Remember how I said MRIs are safe, well let me clarify.

They’re safe as long as you don’t bring metal into the room. This is an MRI machine getting to know a stapler. They don’t become friends. The MRI psychotically murders the stapler in fact.

Hospitals screen people very carefully before letting them in one of these, for example metalworkers aren’t allowed use one because they’ve too many microscopic metal shavings in their eyes (gah!) and after reading that I need to go lie down for a while.

I’m back now and only mildly nauseated. The rooms are built Magneto’s prison style. No metal.

You shouldn’t be scared of MRIs. They’re one of the best and safest imaging techniques we have. But magnets are cool.

(Video here and well worth a look)


Ferrofluid travelling around soap bubbles towards a magnet

Ferrofluid is a fluid made of colloidal nano-sized magnetic particles suspended in a hydrophobic solution. Some home-made ferrofluid can be made from an oil base (like vegetable oil) mixed with tiny particles of ferrite (pure iron) which can be found in printer toners/developers. The ferrofluid moves around the bubbles first due to capillary action- but is then drawn through by a magnet.

The original source really needs to be viewed as it’s fantastic!

See it here.