Magneplanar MG 3.7's Now On Demo!

Hi Everyone,

Ever since hearing the Maggie 12’s and 1.7’s a few weeks ago, which led to me becoming a Magnepan dealer due to being so impressed, one question kept bugging me, if the 12’s and 1.7’s are this good how good must their bigger brothers be? so after a quick phone call to the Maggie guys we now have the Magneplanar MG 3.7’s on demo, and the answer to that question is staggeringly good :-)

There is something quite captivating about the Maggie sound, if you have never heard a magneplanar speaker before it is well worth popping in for a listen to something that sounds very different to a conventional box speaker. They really do offer something quite different and for vocal and acoustic they really do present the music in a very ‘live’ manner, as if the artist is performing right there in front of you.

The 3.7’s start at £6,000, yes a lot of money, but once you’ve heard them £6,000 becomes a bit of a high end bargain, as I don’t know of any speaker that can perform at the level they do for the money.

I am in the process of organising a Maggie Open Day on October 5th, probably with the 12’s in our downstairs demo room and the 3.7’s upstairs so it will be a great opportunity to hear something quite different, more details to follow once I’ve got everything in place.

Just to wet the appetite please see some pics below, please feel free to come in before the open day though as I will have them set up pretty much permanently, just because I am enjoying listening to them so much :-)

Thanks for looking,


L'installation Modwright,McIntosh,McIntosh,Argento Audio,Wireworld de Luc

Luc est issu du monde du livre et est un amateur averti de musique, il possède d'ailleurs une très belle collection de cd mais également de vinyles.

External image

Son système se composait à la base d'une paire d'enceintes Magnepan 3.5 alimentée par des électroniques YBA. Pour la partie amplification son choix s'est porté aprés plusieurs essais sur un ensemble de la marque américaine Modwright avec le préamplificateur LS100 à tubes et un bloc de puissance à transistor, le KWA 100SE. Le câblage se compose en modulation d’Argento Audio Serenity SE et pour la partie haut-parleur d'un Wireworld Eclipse 6. Le tout est traité par une barrette secteur Accustic Arts Powerstrip Active 6.

Pour la partie source le système se compose d'un lecteur numérique McIntosh MCD201 et d'une platine vinyle Thorens équipée d'une cellule Grado et d'un pré phono EAR 834P le tout câblé en Organic Audio.

External image

Les prochaines évolutions devraient être dans un premier temps une platine Denon DP-A100 ainsi qu'une paire de Magnepan MG 3.7 et par la suite un lecteur de cd McIntosh MCD500.

External image


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'Maggies' Come To HiFi Lounge - Updated!

Update - I have just seen this on AudioCircle, James Tanner, Bryston’s MD, got a pair of Maggie 20.7’s a couple of months ago for one of his listening rooms, I think he also has a pair of 1.7’s and 3.7’s, I have been listening to our demo models quite a lot over the last few weeks, they really are quite amazing, like nothing I have experienced before.

Once I have got my Fact.12 and Springsteen events done I will start planning a Maggie day as I can’t wait to hear the 3.7’s that we will be getting down for the event.

The 20.7’s would be ideal but I really do think it will be a struggle getting them upstairs so for now I will just have to marvel at James set-up, amazing banks of Bryston power amps :-)

Hi Everyone,

I’m really excited to announce that HiFi Lounge have just taken on a new speaker brand called Magnepan, some of you may not of heard of them before, I had only read about them on the Bryston AudioCircle forum in the past as many Bryston owners in the States run Bryston Power with Magneplanar speakers. So I contacted the distributor in the UK and they sent a couple of pairs for me to try, to say I was impressed was an understatement, firstly here is a little info on Magnepan.

Magnepan are based in Minnesota, USA and have been manufacturing their magneplanar speakers since 1969 when engineer Jim Winey came up with the idea. Situated in a 50,000 square foot facility Magnepan have so far sold over 200,000 pairs of their speakers worldwide, also affectionately known as ‘Maggies.

Maggies are considered by many to be high end speakers that are actually affordable with many top HiFi journalists who are accustomed to listening to very high end speakers owning Magneplanar speakers. Basically they are a panel speaker meaning that the voice coil of a conventional speaker is stretched out over a Mylar film sheet which when amplified excites the Mylar film to create sound, being that there is no cabinet they offer a very clean and revealing sound, with great detail, finesse and speed, being considered by many to be the closest you can get to that live sound especially as they are a dipole design meaning that they fire out the same sound from behind as from the front giving a very big soundstage. 

What really surprised me was the level of low frequency these 2" deep panels could produce as I had always read that panels can’t do bass, ok they won’t rattle the windows but there is more than enough bass and it is a very musical bass with loads of detail. The only drawback that I can see with Maggies is that they are not the most efficient speaker so they do need quite a lot of power, and they do need some room around them being that they are a dipole design, oh yeah, and they are not the smallest speakers.

We have both the Magneplaner 12’s and 1.7’s on demo, so if you have never heard a Maggie before please feel free to pop in. I can guarantee that when listening to the 12’s you have never heard a £1500 speaker sound so good, these really are incredible value. The 12’s work brilliantly well with the new Rega Elicit-R amp making a fantastic package that won’t break the bank. The when you go up to the 1.7’s again you won’t believe the performance for the price at £2500.

Personally I really want to hear the 3.7’s and 20.7’s now, they really must sound quite amazing. We will be holding a Maggie open day before the end of the year is out and I have arranged for the 3.7’s to come down to HiFi Lounge which I can’t wait for.

So if you have never heard a ‘Maggie’ before then you really should come in for a listen as they are very different in their presentation compared to a conventional box speaker, they offer amazing clarity and insight into a recording as there is no cabinet to affect the sound, In the world of HiFi they are considered by many to be an absolute bargain especially when you hear the level of performance you get, so please pop in to HFL experience something a little different.

Please follow the link to see the whole range of Maggies on our website -

Here are a few pics that I took -

The Magneplanar MG 12

The Magneplanar MG 1.7

Here are a couple of pictures that I found of the 20.7’s, I actually don’t think that they will fit in my building, Beautiful though :-)

Here are a few arty shots.
Les Magnepan MG 3.7 chez Luc

Rappelez vous c’était l'une de nos installations de l'année dernière avec un ensemble Modwright, un lecteur McIntosh et des enceintes Magnepan.

External image

Voulant aller plus loin Luc désirait changer ses enceintes Magnepan MG 3.5 par la nouvelle génération avec les Magnepan MG 3.7.

Désirant se faire plaisir en cette fin d'année, il a décidé de passer à l'acte et il nous a commandé une paire de MG 3.7 grâce à notre ami Pierre.

External image

Nous les avons installées ce jeudi et le moins que l'on puisse dire c'est que Luc est un homme heureux car grand amateur de panneau, il reste dans sa philosophie sonore en allant encore plus loin en transparence et au niveau du grave.

External image

D'ailleurs rendez vous est pris après notre salon pour améliorer son lecteur de cd mais ça c'est une autre histoire chutttt….

Magneplanar Open Day October 5th, Experience Something a Little Different - UPDATED!


Hi all,

Just thought I’d update this with a quick reminder of our Maggie open day tomorrow, I had Chris in yesterday, the UK Maggie man, to check through everything to make sure we have the Maggies sounding their best, which to be honest isn’t too difficult as they sound great even before we started tweaking.

One thing that did make a difference though was the addition of the new Atlas Eos Modular mains block that I installed yesterday, well 2 of them actually, along with some new Atlas Eos Mains cables, this really did help bring everything together and just help to make the Maggies even more musical, basically these blocks work on a star earthing principle and you can spec whether to have filtered or un-filtered outputs, you can read more here about the Atlas blocks -

So just to re-cap we will have the 12’s downstairs, I have decided to run them with the new Rega Elicit-R amp, as for £1595 it makes a great package with the 12’s for a very high end sound for not silly money, and we will have the 3.7’s upstairs on the Bryston rig, we can also get the Michell Orbe up and running so please feel free to bring some vinyl or any other music along to try on the Maggies.

As someone said to me yesterday, they are just impossible to not like, they really don’t have any vices, they just make music, couldn’t agree more :-)

Hope to see you tomorrow.




Hi Everyone,

Now that we have recovered from the National Audio show last weekend it is time to start planning our next open day, a Magneplanar Open Day on October 5th.

Ever since hearing the Maggies for the first time a few months ago I have been quite smitten with these speakers so I thought we would hold an open day for anyone else who has fallen under their spell or would like to experience Maggies for the first time.

We will be running the big Magneplanar 3.7’s upstairs on our Bryston rig with the smaller Magneplanar 12’s downstairs on a selection of smaller integrated amps, the Bryston B135 SST2, the new Rega Elicit-R, the new Naim Supernait 2 and the Musical Fidelity M6 500i. We will also have the Magneplanar 1.7’s to hand if anyone would like to experience those also.

Last night I was playing around with the 1.7’s with a REL R-528 subwoofer which really did help to underpin them slightly and by using the Hi-Level connector on the REL there were no timing issues to worry about, just perfect integration, can’t wait to try that on the 3.7’s, should certainly be a pretty potent combination.

I know that Maggies are not the smallest or most living room friendly speaker but they really do offer something quite special with a very different presentation to a conventional box speaker that we are all so familiar with, so it will definitely be worth popping in for a listen if you have never experienced them before.

Here are the rather large but amazing sounding 3.7’s.

The slightly smaller 1.7’s.

And the 12’s which have to be the bargain of the century.

I couldn’t resist posting a picture of the amazing 20.7’s which unfortunately we won’t have at the open day.

Look forward to seeing you on October 5th :-) 



New Magneplanar .7 Speakers Now On Demo!

Hi All,

As many of you know we are big fans of Magneplanar speakers here so once we heard the Maggie MG12, their smallest floorstander, was about to be upgraded we couldn’t wait to get our hands on the new model so it is great news that after a couple of months of waiting the new .7 Magneplanar speaker is now with us and on permanent demo.

They are styled slightly differently with metal side strips rather than wood and a rounded top rather than flat, it doesn’t sound much but it really helps make them a touch more stylish, as an option you can also now buy an oval stand that really does look quite nice. The main changes though to the .7 compared to the MG12 is that they now use the same ribbon technology, know as Quasi Ribbon, as the rest of the Maggie range meaning that the .7 is a faster speaker and more insightful, it is still a 2 way speaker though which helps keep the size reasonably small for a panel speaker.

I have been running them for the last couple of days on our PrimaLuna valve amp and I have to say that even though the .7’s now cost £2000 I really don’t think you will find a more magical speaker than the .7, OK Maggies have their limitations but what they do well they really can’t be beaten, if you listen to a lot of vocal, acoustic, jazz, blues, orchestral, well most types of music really other than industrial metal then I really recommend you come and have a listen, as I really do think that the .7’s are a real HiFi bargain and there aren’t many of them around.

Please see below for a couple of pictures and a link to the Magneplanar lineup on our website -

Maggie .7 with optional oval stand!