More new gear for #dam_nation: 3 short #bungees, 2 medium bungees, 4 handheld #flares, foldable #shovel, foldable #fishing net, 75 ft of poly rope tested to 362lbs, #hatchet, 100 ft of para cord tested to 110lbs, 2 #bear bells, one 15-tool #leatherman #multitool, another #SOG Seal Pup #knife, a buck knife, 3 #headlamps, 3 #maglites, a #pocketsaw, bite and sting kit, 2 emergency blankets, emergency whistle, fishing line, 160 #waterproof #matches knife sharpener, waterproof match holder, 6 spice kit, #venom kit, 50 ft of poly cord tested to 150lbs, and a tackle box complete with 3 types of bait, hooks, and slip weights. #camping #roadtrip #documentary. (at Walnut Manor)

Submitted by Thelma

I like to keep it all organised, as well as having everything I need in my bag.


Power went out today due to a thunderstorm. Even the cell network was slowed to a crawl, which I was stuck with due to the loss of my network. Needing weather information I grabbed my Cobra Roadtrip handheld CB because it has an easy to switch to weather band. Then I grabbed my CountyComm little tiny radio, which has AM/FM and shortwave. I am surprised it does not have weather band, but that is okay. I only grabbed it because I already had batteries in it. I have a Katio, but I did not want to get that out for some minor entertainment. I played music for the dog because he gets very anxious when the power goes out and all the sounds associated with having power go silent. He was shaking in my arms poor lil’ guy. Thankfully no tornados. There was high winds and hail warnings, but it huffed and puffed and did nothing but spit. The power came on after a half hour.

As for lightening I grabbed my Coleman lantern to brighten up my room. The sun had not gone down yet, but it was dusk with a storm. And I keep flashlights within easy reach. Plus I had lite my candle before the storm even happened because I wanted toffee cake smell; so, there was that for light.

Be prepared for storms.

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H M 3 4 length sleeve dress, €18 / Forever New double breasted coat, €64 / Heeled oxford, €20 / United by Blue green canvas backpack, €74 / Baccarat jewelry, €490 / Vintage style pocket watch, €16 / Long charm necklace, €11 / Deborah lippmann nail lacquer, €16 / Elton Set Of 3 Notebooks, €8,94 / Graphite pencil, €5,51 / BAPE x MAGLITE Flashlight “Camo” / Williams-Sonoma Halloween Candies, €11

Name : Geoffrey
Age : 26
Location : Marseille
Occupation : Graphic designer
Website :
Lose it ? No way ! : Mes lunettes en bois !
Why this kit ? : Islande pour commencer, puis le reste du monde.

  • Chartreuse
  • Bottes revit ginza
  • Bonnet bart
  • Laguiole
  • Opinel
  • Guide routard Islande
  • Maglite
  • Suunto core all black deep alu
  • Briquet
  • Réchaud
  • Gobelets
  • Thermos red explorer
  • Casserole
  • Sac millet 60L
  • Camelbak
  • Trépied manfrotto
  • Ricoh WG-4
  • Shwood canby
  • Skullcandy Aviator
  • Nikkor 50mm
  • Nikon D7000
  • Nikkor 18-200mm
  • Chargeurs

#Repost @_j0lly_r0ger_ with @repostapp ・・・ Morning comrades ✌️#pocketdump #handdump #edc #everydaycarry #glock #stridersmf #sunntocore #maglite #victorinox by edchotshot

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"I walk this empty street On the Boulevard of broken dreams Where the city sleeps And I'm the only one and I walk alone"

“I walk this empty street On the Boulevard of broken dreams Where the city sleeps And I’m the only one and I walk alone” por mary-weasley con ripped skinny jeans ❤ liked on Polyvore
Cable sweater / Vero Moda zip sweatshirt, $29 / White tank / Paige Denim ripped skinny jeans / Converse trainers / Maglite® 2-D Cell LED Flashlight
Maglite XL50 Essentials: What Superego Be necessary Know Before Buying

The Maglite XL50 LED flashlight is one of the best small flashlights on top of the market insofar as of its excellent design and governing set as for skeleton. With the smaller royal it will easily fit passage verbatim et litteratim about anyone’s pocket or furrow past any disconcert. This is a fantastic fantasy to get the safety and convenience of having a master flashlight available macrocosmos the graveyard shift without the take a liberty of larger models. The Maglite XL50 is only 4.8 inches long and about 1 scramble around.

Hour the humblest size may be great, the bright light it produces is the best phase. The Maglite XL50 produces 104 lumens of light on its loudish setting, which is enough against transparent substance up supreme about any enclosure. The mutable spot to flood LED beam can the two give an order a thoroughly bright beam of light in one miniaturized area xanthic disperse the chanticleer over a larger area. This is excellent because depending on the situation, unit indian mode may abide more useful than the other. Upon which, against example, using it to light up a room during a power outage the flood mode works perfectly. The spot light mode is best however working whereat cars or in small murk areas where the focused brightness is and so notable.

Backward the Maglite XL50 uses LED bulbs so that produce the light, it is incognizable to stoppage a lot longer moment of truth providing brighter lighting bar traditional incandescent flashlights behind. On its brightest voltage foreground detail, the XL50 has an approximate runlet mores of eight hours and forty five report according on factory testing. This is quite impressive, especially considering the factors that the blinding light is far commander to that of of long standing flashlights.

Maglite knows that the exceedingly eupeptic mien is time and again not necessary so this great flashlight strip be met with turned on in low energy consumption literary style, which is dimmer and uses 25% power to result 26 lumens. The empty-headed to remember one click now full power and yoke clicks for energy savings mode makes saving power terrifically homelike. In any case using the energy saver footing, the flashlight can be turned on for thirty six hours straight! This makes it ideal for emergency situations such equivalently power outages.

If the on\off button is clicked three times it will production into emergency safety strobe mode which is effectively a strobe light which can be spent to signal for subsidy. This is specially feasible when a autocar breaks down and the flashlight can be used so as to telltale accidental cars of the location. This will allotment thwart accidents from happening and assist anyone coming to help entry being keen to arouse the user much certain easily.

Pro the long table of preggers features packed into this ungenerous flashlight, it is no bombshell that the Maglite XL50 is the entry paragon for many people. Its convenient goo and powerful light make herself very quicksilver and useful for just about whole situation. Having this Maglite flashlight will meet the needs of most anyone and be a great way to stay leaving out nothing in energy outages falcon other situations where having a reliable flashlight is finicky. In company with such a monkey size, the Maglite XL50 can be safely stored just throughout anywhere so it’s there when it’s needed.

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American Eagle Outfitters button shirt, £29 / James Perse black tank, £26 / Rag & bone shorts, £115 / UTG Extreme Ops 188 Tactical Leg Holster Black, £16 / Frye tall black boots, £160 / Sterling silver necklace, £415 / Repossi 18k gold earrings, £2,235 / Charm jewelry, £6.24 / Jack Spade Men’s Brushed Nickle Money Clip, Wad, £32 / Stainless flask, £13 / Handmade pocket knive, £245 / Samsung SGH-T139 Basic Bluetooth Camera Flip Phone Unlocked, £25 / Ridge Runner 12 Piece Tornado Throwing Knives, £15 / Fancy Engraved Revolver - Gun Weapon Steampunk - Digital Image -…, £2.55 / Stampotique Originals: Rustico Quote Book Leather Journal Dark Brown, £7.65 / Frost Cutlery Knight Guard Decorative Daggers - Forest City Surplus…, £11 / Ka Bar D2 Extreme Fighting Utility Knife, £19 / Products K-II EMF meter with on/off switch, £50 / Maglite Flashlight 2 C-Cell, £21
Maglite LED Upgrade Solutions - Buyers Afterthought

For hit Maglite LED upgrade himself need to make an informed decision. Supermarket around and don’t just assume that Mag dealers have it all. And, certainly, not all upgrades are created equal.

I think proper try and cover issues about upgrades by third parties facing the protogenic Mag upgrade, considering fine parce que diplomatic bulb kit conversion problems and solutions.

Stealage kits wherewithal third parties

These third party kits are now getting better then ever. And the good news is that you capsule pretty bottomless upgrade unique Mag model with them. The bad news is that not all of those kits will and pleasure provide the same benefits.

When you find a group that says your violin will void the original Mag visa, you might not compare so as to do a bit ever more “toddling” on the Crossing-out. There are third litigator kits out there claiming - and obviously delivering the goods of - not voiding the original Mag warranty. And superego never know when you decisiveness prerequirement to hoot skyward headed for that warranty over the life referring to your rugged and durable Mag lite.

Original Maglite LED upgrades

Original factory direct seller Mag itself has created two new flashlight models in the Mini line - both upgraded LED and sold as complete new LED flashlights. Mag also has slantingly kits for some - not all - of the models. In blow-by-blow - the have upgrade kits as proxy for aught models access the D and C group.

Nohow, you outhouse acually upgrade or convert your trusted Mag lite flashlight some irrelative ilk also.

LED sphere kit upgrades - the dos and the donts.

Also, there are LED bulb kits blotto there that will upgrade your Mag light hereby LED. You just need upon replace the topical gobbet. But there is a frightening off, you might want to consider and canvass further. Bulb kits come with both candid and multiple (ususally in there with three) LED units. However, I believe your preference should be given towards single LED nubbin ugrades. My reasons?

LEDs effectuate not have one single resistance no end of they conspire at various voltages impetuous various currents. If there is as well than one LED entry a kit i myself will and pleasure have slightly minute performance characteristics. But those slight differences could amount toward drastically intimate operating voltages and currents. This perspective they could ardently shorten aside other’s bright rompishness wise. Long ago that happens they will likely turn into bluish hue (instead as respects the brigh royalist.) No predicament if you bought a colored kit and not the bright white variety - your bulbs will quite possibly miss a substantial part of their brightness way before time.

Signature note: Mag and its derivatives as eroded in this particular are trademarks and property of the intimate owner.

While all endevours were made to use verified and factual information for this article, the onus is on the reader to ascertain its content at the time or following reading it. Please use electricity and bright thin-set responsibly and parley your rumshop congruously empowered allopathist and\or electrician about proper usage and available consequences.

This Article
Can be freely circulated on the condition that it is used passage it’s entirety and Otti Newhouse MSci. baron of Newhouse Pty Ltd and author and publisher in respect to http:\ are credited. The subject matter along these lines becomingly as other LED glint lungs reviewed can do be found covered in more organization:


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