PEGUELE A DONALD TRUMP. Piñatas  que representan a Donald Trump se muestran en las vidrieras de una tienda el 28 de agosto, 2015, en San Francisco, California. Un artesano mexicano creó una piñata con la imagen del multimillonario estadounidense Donald Trump, el magnate que la semana pasada anunció su precandidatura a la presidencia por el Partido Republicano. Trump acusó a México de enviar criminales, narcotraficantes y violadores a vivir en Estados Unidos. (Justin Sullivan / Getty Images / AFP y Brad Doherty/The Brownsville Herald via AP)



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Kim Kardashian West for C Magazine

I first met KIM KARDASHIAN WEST 10 years ago and since then, everything about her LIFE has changed.
She’s achieved enormous SUCCESS in business (with books, products, shows, a video game and, this fall, a new website launch), become aFASHION ICON, married a music industry magnate, and is now pregnant with their second child.
Miraculously, though, she is the same in many ways—no small task, considering she has 43 million Instagram followers watching her every move.
For all of the polarized perceptions about her, she is, at the core, a woman living her CALIFORNIA dream to the fullest extent.

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Within the millions of feelings I feel , I can never quite pin point the one that makes me feel sad, I feel a million feelings all at once of lost friends , family or lovers . I feel the pain I felt when you told me you were leaving because you told me I was important but you said that you phone was important and you through it in the lake . What’s important isn’t important for long . You told me I was the one thing you needed but I wasn’t at the top of the list, you kissed me but you kissed her too so I guess you made me feel a million feelings I’ve never even came close to feeling. You told me that we had nothing in common but I suppose your mother never told you that opposites attract and I guess you never tried to put the two positive magnates together to watch them repel. Because the negative and the positive get along just fine . You broke my heart but I felt that before . But I feel a million feelings and I can’t quite make out if you make me feel any of them anymore .
Ricky Martin: Ya basta con los insultos de Donald Trump

26 AGO (MEX) .- La expulsión de Jorge Ramos de una conferencia de prensa en Iowa por parte de Donald Trump la noche de ayer, ha comenzado a causar repudio en la comunidad artística.

Uno de los primeros en reaccionar ante esta nueva actitud del magnate fue Ricky Martin, quien hizo uso de sus redes sociales para pedir unión a toda la comunidad latina para derrocar a Trump en su lucha por la presidencia de Estados Unidos.

El intérprete de “Vida” escribió en su cuenta de Twitter una carta en la que defiende al periodista de Univisión y critica la actitud xenofóbica del multimillonario como estrategia para promover su campaña política.

“El hecho de que un individuo como Donald Trump, candidato a la presidencia de los Estados Unidos por el Partido Republicano, tenga las agallas de continuar acosando gratuitamente a la comunidad latina me hace hervir la sangre. ¿En qué momento este personaje asume que puede hacer comentarios racistas, absurdos y sobre todo incoherentes e ignorantes sobre nosotros los latinos?”, comienza el escrito de Ricky.

“El episodio de ayer contra el periodista Jorge Ramos, uno de los latinos más queridos y respetados por los medios en el mundo, llega al punto del basta ya. ¡Basta señores! Si estamos unidos para unas cosas debemos estarlo para otras. Ya hemos demostrado a los Estados Unidos quiénes somos los latinos y este comportamiento no lo podemos permitir. Demostremos que nuestra raza latina se respeta, no dejemos que un aspirante a político siembre su campaña en el insulto y la humillación”, agrega.

Por otra parte, hace unas horas Omar Chaparro concedió una entrevista a la cadena de noticias CNN y mientras realizaba la promoción de la película “Un Gallo Con Muchos Huevos”, rompió en pedazos una imagen de Donald Trump que aparecía en una publicación de negocios.

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Uber and the Great Taxicab Collapse
Should taxpayers bailout bankrupt medallion owners?

When Andrew Murstein hired pop music super star Nicki Minaj to headline his son Matt’s Bar Mitzvah, it was an unusually conspicuous flaunting of wealth by one of New York City’s leading taxi cab magnates. Newsweek estimates that Minaj might have been paid as much as half a million for the gig, which entailed taking a personal photo with every single boy and girl in attendance.

Andrew Murstein’s vast wealth derives from a shrewd decision that his grandpa Leon made 78 years ago. In 1937, New York City issued what ultimately amounted to 13,437 taxi medallions—a special kind of license that conferred the exclusive right to drive a cab in the Big Apple. And Leon Murstein bought one…for $10. And then he bought several hundred more to rent to other drivers.

From 1937 to 2013, the price of each of those medallions climbed from $10 to over a million dollars.

“Ultimately all that value that’s built up in the medallions comes from passengers,” says Josh Barro, a reporter with The New York Times, who covers the taxi industry. “Fares are higher than they otherwise would be able to be because you have to limit the number of people using these taxis.”

Over the years, the city tried periodically to break the medallion cartel to make life easier on the riding public, but to no avail.

And then in May of 2011, Uber began operating in New York City. For the next two and a half years, the taxi industry kept thriving. In November 2013, Medallion Financial, the publicly traded company that’s run by Andrew Murstein, saw its share price hit a thirteen-year high. But as more and more Uber cars took to the streets over the next year and a half, the stock plummeted, ultimately losing about half of its value.

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Today in Irish history: August 24th

1210 - King John sails from Dublin for England. He had landed at Waterford in June and campaigned in Leinster; after a short siege, he captures Carrickfergus, where the de Lacys have made a stand. On 28 July he captures William de Braose and confiscates his lands. Hugh and Walter de Lacy, lords of Ulster and Meath, forfeit their lands but escape to Scotland. John has defeated the hostile Norman magnates and has established relations with various Irish kings. Cathal Crovderg O'Connor, king of Connacht, has fought in John’s army but then quarrelled with him - O'Connor offered his son Aedh to John as a hostage, but Aedh’s mother refused to allow this. The dispute is later resolved

1747 - Birth in Dublin of William La Touche, founder of the Bank of Ireland

1798 - Generals’ Cornwallis and Lake leave Dublin. Lake travels fast by road with a small force. Cornwallis travels with the main force down the Grand Canal

1803 - James Napper Tandy, Irish patriot, dies in exile in France. Originally a small tradesman in Dublin, he gained attention by his attacks on municipal corruption and his proposal to boycott English goods as a reprisal for the restrictions placed on Irish commerce. He joined the Irish volunteer army and he aided Wolfe Tone in founding the Dublin branch of the United Irish Society. When faced with a sedition charge in 1793, Tandy fled to the United States and then to France,where he was given the title of general. In 1798, he landed in Ireland, but when he discovered that the French expedition of General Humbert to aid the Irish rebellion had failed, he fled to Hamburg, where he was arrested. He was returned to Ireland, sentenced to execution, but reprieved through French influence. His fame is perpetuated in the Irish ballad “The Wearing of the Green”

1962 - Death of Agnew McMaster, the last of the touring actor-managers who presented Shakespeare’s plays throughout rural Ireland

1968 - The Northern Ireland Civil Rights Association marches from Coalisland to Dungannon in Co. Tyrone in one of the first large-scale marches of the six-county civil rights movement

1990 - Brian Keenan is released on 24 August, having spent 52 months as a hostage in Beirut

1998 - Shops re-open in Omagh following the bombing; among the shops to open was Wattersons, which lost three members of staff, and the Oxfam shop, whose two teenager volunteers were also killed

1998 - Eight Navy divers are injured during an air-sea rescue display.The men who are all members of the Navy Diving Team were taking part in a demonstration by the Defence Forces as part of the Tall Ships festival in Dublin

1999 - Waterford Crystal is chosen to usher in the millennium in the city of New York with a gigantic cut glass Star of Hope ball. The component parts of the six foot diameter sphere, made of 572 crystal panels each consisting of five diamond shapes, will be assembled in New York. It is planned to hang 22 stories high over Manhattan and be lowered down a 77ft high flagpole in time for the stroke of midnight

2000 - Additional troops are ordered onto the streets of Belfast night as fears grow for the fragile peace process

2001 - Bono’s father, Bob, is laid to rest at Old Balgriffin Cemetary in Co. Dublin.

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“¡Lárgate de mi país!”, le gritaron a Jorge Ramos (VIDEO)

“¡Lárgate de mi país!”, le gritaron a Jorge Ramos (VIDEO)

El periodista Jorge Ramos, de la cadena Univision y Fusion, tuvo un tenso intercambio de palabras con un hombre afuera de la conferencia de prensa de Donald Trump, de la que fue echado por intentar preguntar por el plan migratorio del magnate.

Durante esa conversación, colgada en la cuenta de Youtube de Univision Noticias, Ramos tuvo que aguantar una frase usada frecuentemente en Estados Unidos…

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So guess what, the thought of LT's success is keeping SH awake at night & owning all the media she must have decided to throw LT under the bus LMAO astralprojectionsandtruth,tumblr,com/post/127706549546/donotlink-redirect-to-wwwdailymailcouk

Listen, we all know that Sophie Hunter is the most powerful media magnate in the history of the world, even though she can’t put on a prosthetic belly the right way OR remember which one she’s supposed to wear week to week.  This is totally her M.O.  Throw another director under the bus (directors NEVER get critiqued for their choices and interpretations after all) while forgetting to make sure she gets an interview herself.  


Supergirl es una serie de acción y aventuras basada en el personaje de DC Comics Kara Zor-El (Melissa Benoist), la primera de Superman (Kal-El) que, después de 12 años manteniendo en secreto sus poderes en la Tierra, decide finalmente aceptar sus habilidades sobrehumanas y ser la heroína que siempre se supuso que tenía que ser. Una Kara de 12 años escapó del planeta condenado Krypton con la ayuda de sus padres al mismo tiempo que el infante Kal-El. Protegida y criada en la Tierra por su familia adoptiva, los Danvers, Kara creció a la sombra de su hermana adoptiva, Alex (Chyler Leigh), y aprendió a ocultar los fenomenales poderes que comparte con su famoso primo para mantener su identidad secreta. Años después, a los 24, Kara vive en National City ayudando a la magnate de los medios y fiera supervisora Cat Grant (la ganadora de un Globo de Oro Calista Flockhart), que acaba de contratar al antiguo fotógrafo del Daily Planet James Olsen (Mehcad Brooks), como su nuevo director artístico. Sin embargo, los días de Kara manteniendo sus talentos en secreto se terminan cuando Hank Henshaw (David Harewood), director de una agencia súper secreta donde también trabaja su hermana, le pide que le ayude a proteger a los ciudadanos de National City de siniestras amenazas. Aunque Kara necesitará encontrar una forma de gestionar su nueva tarea con sus relaciones humanas, su corazón se dispara mientras cruza el cielo como Supergirl para luchar contra el crimen. Greg Berlanti (The Flash, Arrow), Ali Adler, Sarah Schecter y Andrew Kreisberg son productores ejecutivos por parte de Berlanti Productions en colaboración con Warner Bros. Television. El piloto fue dirigido por Glen Winter (Arrow).