Illyana & Amara

palaguin answered: Do you think Illyana and Amara ever felt any rivalry, being foreign blondes if for no other reason? 

Illyana never felt she had much in common with Amara, so there didn’t seem to be anything to feel rivalry about. They were both dropped into a strange world, but emotionally, Amara seemed perfectly well-adjusted. For all that, and without getting particularly close, the two girls got along surprisingly well.

On the one hand Illyana’s sorcery reminded Amara too much of Selene’s, but on the other hand she considered the fact that Illyana was a member of the team, one of them, enough to earn her trust and support. Illyana appreciated that and did her best to be pleasant to Amara in turn.

And before the New Mutants knew her well, Amara was the first to jump in and support Illyana when she wanted to go rescue Kitty from the Massachussetts Academy. Maybe it was because it was Kitty, but Illyana never forgot that.