[MMD] Elsanna 'Magnet' : Teaser Photo
Okay guys, it's getting serious. I'm starting the scenes with both of them in the same shot now! LOL Anyways, here's my official teaser for you guys. It's not final, but it's an...

Psssst, hey tumblrland! Remember that Elsanna “Magnet” video I’m working on? Well here’s a teaser photo for you, not complete, but an idea of what to expect from me. There’s more Frozen MMD pics on my deviantart page if you want to check them out! Also, if you haven’t seen it yet, check out the teaser vid I posted a while back, distorted (on purpose lol) but great! :D

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The Arena

Cordin woke up early that morning, not able to sleep. He ended up drinking and eatin as much as he could, before he got escorted to the roof to get picked up by the hovercraft. As the flew to the arena, his eyes kept switching between all of the tributes, wondering who he would kill, an who would kill him. As he layed eyes on Magnet and Aspen, he just wanted to scream. It was happening right now. In about an hour they would be getting hunted by the careers, struggling to survive in the arena that wa to come.

As he entered the tube, his mind wouldn’t shut up. He couldn’t stop thinking about Magnet, wondering if she’d survive the minutes he wasn’t there with her.
As he rose up, he pinched his eyes as a bright light fell on his face. His eyes took a view seconds to adjust, but before he could see, the warmth had already hit him. A hot arena. He looked around, seeing grass everywhere. He looked around trying to find Magnet and Aspen. When he caught their gaze he pointed into a direction, signing them to run there.
When the canon boomed, Cordin probably did the most opposite of what most tributes ever did. He jumped of the platform, took of his shoe, and started digging with it. As fast as he could his arms moved, until he reached a mine. There was no time to look for more, he had to run.
Tryin. To avoid all of the tributes, he ran into the direction he had pointed in. He ran and ran and ran, until he finally saw someone in the distance. He run towards the person hoping it would be an ally. Though it became clear who it was very soon.

Day 12 #SunsOutBunsUP is Half Stag Legs! Sad I got so behind on this challenge. My wrist really messed with me. I’m hoping you guys will do another one like this soon! It was too fun 😊 Had to bust this one out real quick before I went to sleep! Goodnight 🌚💗✨ Hosts: @casa_colibri @coffeeandrainbows @alexandracarone Sponsors: @anasleggings @fourseeapparel by alexpoe