So my friends and I were having fun with the pokemon splicer thing, and trying to see which one was each of our spirit pokemon. Being a Bulbasaur, I decided to use that as the base and mix it with other pokemon. I couldn’t decide which one best matched me and I ended up with three of them, but Fado came up with a nice little story of my ever changing spirit pokemon.



'He ran into my knife. He ran into my knife 26 times.’

Yeah. Idk. We were being silly and most of the time we were laughing our heads off.


Pokemon Fusion amuses me, so I’ll post 9 of my most interesting fusions each day. Photo replies are enabled in case anyone is crazy enough to want to make fanart for any of them.

Today’s Pokemon:

Rapilithe, Weeysaur, and Viletales are my favorites in this batch. Also, Venochamp is fucking creepy.