anonymous asked:

Magnerine seems to promise lots of angry sex & more angry sex, with bareback bending. Not that I mind 😍


You’re probably not the only one who associates Magnerine with lots of angry sex. Actually a few months ago someone wrote to me to tell me almost the same thing! x   It’s quite easy to imagine them being a little rough with each other I suppose. ;)

There look at this. Sorry I couldn’t resist. AUs are fun.

cryinglestat  asked:

Was looking for Fassy, stayed because of magnerine! I DO love it <3


Holy mother of cows! You’re a Magnerine fan? Amazing. We’re a microscopic fandom unfortunately, but at least there are a few fanfics about them, and I made this western au gifset, which will forever stay hidden in my drafts *coughs* I’m nuts