That was the best episode of anything I have ever seen.

I rate episode 08 an 11/10. Yes, that is in fact a premeditated score. Reserved for something goes above and beyond, that rocks me to my core.

That was the best episode of anything I have ever seen.

If you have seen this show, you know why. If you have not seen this show, watch this fucking show. Right now.

Until next time.


I can’t words.


Alright, after staring into space for a solid minute, I think I understand now.

Those crazy teleports Homura can do. They aren’t teleports. She’s stopping time. It just looked like she teleports from our perspective.

When she killed Kyubey just now with that simple handgun. She stopped time and fired multiple times, making him swiss cheese in a single instant. That’s why all those bullet casings were already on the ground.

Fucking fuck


Homura is actually good fucking friends with Madoka and has been time-traveling repeatedly until she gets herself in a timeline where Madoka never once becomes a Magical Girl. So they can be friends in peace.

But because of Madoka’s extreme potential, Kyubey hounds her with fervor. And Homura can’t even kill Kyubey because he has “plenty” of other bodies.


【マギ:シンドリアのジュダル】337夜 pt. 1

「自由に王を選び、そいつと生き、共に戦い、国を作る… そんな自由な生きかたが… 待っていたんじゃなかったのか… !?

”The freedom to choose a king, to live for that, to fight alongside him, and build a country… That free life…was waiting for me, right…!?” ー Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic, Night 337

Magi: The Labyrinth of Magic - Sindria’s Judar

Judar ジュダル:@arisatounox

Photo カメラマン: Shiro

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Sinbad    マギつめ4(本誌バレあり) by Shigeru Asuka

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