today in hitory, 29 July 1504, Thomas Stanley died at Lathom.

29 July 1504 - Sir Thomas Stanley, Earl of Derby, dies at Lathom House in Lancashire, aged around 69 years old. The great magnate was the step father of King Henry VII through his politic marriage to Lady Margaret Beaufort and had long enjoyed a mighty position towards the upper echelons of the kingdom’s hierarchy.

His actions, or rather non-action, at the Battle of Bosworth ensured Lord Stanley’s family retained an unrivalled position of dominance in the North West of England. He was buried in Burscough Priory, the traditional resting place of the Stanley family and in his will “he ordained masses for the souls of himself, his wives, parents, ancestors, children, siblings, and, ever the good lord, ‘them that have died in the service of my lord my father or of me’”



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Things to do when you’re feeling bored,lonely, triggered etc:
  • Call someone you love
  • Read a good book
  • Watch a funny movie with a pet (or stuffed animals.)
  • Take a nice long walk and get some fresh air
  • Try taking a warm bath/shower with candles
  • Treat yourself to some ice cream or some other sweet/something you enjoy eating
  • Brush your hair 100 times
  • Write down your thoughts
  • Create a story
  • Play a game on your phone/other device
  • Take a nap and cuddle with tons of pillows while making a nest
  • Play with animals :)
  • Go for a drive
  • Go swimming
  • Take up running
  • Collect things such as rocks, buttons, magnates, bumper stickers etc
  • Buy something online and be excited for it to be shipped to you
  • Go to garage sales or thrift stores
  • Sing your ears out
  • Dance like nobody is watching
  • Paint, draw, color etc
  • Invite friends over and plan something wonderful
  • Order a pizza/takeout and watch Netflix/Hulu
  • Microwave marshmallows (be careful!!)
  • Clean your room
  • Redo your room/apartment
  • Plan something to do on the weekend and actually look forward to that
  • Go horseback riding
  • Watch crime shows in footy pajamas
  • Color code your socks
  • Look out the window
  • Meditate
  • Just think for a few moments
  • Bake something yummy!
  • Make a blanket fort and relieve your childhood
  • Fold origami/crafts

a-shippers-tale asked:

Hey Sophii hope your day is going well! So at work they took away our cable and now we are plagued with soap operas so what would your take on "the young and immortal" ;P

General Hospital was my SHIT lmao 

  • Poseidon as a shipping magnate who is grooming his son to take over the business
  • his son Percy lives with his mom, his parents having separated long ago due to the constant traveling involved in his dad’s work 
  • Percy is in a secret relationship with Annabeth, who is the daughter of his father’s rival Athena 
  • Sally runs a bakery that is right next to Chiron’s Diner, which is owned by Annabeth’s uncle who she is super close to
  • Annabeth is supposed to be in a relationship with Jason, whose dad is the mayor and was Athena’s mentor through college 
  • Jason has eyes for local reporter Piper McLean who uses her powers of persuasion to get info from people that they would normally never divulge 
  • Leo runs a garage with his mom and is always accompanied by his dog Festus 
  • things start to get crazy when a mysterious crime lord moves into the town and starts trying to use Poseidon’s business as a front 
  • (insert dramatic theme song) 

The feud between Donald J. Trump and Lindsey Graham has escalated in recent days, with the real estate magnate revealing the South Carolina senator’s phone number during a campaign launch event.


Y'all.  Donald Trump deadass just gave Lindsey Graham’s personal cellphone number out because Graham called him a jackass.  I hope these people in the audience got paid a lot of money to wear those Trump shirts, especially ol’ sista in the 2nd row who is probably bout to be excommunicated from her AME prayer group.

Great news MASTERS OF SEX fans!

Judy Greer (Ant-ManJurassic World, Married) will be joining the show for this season’s penultimate episode as Alice Logan, the wife of Dan Logan (guest star Josh Charles), the perfume magnate who approaches Masters and Johnson about bottling the smell of sex.  A recovering alcoholic and long-suffering spouse, Alice joins her husband and Masters and Johnson for a painful dinner in which agendas collide, truths are exposed and no relationship emerges in the state it entered. MASTERS OF SEX airs Sundays at 10 p.m. ET/PT on SHOWTIME.

IMG_8306_web - CHILEHAUS por Alex DROP
Por Flickr:
The Chilehaus is a ten-story office building and an exceptional example of the 1920s Brick Expressionism style of architecture designed by the German architect Fritz Höger and commissioned by the shipping magnate Henry B. Sloman, who made his fortune trading saltpeter from Chile. Hamburg, Germany - worth seeing 8/10 Чилийский дом является 10-этажным офисным зданием и исключительным примером “кирпичного” экспрессионизма в архитектуре 1920-х годов. Был спроектирован Фрицем Хёгером по заказу судоходного магната Генри Сломана, которые сделал состояние на торговле чилийской селитрой. Гамбург, Германия - рейтинг привлекательности 8/10

Muckross House is a mansion designed by the Scottish architect, William Burn, built in 1843 for Henry Arthur Herbert and his wife, the watercolorist Mary Balfour Herbert. The house is situated 6 kilometres from the town of Killarney in County Kerry, Ireland. 

With sixty-five rooms, it was built in the Tudor style. Extensive improvements were undertaken in the 1850s in preparation for the visit of Queen Victoria in 1861. It is said that these improvements for the Queen’s visit were a contributory factor in the financial difficulties suffered by the Herbert family which resulted in the sale of the estate. In 1899 it was bought by Arthur Guinness, 1st Baron Ardilaun, who wanted to preserve the dramatic landscape. 

In August 1911, not long before the WW I, Muckross House and its demesne were again sold to William Bowers Bourn, a wealthy Californian mining magnate. He and his wife passed it to their daughter Maud and her husband Arthur Rose Vincent as a wedding present. The couple lived there until Maud’s death in 1929. 

In 1932, her parents, Mr and Mrs Bournes, and their son-in-law Arthur Vincent, decided to present Muckross House and its 11,000 acre estate to the Irish nation. Being called the ″Bourne-Vincent Memorial Park″, it thus became the first National Park in the Republic of Ireland and formed the basis of present day Killarney National Park. In later years the park was substantially expanded by the acquisition of land from the former Earl of Kenmare’s estate.


According to polls released today — and despite a campaign that began as an embarrassment and continues to be so, often defiantly and possibly even strategically — real estate magnate Donald Trump is ahead of his fellow Republican presidential contenders in one key early nominating state, and is running a close second in another.

His favorable/unfavorable scores are stunningly awful, but he’s ahead in the polls anyway


One of the coolest things rose-marie-rose​ and I did this weekend was visit the Peacock Room. We went in on a whim, after our friend told us the story of the room on our walk from the American History Museum to the Air and Space Museum. We were passing the Freer Gallery and decided to pop in. I’m so glad we did.

First, if you haven’t heard the story of the Peacock Room (I hadn’t), it’s amazing. 

In 1876 James McNeill Whistler, an American artist living in London, was invited by his friend and patron Frederick Leyland, a shipping magnate from Liverpool, to suggest a color scheme for the woodwork of his dining room, which had been decorated by the architect Thomas Jeckyll. While Leyland and his family were away for the summer, Whistler’s imagination took flight. Promising his patron a “gorgeous surprise,” he completely transformed the room, covering nearly every inch with brilliant blue and gold patterns derived from the plumage of peacocks.

When Leyland saw the room the following fall, his reaction was not what Whistler had expected. Leyland thought Whistler had taken egregious liberties, and he refused to pay the artist his full fee. Whistler, devastated by Leyland’s lack of appreciation, responded by painting a vengeful mural on the south wall of the room. Pointedly titled Art and Money, it depicts the painter and patron as fighting peacocks. Whistler and Leyland each felt betrayed. Their quarrel over the room grew increasingly heated and more personal. Finally, Leyland banned Whistler from ever seeing the Peacock Room again.

The room itself is a thing to behold. It’s beautiful it its own way, but also so over-the-top that I can certainly see why Leyland was so upset. But THEN we went downstairs to see the Peacock Room Remix: Filthy Lucre, and it was AMAZING. It’s a replica of the Peacock Room, except everything has been destroyed or twisted in some way to represent the rift between the patron and the artist and the ugliness that came from their feud over the room.

Every surface is encrusted with gold or dripping with paint. Gilded stalactites hang from surfaces. Splintered shelves buckle and tilt. Brightly colored ceramics drip with glaze or shatter, their debris littering the floor. An eerie glow seeps between the shutters, while a haunting soundscape by the band BETTY emanates from the walls. Waterston’s interpretation of Whistler’s painting The Princess from the Land of Porcelain—her face now obscured by primordial ooze—oversees the devastation. The fighting peacocks elegantly posturing in Whistler’s painting Art and Money; or, the Story of the Room have turned gruesomely violent as they eviscerate each other in Waterston’s version.

And because everything in my life is a veiled X-Files reference, yes the artist is Gillian’s friend Darren Waterston.

What would be perfect for a Hog Magnate’s table? A showy roasted pig head centrepiece. I don’t want to make it too lovely – in spite of his confidence and workmanship, Cordell’s cooking is not and never could be as exquisite as Hannibal’s.  I garland the glazed pig head simply with cauiflower and sausages (or overcooked penises – however you prefer to perceive them) to make the point. But I can’t resist wreathing Ms Piggy’s forehead with a pepper and radish flower crown as a wink to Fannibals.

– Janice Poon, Episode 7: Digestivo (, 19 July, 2015)

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che poi riflettendo, se chi si rifugia nell'alcol e nella droga è un debole, uno stupido, un codardo che non affronta i reali problemi e non si rende conto che il proprio comportamento autodistruttivo è inutile, perchè voi così superiori non fate questo enorme atto di magnanimità e suggerite a quelle anime perse cosa fare per stare meglio? ah, come? parlare del proprio problema, discuterne con qualcuno di cui ci si fida?
ah si, capito, è semplice.. ma voi, quando una persona deve buttare fuori un po’ di quella merda che si porta dietro, voi esattamente dove siete?

In “Lovely But Lethal,” Vera Miles is Viveca Scott, a cosmetics magnate who needs a miracle product to keep her company from going under. When researcher Martin Sheen is discovered taking the formula to the competition, she murders him with the most deadly weapon known to mankind – a microscope. Throw in an alkie chemist, some Vincent Price, a little Bruce Kirby and oh, hey, another killing (this time, by poisoned cigarette) and no amount of foundation can cover up the blemishes of subterfuge and murder. Maybe Columbo’s some sort of cold cream of justice? Sure, let’s go with that. Elle Collins (Into It) helps Jon and RJ sort the whole thing out.

Listen to the episode here!