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Could you do the relationship preference thing with Peter Maximoff please :)

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Peter Maximoff:

Who would be constantly kissing the other?
Peter Maximoff is one quick little bastard as we all know, so even in the most crowded of places, he would have no shame coming over to you and kissing you right in front of all the other X-Men, because who’s ever gonna know?

2) Who’s the big spoon and little spoon?
Both of you act as both big and little spoon. It can alternate during the night. Usually your the big spoon because Peter just loves the feeling of being surrounded by so much comfort, but sometimes he’ll wrap his arms around you so you can feel just how much comfort you give him and return the favour. Plus he loves burying his face in your hair.

3) Fuck or make love?
Again, bit of both I would say. Peter loves to give you as much pleasure a she can by vibrating various parts of his body and moving very slowly. But there are other days when he’s got so much adrenaline and he will super-fuck you into tomorrow, making sure he doesn’t hurt you of course.

4) Who’s on top?
Peter loves it when you ride him. Slowly swivelling your hips down into his, or even just bouncing up and down on his cock. You also love it when he’s on top so you generally win but always switch it up and take turns.

5) Who wakes up first?
You do. With a power like Peter’s he takes all the sleep he can get.

6) Who constantly wants to hold the other?
Peter. He loves having you in his arms. He’d do it all day, everyday if he could.

7) Who has a sweet tooth?
One word: Twinkie’s.
Peter is obsessed with them and has magnaged to convert you to them along the way.

8) Who’s the singer out of the two of you?
You are. Although he’d never admit it, he loves the sound of your sweet sweet voice. He’ll even ask you to sing to him every so often as your curled up into his side on the couch in his Mom’s basement.

9) Who’s the bigger nerd?
Your both complete and utter nerds. Music, TV, movies, comics, books, anything! Absolutely anything to do with pop-culture and your both experts.

10) Who’s terrified of horror flicks?
Peter gets a little jumpy some times, and by jumpy I mean racing across the other side of the room and playing pac-man so he doesn’t have to watch the bits that scare the shit outta him.

11) Who wants to stay in bed the longest?
Definitely Peter. He has to get as much sleep as possible to conserve his energy for running. You don’t mind though, you usually just cuddle into him until he wakes up.

12) Who says the first ‘I love you’?
Peter did. You were curled up together on his moms couch watching Nightrider late at night. You were half-asleep but still conscious enough to feel Peter gently pressing a kiss to your head and whisper a very quiet ‘I love you’.

13) Who gets jealous?
Neither of you. Your both devoted to each other and know it too. Some of the other X-men flirt with you and Peter knows it’s just flirting and that you’d never leave him. The same can be said for the girl at the counter in the comic shop, she flirts with Peter a lot. He doesn’t really take much notice and you know that.

14) Who would sing your baby to sleep?
You would. You’d lean back into Peter’s arms as he sits on a chair by the baby’s cradle, and softly sing your baby to sleep, and maybe Peter accidentally too.

15) Who needs the most reassurance?
Peter does. He feels some times that he’s worthless and he’s using his power for nothing. But you reassure him that he is worth full to you and his mom and his sister. You also need a little reassurance some times, but Peter assures you that if you can out up with him, then your must be doing something right.

16) Who just wants to be held by the other?
You love being held in Peter’s arms just as much as he loves holding you.

17) Who whispers the dirtiest things in the others ear at all the wrong times?
Peter does. You could be in the middle of a mission and he’ll speed up beside you, tell you how he’s gonna “make you so wet you’ll need ten sponges to dry yourself up”. Yeah he needs to work on his dirty talk.

18) Who knocks everything over?
You do. But Peter always catches it before it falls.

19) Who wants a baby?
Neither of you were too sure. But if the pregnancy test was positive, you’d both be absolutely delighted.

20) Who brings home all the stray animals?
You do. Dogs, cats you name it and it’s been brought back to Peter’s moms house. She doesn’t mind though, Peter’s sister loves the animals and always wants to play with them.

21) Who gets the most nightmares?
You do. You were never sure why, but you nearly always got nightmares. But peter was always there to comfort and hold you.

22) Who’s the complete flirt?
Surprisingly you are. Your always flirting with the sliver speedster. Sometimes he even loses his balance and falls over because of how unexpected some of the things you say are.

23) Who’s the kinkiest?
That’s a tough one, but I’d have to say you are. Peter knows this and constantly talks, or tries to, talk dirty to you in the bedroom. Despite his cheesy-ness, he always gets you wet and moaning for him.

24) Who’s biggest tease?
Peter. He loves teasing your entrance with a vibrating finger, making you come in seconds.
He also loves teasing you in a normal sense, tickling you at random times.

25) Who’s the one who loves giving/receiving oral?
You love receiving oral from Peter, and he loves giving it. He can vibrate any part of his body and is tongue is one of the parts he does. And my God does he use it well.

26) Who’s the most protective?
Peter is. He needs to know your okay 24/7, that’s why he convinced him mom to let you live with him in his moms house. In sex, despite using his speed, he’ll always make sure it’s gentle.



Since not everyone will be able to get this feature to work with their lighting I thought what if the circle was backlit?

Well, I already tested this and it works perfectly.

Full screen tumblr and click on the circle so the lightbox activates which will black out the rest of the screen. There will be enough brightness and contrast for the 3DS to easily recognize the circle and open gates. You can use the static red one or later (since the game said something about “different color circles making different gates) I made a very slow moving gif with a whole rainbow of colors to try. It’s slow moving so you should be able to have enough time to pick a color (and no one will get seizures).