Magiranger is the sixth super sentai series I digested…and so far the fastest I finished. Which is ironic because I lambasted the series when I saw the first episode. As a Harry Potter fan I have all the rights to criticize the series. Mahou Sentai Magiranger is everything pegged to Harry Potter.

Or so it seemed. A magical plant called mandrake, a magical hall, spells and potions and flying broomsticks – my initial reaction was ‘this serious?’ And what’s curious, THEY’RE SIBLINGS. A little bit different to the other sentai series that I watched so far. And with that I lost my interest in the early episodes. But as I moved on, I was beginning to wonder. This series has a message to tell. Maybe I should set aside the odds…and see the series as something unique. And well, I ended up loving it.

The Magirangers get their power from their COURAGE. With every kind of courage they show, a new spell is given to them through their MagiPhones (a transformation device which may be considered a magic wand if they’re wizards). And since they’re siblings, every episode tells a slice of what it’s like to have a brother and sister and whole family. Not to mention a mother who is also a ranger…and surprisingly, their father also.

MagiRed Kai seemed awkward to me at first. He looks so young and his voice so husky. But it the end, I was used to it. And he’s one of the reasons why I began to love Magiranger. I like his love story with Yamazaki. So high school…typical for the youngest in the family. I was blushing in those Yamazaki-san episodes.

MagiGreen Makito, as the eldest son, is someone to look up too. I wish I have a brother so responsible like him. What makes me envious of the siblings is that…I only have one sibling and couldn’t experience everything that they’re going through (which is good most of the time). I love that part when he was in love with Eriko and tried his best to make the cactus bloom. I could relate.

MagiPink Houka gave me all the laughs. Happy go lucky…I have my slice with her. I also wish I have a sister like her.

MagiYellow Tsubasa showed what is to be in the middle. I studied Psychology somehow and I think it’s correct for Tsubasa to be angsty at times. It may seem odd by I love those episodes and he and Kai would quarrel. I never experienced that. So yeah, I wish I have a brother like Tsubasa too. His episode with that siren ghost was epic. 

MagiBlue Urara is my favorite. It’s because of her personality…which mirrors mine. She’s not the eldest daughter but she’s responsible…in a lot of things. She could be hot headed at times but it’s because she cares for her siblings so much. No wonder MagiShine liked her.

MagiShine Hikaru-sensei…man, he’s a bishie. But no, I was never attracted to him or something like that. I liked Genta from Shinkenger, and Gou from Gekiranger. But Hikaru as the sixth Magiranger…not much effect in me. I don’t like the Travelion robot much. But I like the concept of the MagiLamp and the carpet. Haha.

My friends were right. The villains were confusing. But they gave the best twists in the end. Too bad I was already spoiled about Wolzard. Vancuria could be irritating at times but she redeemed herself in the end. I was thinking that Meemy was the ultimate villain…but here came the Hades Gods in the last 10 episodes…and they gave me goosebumps in their entrance. And then N Ma…who burst to oblivion for eating much magic. Good for him.

The concept of Magitopia and Infershia is awesome. Maybe that’s another message the series wants to share…that everything is connected. That good and evil should be balanced.

My dear friend Kirc who was watching the Power Rangers version of Magirangers said once that the whole series is anything gay. Now I would disagree. This is one of the bests.

Long live the Magirangers!