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EXO reacts to their S/O asking them to watch anime with them

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Kim Minseok (Xiumin)

Being the oldest member of EXO, I feel that Minseok would appreciate the older anime such as Dragon Ball Z. So when you asked him if he would watch it with you, he would gladly accept the invitation and help you set up a more comfortable setting in the bedroom.

“This way if we get sleepy, we can just nap, Jagiyah.”

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Kim Junmyeon (Suho)

You asked Junmyeon to watch Yamishibai with you and he agreed because he really missed your cuddles when he was on tour. You two would be on the couch together and you would feel him flinching and turning his face into your neck when a spooky scene came on. You would reassure him that it was just an anime, but he would still jump at certain scenes.

“Why don’t we watch something less scary, Jagiyah?” he would say with his eyes closed.

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Zhang Yixing (Lay)

You and Yixing would be excited to spend some time together and since you couldn’t go to the movie theater to watch a film, you both decided to finally catch up on Attack on Titan. Halfway through the first episode, you would hear the soft snores of your boyfriend as he cuddled your arm. It wasn’t until the episode finished and you clapped that he woke up.

“I fell asleep again, didn’t I?” he would ask with sorry eyes.

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Byun Baekhyun

Although Baekhyun would want to watch anime and other types of movies and shows with you, I feel that he would be more into video games or more specifically computer games. You would walk into his game room and ask him if he wanted to join you for a marathon of your favorite Japanese magna series and he would scrunch up his nose as he looked up from his computer screen.

“Jagiyah, what if we play League of Legends instead?” he would ask raising his eyebrows at you flirtatiously.

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Kim Jongdae (Chen)

Jongdae would not refuse an invite to watch a Japanese magna series. When you asked him if he would be interested in watching One Piece, a huge smile would form on his face and he would literally drag you onto the couch to begin watching. However, his main reason for agreeing would be the chance to spend time with you in close proximity and possibly get something out of it. When he became bored of the anime, he would start to place suggestive kisses on your arm and neck.

“Why are you fidgeting so much, Jagiyah? I’m just here trying to enjoy the anime you pick out,” he would say teasingly trying to sound innocent.

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Park Chanyeol

You wouldn’t have to ask Park Chanyeol twice to watch anime with you. He would get excited about joining you and being able to cuddle you as well as share his reactions with you while you two watched Naruto. Occasionally, he would stand up and act out some of the ninja moves to make you laugh. By the time the marathon finished, snacks and drinks would be scattered all over the coffee table.

“I’ll rock, paper, scissors you to see who has to clean up,” he would suggest laughing before running to get a trash bag from the kitchen to start cleaning up.

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Do Kyungsoo (D.O.)

Kyungsoo had just woken up and saw you in the living room prepping the TV to watch something. You would greet him with a kiss on the cheek and mention that you were planning to watch the entire series of Prince of Tennis; his eyes would widen and he would rush into the kitchen.

“What snacks do you want, Jagiyah? I’ll just get a bunch of different things. You are in for a wild ride with this anime. Oh, and I won’t judge you if you shed a tear or two,” he would say looking back at you while grabbing different snacks from the cabinet.

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Kim Jongin (Kai)

The good thing about long car rides is that you can kill time by catching up on your favorite TV shows or movies. When you asked Jongin if he wanted to watch Yuri on Ice with you, he was more than happy to join. Luckily you both had picked up several snacks at the last rest stop so you could enjoy them while watching the anime show. Since the sun was causing a glare on the tablet screen, he created a tent over you both with a spare blanket and cuddled up close to you.

“I wish we could skate like that together, Jagiyah!” he would comment focused on the anime and eating.

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Oh Sehun

Sehun would be opposed to watching Sailor Moon with you when you asked him to join you, because he thought it would be too “girly” and that it might not have enough action. However, after a few episodes, he would be singing along to the theme song and acting out the individual transformations when they came on.

“I can’t believe how cool they are!” he would say slapping his hands down on his knees.

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