn’t too odd, you thought, wanting to be best buds with the “it” guy, but the friendship seemed to be unrequited, if not somewhat hostile, at the beginning. You would see them arguing in the corner, the one staring in a bored way as the other flailed unnecessarily for emphasis on his topics. One time this seemed to go too far, and maybe it was just the lighting, but you could have sworn the guys already pronounced canines seemed to be a bit longer, a bit sharper for just a second, his eyes seeming to turn gold as he turned away to look out the window at the dying sunlight behind them, and the grip on his backpack shoulder looked so tight that it might rip the material simply by clenching too hard.

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why ENFX WHY?!

yeah. okay. I don’t know why, but I feel every INTP thinks it’s weird that they’d have an ENFX friend..

but I would like to set the record straight and say we are so fucking likely to have ENFX friends. I thought it was so weird that my best friend was and ENFP and I was like.. “is this normal?”

lemme tell you

it is so normal i don’t understand!!!


typing my friends was supposed to be fun!!!! BUT AFTER THE 11TH ENFX FRIEND… 

how am I supposed to make text posts about me and my ENFP friends







like trust me.. I am so blessed to have pure ENFX friends


[MBTI - Pick Your Poison Post] There Are 8 Types of Dads...
  • Ne-Dad: Embarrassing, especially at weddings and family outings, author of a dad joke book, basically Obama
  • Ni-Dad: Suspected to have a dubious past, has an extensive library with esoteric stuff in the basement, internet addict
  • Te-Dad: Problem magnet, involves themselves everywhere, rumoured to have been a dictator in their previous life
  • Ti-Dad: Constantly working on something you don´t understand, aloof, whistles and hums all the time, rare pepe
  • Se-dad: Honestly... everybody has a little crush on the Se-Dad. Overactive and constantly fined for speeding, works out
  • Si-dad: Has one armchair nobody else can sit on, wears glasses since he was 9, storyteller, #1 cook
  • Fe-dad: Always concerned, obliterates bullies of their kids, has opened an Insta acc with their pet, super creative
  • Fi-dad: Moody, headphones are glued to this Dad´s ears, has quite a bunch of talents, walking meme, likes Jimi Hendrix
My Candy Love - Episode 26 Guide


-      Negative result for LOM
/      Neutral result for LOM
+     Positive result for LOM

LOM: Love’O’Meter; Low LOM is around 65 points or lower. High LOM is 65 and over.

Action Points: 500-750 depending on how lucky you are on finding people within the episode.

Illustrations: 5 Illustrations possible. Illustration is based on highest LOM and three dialogue choices. 

Choice towards illustration:

A.      (…I would especially like to have some alone time with Nathaniel.)
B.      (…I would especially like to have some alone time with Castiel.)
C.      (…I would especially like to have some alone time with Lysander.)
D.      (…I would especially like to have some alone time with Armin.)
E.       (…I would especially like to have some alone time with Kentin.)

Auntie:  Auntie can be found at the shops during the objective: Go with Rosa to buy picnic supplies.  The gift from Auntie is a straw hat. 

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New Series: Halloween Treats

Okay, so, no, alas this is not the Heroics update you were looking for.  HOWEVER, I’m posting the fics from the October prompts I got from my friend @sansed-washup (spj on Ao3), so you will have a new fic a day for the month of October!  Yay! (*muse sweats in the background*)

Day 1: Rain

Summary: Zangetsu – Hollow Ichigo – whatever his freaking name is anymore, reflects on some things while cut off from the King.

Day 2: Opera

Summary: Seriously, all Hattori and Conan were doing was going to see a freaking opera. Of course it couldn’t be that simple.
Or: example five million of why Hattori and Conan are not to be in the near vicinity of each other if everyone wants to live, Megure-keibu is not paid enough and also is not a messenger bird, and Ran has an excellent solution to the Death Magnet Problem.

Many codependents become what some people call drama or crisis magnets. Strangely enough, problems can become addicting. If we live with enough misery, crises, and turmoil long enough, the fear and stimulation caused by problems can become a comfortable emotional experience.
—  Melody Beattie, Codependent No More
[Mark] Teacher's Pet (Chapter 63)

All Chapters

“Home sweet home!” I sing, swinging the door my house open. Mark follows behind as I walk in, finding my mom busy in the kitchen. She turns her head at the sound of my booming voice and grins.

“Abigail. Mark.” She says, the crinkles by her eyes appearing as she smiles. She’s my momma bear! She hugs me, squeezing men in her arms, and I bug her back warmly.

“We missed you so much. How was your flight? Are you tired?” She pulls away and cups my face.

“I’m good, mom. I missed you too.” I kiss her cheek.

“Look at your tan!” She exclaims appreciatively.

“See? I’m not white like a butt anymore.” I caress my bare arm, all proud.

“I remember you wriggling your butt while you sang about Froot Loops.” The deep voice that comes from behind my mom is my father. He’s all blue eyes and jeans, and I’ve missed him.

“Papa bear. Hi, I missed you.” Leaving my mom with Mark, I walk to him and wrap my arms around his body. He gives me his usual big hug.

“I missed you too, baby bear. How was your flight?” He enquires.

“Long. But I’m okay. Glad to be home.” I lean on my tip toes and kiss his cheek.

“Where’s Bea?” I ask.

“Here!” I hear her voice before I see her sprinting down the stairs. I squeal and run to her, and she jumps on me, making us fall on the floor like two giggling whales too heavy for each other.

“Ow.” I laugh, rubbing the bruise on my arm as we painfully get up.

“Missed you.” I say, hugging her.

“Me too. What did you bring for me?” She claps her hands in excitement. The venal little hamster. Mark and my dad get my suitcases out of Mark’s car and then we proceed giving out our gifts. It takes us a good hour to explain everyday behind them. I’m giddy with joy, glad, so glad to be home.

“Abigail and I have an announcement to make.” Marl says, catching everyone’s attention.

“Are we married?” I ask cluelrssly. I feel stupid, but I honestly have no idea what he’s going to announce. Mark lets out a brief laugh and shakes his head, and then he turns to my parents and Bea who are sitting on the couch across us.

“Abigail agreed to move in with me.” He declares. My eyes widen in shock. No, he didn’t. We didn’t talk about this. We didn’t agree on a date, we didn’t plan to tell them. Why? Oh, god! Their jaws drop in union as they gape at us.

“She what?” My mom utters. All the blood drains from my face. Shit, Mark.

“No.” Mt father says sternly. He’s the first to speak, and his eyes are shining with anger. My heart sinks.

“Papa bear.”

“Don’t. Papa bear me. Don’t.” He holds his index finger up at me, shutting me up effectively.

“I do not approve.” He says, to Mark.

“Why?” I ask.

“He can’t take care of you.” He declares. Is he referring to the cliff accident? I’m alive for fuck’s sake.

“Yes, he can. And he does.” I counter. “You knew I’d leave one day.” I add, and he glowers at me.

“It’s not about you, it’s about him.” He points at Mark.

“Yeah? And how?” I challenge.

“He’s incapable of taking care of my daughter.”

“No, your daughter incapable of listening to anybody.” I retort, and it’s my turn to shut him up. But it’s only out of surprise.

“Don’t even go there.” He grinds out, his steel glare trying to pin me down. He hates it when I go there, but I’m tired of pretending for him.

“You had forbidden me to go to that party. I didn’t listen.” I say to him. Yes, I’m responsible for what happened to me. Not at fault, and I didn’t deserve it, but I disobeyed that day. If I hadn’t, we wouldn’t be here. “I’m a problem magnet, dad. Just face it.” I add, and then it occurs me.

“You too.” I turn to Mark, and his eyes widen in surprise.

“Stop always feeling bad about not being able to protect me, I never listen. Just put up with me.” I curl my fingers around his hand, and he glances down at where I touch him. After a beat, he squeezes my hand back. I’m not sure what it means, but I’m glad he heard me. When I look back at my dad he’s shaking his head slowly, looking at the floor, and then he gets up and leaves, like always, like I do when I’m overwhelmed. I look at my mom for support, and she gives me a faint but sincere smile, and then I look at Bea, and her eyes are watery and shiny. My heart stops, and all the blood drains from my face. Shit. Shit, shit, shit. Her face contorts as she threatens to break down, but she rises before we can see her cry, and runs away.

“Bea.” I call, following her instinctively. She rushes up the stairs, going to my room, our room. We I finally make it shows sobbing softly, her face buried in her arms as she lays on my bed, face down.

“Peanut, I’m the worst sister ever.” I croon, sitting on the edge of the bed.

“Yes.” She mutters, and I pat her hair.

“I barely agreed, I didn’t know he was going to announce it like this before I even talked about it with you. It’s been only three days since we started discussing it, I swear.” I explain. She sniffles again, but she’s not crying anymore. She lifts her head, and after a beat she twists her neck to glare at me with her deep green eyers swimming in fresh tears. I wish I had those eyes.

“We were supposed to have our apart together.” She says quietly. I wince audibly. Yes, we were. I have nothing to say in my defense. I’m neglecting her.

“You’re boyfriend is fucking up all our plans, and it’s great. But it hurts.” She says, wiping her nose on her forearm and twisting until she’s in the same position as me.

“I’m sorry.” Is all I can say.

“I guess I’ll have to get used to be without you. I’d better start now.” With that, she rises. What the fuck?

“No, stay. This is your house, and you’re my sister.” I jump up and hold her back.

“Even sisters start their own lives at some point.” She says sadly.

“Yes and you’re in mine.” I retort.

“Of course I am, but not like before.” She counters, once again, leaving me without any argument.

“I’m not mad, baby. I’m happy for you.” She adds in response to my pained silence.

“You’re a shit liar.” I mutter.

“Well, fuck you. I am happy for you, and if you think for one second you’re going to use me as excuse to bail out you can kiss my ass.” She says, that must be the most Bea-like thing she’s ever said. I smile at my best friend. I believe her, she’s not mad, thank god.

“Stay.” I murmur.

“Another time.” She says before kissing my cheek. Raah! She’s so frustrating!

“So it starts like that?” I raise an eyebrow and put my hands on my hips in a challenging manner.

“Fuck you. Deal with your dad, he’s even more upset than me. thanks for the perfume.” She winks at me and exits, leaving me alone and confused. I slump on my bed and drop my head in my heads, my elbows on my knees and sigh deeply. This is hell. But what did I expect? I don’t know, but I surely didn’t expect Mark to announce it today. I should’ve seen it coming. When I think about it, it’s so like him.

You’re moving in with me as soon as we come home.

Well, we’re home, what was I thinking?

I hear steps walking up the stairs towards my room, and I know someone is here to see me. When I look up, Mark is leaning against the doorway, his head cocked to the side, his expression serious.

“You’re mad at me?” He asks quietly? I sigh again, not knowing what to reply. Technically I am mad at him because it’s his fault everybody is upset, but on the other hand, he had warned me.

“They’re all upset.” I say. He pushes himself off the doorway and sits next to me.

“You’re their little princess, and you’re Bea’s best friend. They all love you more because you’re their only one. Your parents’ only child, and Bea’s only best friend.” He says softly, and I don’t see how this can be an argument in his favor.

“You could have concerted me. Why did you say it like this?”

“You knew how they would react.”


“And you would never have said it. You would have made me wait an eternity.” He says. Oh, like this is all about him!

“That’s really selfish.” I shake my head at him.

“Why? Because I rushed things? Or because I asked you to move in with me?” He challenges, his words pinning me down. I blink at him, struck.

“Tell me. Are you upset because of their reaction or because you wish I had never asked you?” He asks. I recoil slightly, shrinking a little, all my rancor reduced to guilt. I look down at my lap.

“You know I want to live with you.” My sentence hangs in the air, unfinished.

“But?” He prompts, sensing the edge in my voice. There’s no but, there shouldn’t be, there is. I want to live with him, but if the news have such a bad effect on my family, I think we should wait.

“But?” He grabs my chin and makes me look at him, raising expecting eyebrows at me. I pull my chin out of his grasp and look down at my fingers, quite shamefully. I hear him let out a long, deep sigh. I feel bad now, really bad, for making my parents and Bea go through this, and for hurting Mark. I’m at a freaking impasse here.

“I knew your parents wouldn’t be too happy about it, but I didn’t think I’d have to trample you, Abby.” He says, pulling my eyes up to his. What?

“You’re going to trample me?” I ask. He gazes down at me, dead serious.

“I give you one week.” He says, and I frown, confused and lost. “Next Wednesday, you’ll move in with me.”

My eyebrows cease and my jaw drops.

“Are you crazy?” I utter. “Bea is going to hate me!”

“If she loves you, she’ll get over it.”

“And if you love me, you’ll give me more time.” I retort.

“How much time do you want?”

“How much time will it take for my family to accept the idea?”

“One week.”

Gah! I raise and shove both of my hands in my hair and pull it out of frustration. He doesn’t get it.

“You’re delusional!” I cry.

“You want to cancel everything?” He asks.


“Their reaction doesn’t make you happy, I get it. And now you want to wait and try another time?” He asks me. Yes!

“Like they’d love you less by then and let you go without feeling sad.” He adds, making me frown. Do they have to love me less to let me go?

“Your family loves you, get over it. You’re the apple of their eyes, you’ll never get an enthusiastic response about you leaving. Try to put yourself in their shoes.” He says. Ah, shit. I don’t know what to do. If time isn’t the key, then I don’t know what to give them, what to say to them.

“I get it, but we should give them more tine to recover from the news, shouldn’t we?” I counter.

“One week.” He says, his voice steel. He doesn’t compromise, his mind is like a cement wall, hard, unbreakable. I sigh, my shoulders slumping, giving up, realizing I can never break down this wall. I lean against the door of my room and lift my eyes to the ceiling. Mark takes a step towards me, closing the gap between us, pressing his body against mine. The contact is distracting. He gently gabs my chin and pulls my face down until I’m looking at him.

“I love you. You know that, right?” He says. The manipulative bastard! I sigh and look away, not wanting to give in. He tries to grab my chin again and again but I shake my head, fighting him.

“Tell me you love me.” He pleads, the edge in his voice making me stop. He’s trapping me, I cannot not say it back.

“I love you.” I mutter. Satisfied, he dips his head and kisses me tenderly, his lips feeling like a soft caress on mine. I drop all my weapons, surrendering, giving in, giving up, and kiss him back, because I love him.

“You’re mine.” I breathe against his lips, wrapping my arms around his neck and holding him close.

“Yes.” He concurs, his tongue running across my bottom lip. “And you’re mine.”

I hum appreciatively. That I am. I pull away from him, and his lips chase after mine, taking without asking.

“If you really want me to be ready next Wednesday, you have to leave. My parents surely have things to say to me.” I mumble, my words swallowed by his stolen kisses. I gently pat his chest, easing him away from me, and he pulls back with a groan.

“Damn. I realize just how much I hate sharing you.” He says, making me pout. I miss ou bubble. I miss France, it was just me and him, 24/7, heaven on earth.

“It was perfect when it was just you and me.” I muse, and the corner of his mouth quirks.

“Want to go back? I think the last flight to Paris is at midnight.” He proposes. I roll my eyes at him and slap his arm. I want to call him silly, but I know he’d actually take me back if I said yes.


Mark leaves without saying goodbye to my dad who is probably wandering around like a depressed puppy. I find him in the backyard, on the swing, beer in hand and singature ‘meh’ grimace on. I sit down next to him, not on his lap like I used to when I was little. When I was still a little chubby thing, he’d put me on his lap on the swing whenever I was crying. He says it always calmed me down. Sometimes when I feel down he still proposes to take me to the swing, and sometimes I let him.

“Say you’ll put up with me.” I say quietly, leaning my head on his shoulder. He sighs deeply.

“It’s like you’re saying you deserved it.” He breathes.

“No, I didn’t. I’m a problem magnet and I never listen to anybody, that’s just a fact.” I explain.

“Can’t you make some efforts about that?”

“Can’t you stop thinking you can protect me from myself?” I counter, looking up at him to find him glaring down at me. His lips form a grim line and he turns his gaze to the house.

“None of you is going to do a good job with me, and I love you both. Just love me back.” I murmur. He makes a pained sound.

“I do, baby.” He croons. “But it’s all so sudden.” He says. You bet it is, even I wasn’t prepared for it.

“He wasn’t supposed to announce it. We had just agreed to live together soon, but I didn’t know he would rush things like this.” I explain.

“Abigail, you’ve just turned nineteen.”

“He’s going to take care of me. I’m not talking about taking an apartment on my own.”

“He’s unemployed.” He counters. I scowl and push my head off his shoulder.

“He has money. And it didn’t seem to be a problem when he said he would buy me a car.” I mutter, and feel him tense next to me.

“Yes, he told me.” I say, pursing my lips. He glances at me and gives me a brief apologetic look, but says nothing. Actually I’m not sure who’s the most ridiculous, Mark or my dad. I sigh, definitely pushing those thoughts out of my head. Mark is going to sell the car, and we’ll forget everything.

“I can only imagine how hard it’s going to be to let me go. I’m sorry for putting you through this, but I love him.” I murmur. He stays silent for a moment, all kinds of thoughts crossing his mind.

“It’s going to be so hard, Abigail.” He takes a swing of his beer.

“I can’t say I’m sorry for being the most precious thing you have, but yeah…sorry.” I snuggle close to him, and he puts his free arm around me, squeezing me and kissing the top of my head.

“I’m moving out next week.” I blurt.

“What?” He barks out.

“Dad, it’s a good thing he hasn’t carried me out and locked me up in his apartment. I would already be there if it was up to him.” I explain. When I think of it, Mark giving me one week is a fucking exploit.

“Who the hell does he think he is?” He utters.

“My boyfriend.”

“He’s a tyrant!” He growls. What? No! I push away from him to look at him.

“No, daddy. It’s not like that. He loves me, and he’s not forcing me.” I explain. “I do want to live with him, I’m looking forward to be on Wednesday. I just wish you’d be okay with it. I don’t want to leave with you hating me. Or him.”

“I don’t hate you.” He says softly. But he doesn’t say he doesn’t hate him.

“Don’t hate him. He’s not a bad person, it’s just his way of showing his love for me.”

“Abigail.” He admonishes.

“I know it’s brutal, unexpected, intense, maybe too soon, but it’s us. It’s how we are.”

“You nearly died on that cliff, you nearly lost him, I understand. You’ve both been scared, just give it some times and think about it later.” He advises. Does he think I lost my mind when I hit my head? That it’s some kind of delirium?

“There’s nothing to think about.” I snap. “If you think wen the adrenaline rush is over I won’t love him anymore, you’re wrong, dad.” I say, and he doesn’t react.

“I love him, for god’s sake. Before and after the accident. I already wanted to live with him.” When he doesn’t reply, I understand he’s done with this discussion. He’s done, yet I don’t know if he’s changed his mind, if I even managed to scratch the surface of the brick wall his mind is.

“Don’t do this to me, don’t stand between us, please.” I murmur as he finishes his beer.

“I’m not.” He says. “Let’s just…” He runs his hand across his face and rises painfully. He looks ten years older, tired. I feel guilty. “Let’s call it a night, let me think about this, okay?”

I want to protest, but I’m exhausted. From our flight, from the surprising news. I want to go to bed.

“Okay.” I give in, and drag myself to bed. Despite the thoughts bouncing in my head, I have no trouble falling asleep, thanks to the 9 hours of flight.


Big Hero 6
The Scientific Method

Summary: Observations: Dizziness, shortness of breath, incessant blushing, perpetual stupidity. Hypothesis: Stroke. 2nd hypothesis: Poisoned by aphrodisiac. / Tadashi:Gogo. 

(a/n: link here. why the random photoset? idk i like photosets. seems to add to the experience IMO. maybe it doesn’t. oh well. oh and do me a favor and don’t take this seriously. it’s like half crack. and kind of au cuz tadashi’s alive but hiro’s going to SFIT. )

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The Benefits of Alcohol
  1. Getting shredded from dehydration
  2. Vascularity
  3. Sugar pump
  4. Increased perceived dick size
  5. Maximized fun levels
  6. Decreased bitch mode
  7. Enlarged beer muscles
  8. Boost confidence grow factor 1
  9. Prolonged ejaculation
  10. Fingerblasting stamina
  11. Pussy magnetism
  12. Intense high fiving
  13. Problem solving
  14. Increased win percentage
  15. Double jeopardy
  16. Late night burritos
  17. Jet fuel
  18. Underwater breathing
  19. Shark teeth
  20. Casual flexing
  21. Sick profile pics
  22. Social media likes
  23. Instagram straight flexing