magnet land

Ancient Egypt AU

The heads of the state are the pharaoh and the four guardians. 
The protector is a fierce woman with a sword instead of a hand. Hers is the command of the army. They call her Psylocke.
The high priest is a young man with metal wings. He distributes faith among the people. They call him Archangel.
The fertiliser is a young girl with powers over the weather. She was gifted by Tefnut, the god of moisture, rain and fertility. They called her Storm.
The builder was the oldest of them all. He was the only person to hold two positions in his life. After he fought a great war as the protector he was given the role of the builder to reshape the land with magnetic powers. They call him Magneto.

Charles was the son of one of the noble families. He’s 15 when he sees the guardians for the first time. Fascinated by their abilities he accompanies his mother to one of the social gatherings where he hopes they might be present. He wasn’t wrong but sadly they kept to himself.
Frustrated Charles wants to retreat when he suddenly hears a mighty voice. But in his head! Frightened he spins around and faces the pharaoh. He hears him tell the guard that he’s mightily gifted and he wants him before he passes out.
When he wakes up he learns he is supposed to take the role as the consort by the pharaoh’s side.

anonymous asked:

Headcanon that Lightning basically has a "hospital' magnet that lands him in the ER, Doc's clinic, later on Ramone's shop, at least three times a year. The one in Cars 3 was his first REAL bad mess up. The rest - all breaking his damn engine cause he's not willing to man up and admit when something's wrong. And Doc always hears complaints about cold tires.

He singlehandedly keeps Doc’s shop in business.

Door Dissolving

When you smile
It’s not as if the room lights up
But closed the door
Around us two

Our minds’ wave touch
Your teeth crunching unearthly flicks
Granular glue
Licking rock chunks

A foaming sea
Swarming fish devouring all
I’ve ever known
I’ve ever touched

A new magnetic earthy land
Rising out goo
Sucking me in

Click clack click clack
And all of you can’t come in too