Friend: I love that one character.

Me: Which one?

Friend: He has a scar on his left side.


Friend: His father is dead to him.

Me: *literally?*

Friend: He has a sister.


Friend: He is a teenager.


Friend: He’s a prince.


Friend: He has powers.


Friend: He fought against the protagonist-


Friend: but they became friends.


Friend: His smile is the purest and could cure cancer.


Me: Could you be a little MORE specific?

Ohtaka’s Backstage vol.366:

The image is the volume 37 cover illustration.

Magi is ending in this week’s issue. I had a lot of fun writing about the Magi world during those long eight years. There were times that I felt I was incompetent, but I’ll be glad if you enjoyed it, even a little. I think Shounen mangas are the kind of things that those who read them forget about with time as they become adults. However, during those busy days, I remembered them all of a sudden and they filled me with courage. I wish if Magi becomes something like that for you and that from now on, the Magi characters are going to be by your side!

I thank everyone who sent me letters and messages as we were nearing the final chapter. I read them while thinking ‘I’m glad that I became a manga author’. I’m going to treasure them.

This is also the last backstage update, but I hope we meet again!

10/11/2017 Shinobu Ohtaka


If there really is an existence worthy of being called a God, I want to ask him just one thing: Is there really fate in the universe? If a man ignored fate, and ignored his instincts and DNA, to love someone else… Dear God, is he really human? I hate the word “fate”.

Looking for Blogs to Follow

Hey there! I haven’t been on tumblr for a while, so a few blogs/mutuals have either deactivated or moved. And I’ve also gotten a ton of new interests. Please reblog if you post about any of the following:

-Steven Universe

-Gravity Falls

-Bob’s Burgers

-Over the Garden Wall

-Rick and Morty

-Star versus the Forces of Evil



-DC Universe



-American Horror Story

-Madoka Magica

-Dangan Ronpa

-Boku No Hero Academia

-Kill la Kill

-Little Witch Academia


-Stranger Things

-A Series of Unfortunate Events



-Bendy and the Ink Machine

-Camp Camp


-Ever After High

-Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt


-Don’t Starve



-Any Musicals (but especially Heathers, Book of Mormon, Be More Chill, Legally Blonde, and Hamilton)

-Marina and the Diamonds

-Fall Out Boy

-Spooky things

-Horror movies

-Outer space

-Cute animals

-Cute fashion

-Any kind of Cosplay!

-Any OC art! (they make me feel motivated to draw something)

-Guro/Pastel gore

-Makeup/special fx

-marching band stuff

-Decoden crafts

-Pastel goth/Vintage/Retro/ Victorian aesthetics

-Quality shitposts™

Thank you so much!