On a broad ribbon of red cloth the procession made its way to Westminster Hall and then, with the King and Queen walking barefoot, moving toward the Abbey, led by the royal musicians and heralds. A great cross was borne before a line of priests, abbots, and bishops. Then came the principal magnates with the regalia: Northumberland exhibiting the pointless sword of mercy; Stanley with the Lord High Constable`s mace; the Earl of Kent and Viscount Lovell with the pointed swords of justice; the Duke of Suffolk, carrying the scepter; the Earl of Lincoln, the cross with the ball; the Earl of Surrey, the sword of state held upright in its scabbard; and finally the Duke of Norfolk, bearing the jewelled crown between his hands. King Richard walked in a gown of purple velvet with a bishop on either side of him and a cloth of estate born over his head by the Wardens of the Cinque Ports. His train was held by the Duke of Buckingham, who grasped the white wand of High Steward. A troop of earls and barons preceeded the lords who carried the queen`s regalia; then came the Queen, with Stanley`s wife, the Countess of Richmond, holding her train. She was followed by the Duchess of Suffolk, the King`s sister, walking in state by herself, the Duchess of Norfolk at the head of twenty noble ladies, and a long line of knights and squires and gentlemen.

From “Richard III: The Great Debatte” from Paul Murray Kendall.

This must have been such a sight to behold!

We Americans claim to be a peace-loving people. We hate bloodshed; we are opposed to violence. Yet we go into spasms of joy over the possibility of projecting dynamite bombs from flying machines upon helpless citizens. We are ready to hang, electrocute, or lynch anyone, who, from economic necessity, will risk his own life in the attempt upon that of some industrial magnate. Yet our hearts swell with pride at the thought that America is becoming the most powerful nation on earth, and that it will eventually plant her iron foot on the necks of all other nations. Such is the logic of patriotism.
—  Emma Goldman, “Patriotism, a Menace to Liberty” (1911)


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1965 Thunderbird Jr. manufactured by the Powercar company of Mystic, Connecticut.

Thunderbird Jr. cars have been made continuously since 1954 (with the cooperation of the ford motor company) you will not see a Thunderbird Jr. in every yard…because their cost has kept them out of the volume market…However, if you know where to look, you can find them scattered over the globe in the most interesting places: in secluded country estates, in mansions of heads of state, on the Riviera, in the palaces of dictators, middle eastern and oriental princes. They are bringing pleasure and fun to the families of presidents, movie stars, magnates, potentates… and to a lot of ordinary people too, who have won them in promotional contests or as incentives. In fact, it is thanks to smart sales promotion programs that many other people are enjoying them. - 1964 Sales Brochure  (via Junior Central)

scotchdioxide-deactivated201507 asked:

What would you say are the best/fastest ways to make the world better? I appreciate your perspective on stuff so I figured I'd ask

Short term: Universal basic income. Single payer heathcare. Public education extending through AT LEAST a bachelor’s degree.

Medium term (From The Principles of Communism):

(i) Limitation of private property through progressive taxation, heavy inheritance taxes, abolition of inheritance through collateral lines (brothers, nephews, etc.) forced loans, etc.

(ii) Gradual expropriation of landowners, industrialists, railroad magnates and shipowners, partly through competition by state industry, partly directly through compensation in the form of bonds.

(iii) Confiscation of the possessions of all emigrants and rebels against the majority of the people.

(iv) Organization of labor or employment of proletarians on publicly owned land, in factories and workshops, with competition among the workers being abolished and with the factory owners, in so far as they still exist, being obliged to pay the same high wages as those paid by the state.

(v) An equal obligation on all members of society to work until such time as private property has been completely abolished. Formation of industrial armies, especially for agriculture.

(vi) Centralization of money and credit in the hands of the state through a national bank with state capital, and the suppression of all private banks and bankers.

(vii) Increase in the number of national factories, workshops, railroads, ships; bringing new lands into cultivation and improvement of land already under cultivation – all in proportion to the growth of the capital and labor force at the disposal of the nation.

(viii) Education of all children, from the moment they can leave their mother’s care, in national establishments at national cost. Education and production together.

(ix) Construction, on public lands, of great palaces as communal dwellings for associated groups of citizens engaged in both industry and agriculture and combining in their way of life the advantages of urban and rural conditions while avoiding the one-sidedness and drawbacks of each.

(x) Destruction of all unhealthy and jerry-built dwellings in urban districts.

(xi) Equal inheritance rights for children born in and out of wedlock.

(xii) Concentration of all means of transportation in the hands of the nation.

Long term: Automation-driven FULLCOMMUNISM™

“Finally, when all capital, all production, all exchange have been brought together in the hands of the nation, private property will disappear of its own accord, money will become superfluous, and production will so expand and man so change that society will be able to slough off whatever of its old economic habits may remain.”

Eugenio Derbez le responde a Donald Trump

Las voces de protesta contra las infames e injustas declaraciones de Donald Trump sobre los mexicanos, a quienes llamó “violadores” y criminales, no se detienen. 

Ahora Eugenio Derbez le respondió al magnate y le pidió que deje de decir tantas tonterías, pues los latinos que viven en Estados Unidos son trabajadores y buenos ciudadanos que no tienen nada que ver con la imagen que Trump quiso pintar recientemente.

“He tratado de trabajar en este país durante los últimos 12 años y no ha sido fácil. He tenido que enfrentar rechazo, ignorancia, y en ocasiones hasta irrespeto hacia nuestra comunidad latina”, comentó el director de ‘No se aceptan devoluciones’, durante la entrega de los premios Latino Media Award (NALIP), donde fue homenajeado.

Derbez mostró la ignorancia de Trump, y entendió que las ofensas del dueño de Miss Universo no solo fueron para los mexicanos sino para todos los latinos.

“Por ejemplo, personas como Donald Trump, quien piensa que cada latino en este país es mexicano. Él cree que hay diferentes clases de mexicanos. Los mexicanos colombianos, los mexicanos puertorriqueños, los mexicanos dominicanos”, dijo.

“También afirma que todos los mexicanos en este país son vendedores de drogas o violadores, y se equivoca señor Trump. Nosotros somos honestos y trabajamos duro”.

El mexicano culminó su discurso con su particular sentido del humor y le advirtió al magnate que tenga cuidado cuando sea atendido por quienes ofendió.

“Los latinos también son cocineros y meseros en muchos restaurantes de Estados Unidos. Así que cuidado cuando coma en un  restaurante la próxima vez, porque puede tragarse sus palabras… y algo más”, comentó.

On this day in Scottish History King James III annexed the Earldom of Ross from the rebellious John, Lord of the Isles. 1476 that was not the end of it though. John of Islay (or John MacDonald) (1434–1503) was a late medieval Scottish magnate. He was Earl of Ross and the 4th Lord of the Isles as well as being Mac Domhnaill, chief of Clan Donald. John would however prove to be the last of the Lords of the Isles, overmighty subjects of the Stewart Kings of Scotland and virtual kings in their own right in the Western Isles. His struggle for power with King James III of Scotland ended in humiliation, following which his illegitimate son Angus Óg rebelled against his rule. In a bitter civil war, John’s fleet of galleys met those of Angus sometime in the early 1480s off the coast of Mull at the Battle of Bloody Bay, in which John’s cause was defeated. After Bloody Bay he became an inconsequential figure; and Angus continued to dominate the affairs of Clan Donald up until his murder in 1490.n 1493 James IV brought the Lordship of the Isles to an end. John died unlamented in 1503, having witnessed the almost complete destruction of his family inheritance.  The pic is a romanticised victorian era picture of MacDonald Lord of the Isles 

Critican diplomacia de Ximena Navarrete

22 JUN (MEX) .- En medio de la controversia por las declaraciones de Donald Trump en contra de los inmigrantes mexicanos y latinoamericanos, Ximena Navarrete empleó sus redes sociales para expresar una postura diplomática en la cual resalta que no se siente ofendida por las palabras del magnate ya que ella no se identifica con el grupo específico de gente indeseable al cual Trump criticó.

Entre otras cosas, la ex reina de belleza resaltó que siempre recibió un trato respetuoso por parte del polémico millonario cuando convivió con él y que por medio de su trabajo le demostró que hay mexicanos responsables “que nos esforzamos al máximo, que hacemos las cosas bien y que atravesamos fronteras para trabajar con integridad y honradez”, escribió.

La también actriz enfatizó su orgullo por ser mexicana, rechazó el racismo y la discriminación y aseguró no tomarse los insultos de Trump a título personal. “Que se ponga el saco a quien le quede”, concluyó Ximena. Sus palabras no han sido bien recibidas por los internautas, para quienes Navarrete solo cuida sus intereses y está vendida al imperialismo estadounidense, aunque también hay personas que opinan que la joven fue presionada y asesorada para emitir ese mensaje.

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July 1st, 1915 - Central War Industries Committee Formed to Coordinate Russian Production

Pictured - “Subscribe to the 5 ½ Percent War Loan!”

The scale of the world war forced nations and peoples to confront new realities and shake up ancient and decrepit systems.  Nowhere was this more true than in the Russian Empire.  War could not be left to the army, industry could not be left to the industrial magnates - all states had to assume direct control of industry and actively promote the welfare of their citizens. Manpower and munitions must be kept flowing to the front, the civilians must be provided with adequate food, heating, and light.  This was the rise of the state. This was total war. 

The Tsarist Empire faced great difficulty making this transition.  However, in Russia, cooperation between civilian and government authorities was weak and lacking, and the state still going through a painful process of industrialization. The Duma, the Russian Parliament, had representation from industrialists, but favored the conservatives over the reformers.  Nevertheless, a generation of young and reform-minded tycoons was making its first imprints in government.  Pavel Pavlovich Riabushinskii, a Moscow-based manufacturer, led the charge.

Riabushinskii developed a system of War Industry Committees to galvanize war production.  This included a wide array of sectors, from munitions, to food, to electricity, to labor.  A Central Committee was founded in July to head them.  

The slogan of the Committee was “All for the War!”  The industrialists were patriots but also liberals, and their economic goals aligned with their political ones.  They were anti-autocratic and desired increased influence after the war.  In this goal they became a focus for bourgeois and liberal politicians and workers, though they also formed Worker’s Committee’s to collaborate with Social Democratic laborers. 


On Tuesday, real-estate and reality TV mogul Donald Trump announced he will enter the Republican primary as a contender for the 2016 presidential nomination. “So, ladies and gentlemen,” the business magnate told a crowd gathered at one of his gleaming, eponymous towers on New York City’s Fifth Avenue Tuesday, “I am officially running for president of the United States, and we are going to make our country great again,” said Trump, whose net worth is valued around $9 billion, according to some reports.

Trump brings to his “candidacy” an extensive backlog of business ventures, some of which are deeply troubling

Actual conversation before lunch.

My pal Andy: whats on tv?
Me: Iron Man
Andy: so u’re not watching Sardar Patel??
Me: ..……
Me: *slow applause*
Our respective spouses: *groan*

(Sardar Patel was an Indian freedom fighter and he was called the Iron Man, responsible for unifying tiny kingdoms to form unified India.)

Hang on, one more….

Andy: by the way, did u see Lakshmi Mittal on tv last night
Me: ….er, no??
Andy: so you didnt see Man of Steel???
Me: ……
Me: *hi five!!!*
Spouses: *leaving the table* we’ve lost our appetite.

(LN Mittal is a Brit steel magnate.)

Radio producer George W. Trendle was born July 4, 1884. The businessman and broadcasting magnate purchased Detroit’s WGHP radio station and rechristened it WXYZ and turned it into the home of some of radio’s most popular juvenile adventure programs.

In 1932, Trendle decided to operate WXYZ as an indepedent station, complete with its own programming. Trendle’s desire for a Robin Hood in the old west led to the creation of The Lone Ranger. Writer Fran Striker fleshed out the character and premise, and the series became one of the biggest hits of the Golden Age of Radio. Later, Trendle tasked Striker to create a similar series that would showcase the fight against political corruption. The result was The Green Hornet, the radio vigilante who took on criminals, thieves, and crooked politicos. Both characters have continued to thrive, with recent big screen adventures as well as TV shows and comic books.

In honor of Trendle’s birthday, I’ll post some of the radio adventures of The Green Hornet throughout the day. And for more adventure and crime-fighting from the Golden Age of Radio, click here to subscribe to the “Down These Mean Streets” podcast in iTunes.