Yo, the fear on Sumire’s face here really tugged at my heart strings...

This episode lowkey scared me a little bit… (that is until my girl Chocho showed up and educated some fools lol)

Boruto’s Time Travel

Only I need a movie about all new generation traveling to the past to see how wonderful was Naruto (and how tragic his life was) and how screwed was Sasuke (and how he literally killed his brother and then wanted to avenge him)? (Poor Sarada. It would destroy her imaginations of her dad, but still I want to see their faces).

And also because of Neji Hyuuga, Might Guy, Kakashi “I’m not good person to be a Hokage” Hatake, Itachi Uchiha and a lot of other characters.

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Top 10 sentai suits design.

This one is one I’ve been thinking about for a while since I got it in my inbox. There are a lot of possible answers to this but I wanted to hold off until I caught up on some others and give it a bit of thought. Now that I’ve had the time, here we go!

10. Ryu Commander from Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger

This is going to be the most recent entry on the list and places this low because of that.  That said, I love this look.  I have always been a sucker for the long coat look on tokusatsu heroes going back to at least Shinken Red’s Super Mode and Kamen Rider Wizard, both designs I adore.

When you add violet, which is my favorite recent edition color, to the mix, you have a suit that REALLY hits my sweet spots for awesomeness. Plus, you make it dragon-themed and that just pushes it over the line to being one of the ten best ever.

9. Dragon Ranger from Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger

Sticking with Dragons and extra Rangers for a moment I can’t let Burai’s hero outfit go by without adding it to the list.  He started the trend of taking the look of the original heroic suits and adding to them (in his case the chest protector and added gold bands) to the design to make the sixth hero’s outfit something really special. His is also just a great take on the general Zyuranger costume theme and his shade of green is particularly appealing to the eyes, vibrant and rich but not pastel or too dark.

8. Starninger from Shuriken Sentai Ninninger

I am not the biggest fan of the series Shuriken Sentai Ninninger but I am a fan of Starninger, especially his ridiculous outfit.  This may be because I live in Texas and am an American and Starninger’s cowboy rock star outfit is exactly what I expect the rest of the world to think of when they come up with a Texan hero.  Built in cowboy hat?  Check!  Lone Star faceplate? Check! Faux fringe on the faux poncho?  Check and check!  I also love the balance between gold, blue black and red with the gold being primary and everything else used as accent.  It’s a great look and I can’t help but love it!

7. Heart Queen from J.A.K.Q. Dengekitai

One design element of Sentai costumes I don’t think gets used enough are capes.  I love them but more about that later.  Of call the old-school pink heroines, I think Heart Queen has the best costume.  I love the sash across the shoulder to the hip that meets up with her belt, I love the yellow cape that gives a nice color contrast with the rest of her costume, I love the heart-emblem faceplate on the helmet and I really love the four colored triangles on the shoulder.  Each one represents a member of the team and functions as an anchor point for the cape.  Love that design element and I love designs that run diagonally across like that sash/utility harness.

6. Kyoryu Violet 2 from Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger

Two of my personal favorite design elements come into play here, the across the chest diagonal design and the color violet.  I really like the Kyoryuger costume designs and somehow, I like the new ones from the South Korean/Japanese co-production Power Rangers Dino Force Brave/Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger Brave even more with their addition of white accents for the helmets and areas on the uniforms.  However, none of those are violet so I ruled them out. This is a nice design and I really like the helmet with the dinosaur teeth and raised areas for eyes plus the little fins on the lower side to suggest the flippers of a plesiosaur.  That little armored shoulder bit suggesting a dinosaur eye just completes the look

5. Vul Eagle from Taiyo Sentai Sun Vulcan

If you can’t have a cape, I saw go with a scarf.  Yes, it’s more well known as a Kamen Rider costume flourish but I think it works for Sentai as well. Vul Eagle makes this list because I love how simple and iconic his costume is. The white and red color balance is great.  His yellow sun disc stands out on his chest and looks great.  But what really does it for me is his helmet.  The design might be kind of simple but I love the look of it with the huge golden eagle in the front and the yellow accents around the visor suggesting wings.  It’s a really great look.

4. Dekared from Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger

This is another costume I like for the helmet design. That’s not the only reason but it’s one of the first.  I like the police lights on the side of the helmet, I like the way the visor narrows in the middle and sweeps up dramatically to the back.  The visor shape reminds me of the headlights on a Nissan 350Z (which came out about the same time). The other thing I really like about this costume is the way the number designation is done with it being integrated into the left side of the costume and leaving one arm red and the other arm black,  I have a thing for asymmetric costume designs and this one is just fantastic.

3. Gokai Green from Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger

I really, really like the outfits from Gokaiger.  They pirate theme mixed with a Sentai costume really works with the flared boots, hat-like helmets, high collars and colored coat over a black undersuit just creates a unique look that I really, really think is one of the best designs in the last 10 years. So, why Gokai Green?  I like Green. It’s a good color when done right and Doc’s heroic costume is just the right shade of green to strike my fancy.

2. Akaranger from Himitsu Sentai Goranger

This may seem a pretty easy choice and it was for two reasons. 1) It’s the original Red Hero outfit and set the standard for what Sentai heroes look like. 2) It has my favorite design element of all time for a Sentai costume, that short cape. I love the way capes of that length move in battle and how easy they are to flourish dramatically without having them get in the way or drag like a long cape would. I also just love his thigh holster and high collar.  It’s a classy look that’s really passed the test of time.

1. MagiRed from Mahou Sentai Magiranger

Once more with the capes!  I love capes on Sentai outfits as I just said and I think the capes on the Magiranger outfits are just perfect.  I’m going to go with their original, non-powered up forms because I just think the outfits are better before the added on bits and changes.  The lines are clean and sleek, the material is nicer than the simple cloth used on Akaranger above and the helmet design works much better for me.  In short, good costume design is Magic!

Parallel in Sakura Hiden and Gaiden?

MAJOR SPOIL ALERT! If you have not read the Sakura Hiden novel by Tomohito Osaki, and wish for it to remain unspoiled, TURN BACK NOW.

Do not repost on other websites, thank you. 




In Sakura Hiden, we can appreciate Sakura for depending on her own strength. It actually seems that the novel’s goal is to put to rest all of Sakura’s weak stereotypes.

I’ll be the first to acknowledge Sakura’s previous weaknesses in the manga. However, like with almost every other central character in Naruto, Sakura is a dynamic character which means she undergoes change throughout the plot of the story. She develops and evolves as a character and weakness has become one thing that Sakura is not.

“’You’re deluded if you think a drug can make you stronger,’ Sakura said. ‘People get stronger by making it through tough times. They move up one step at a time, aiming for the sky,’ (135)

As the novel transpires we come to see this as the central message. However, for SasuSaku fans, there seems to be an exciting revelation in this novel besides the evolution of Sakura.

“’Sakuraaaaa!’ Ino yelled. ‘We’re here to save you!’

In that moment, something suddenly broke through the roof of the storehouse and came shooting out into the sky above.

A human figure with fist thrust into the air—what came shooting out was Sakura, her entire body colored with chakra.  

‘Sakura?’ Ino cried out wildly from the back of the bird.

Sai blinked hard. ‘Weird. We’re supposed to be here to save her’” (132).


“Sakura killed her upward momentum, landing right next to the storehouse before leaping off to put some distance between herself and the building.

Sai and Ino slid off the bird and hit the ground very close to Sakura.

‘Are you okay?’ Ino asked.

‘Yeah, basically. But how did you guys know I was here?’

‘We strung up one of Kido’s subordinates. Although seeing how things have turned out, I guess you were okay by yourself.’ Sai grinned widely” (132-133).

Sai and Ino come to Sakura’s rescue to find that she’s more than capable of rescuing herself. This right here is key for reasons to be explained momentarily.

Sakura, Ino, and Sai end up facing Kido’s tailed-beast subordinates, Sakura even saving the both of her teammates during the squabble. Sakura even takes the initiative in the team and the other two proceed with her plan. Leading Kido away from his partner, Sakura even continues to face him and his clones alone.

The whole time that Sakura is away from them, Sai and Ino worry about her well-being:

Sai remarks to Ino in their battle with Magire, “‘We have to finish this quickly and get to Sakura,’” (149).

“‘We have to hurry up and get to Sakura,’ Sai said, and returned the two giants to ink,” (156).

After Ino and Sai’s battle, Naruto, Kakashi, and Hinata likewise show up to offer their support, also concerned for their pink-haired friend.

As their battle transpires, Kido transforms himself with the Tailed Beast chakra capsule and the battle precedes to be very difficult and it’s almost impossible for Sakura to overpower Kido in his current state. He taunts her with Sasuke, pushing on her feelings which unfortunately for Kido, actually fuels her strength. Not to spoil the battle, but there are several points in which Sakura almost meets her end. However, it is her feelings for Sasuke that drive her.

“‘It’s obvious, isn’t it?’ Sakura said. ‘I want to take you down. I won’t let you make a drug or anything out of Sasuke’s eyes. And I’m not letting you make the Tailed Beast drug either. I won’t let you build your military company. That feeling—my feelings—they haven’t changed! So I’ll face off against you, however many times it takes!’

So I’ll tell Sasuke how I feel however many times it takes!” (162).

If you were like me reading this part, you were probably like… Where the F is Sasuke?! When the hell is he going to show up and save her? Well my friends, he doesn’t rescue Sakura. Want to know why? She doesn’t need saving. This is her big moment and quite frankly if anyone would have showed up during this fight to take the victory away from her, I’d probably be pissed about it later.

And finally the credit she deserves:

“‘Sorry we’re late,’ Kakashi said.

‘You manage okay, Sakura?’ Naruto asked.

‘Yeah. Somehow.’

‘Nice work taking him down alone,’ Kakashi said, looking at Kido,” (171).

Now, if you’ve read the novel, you’ll remember the whole reason Kido abducted Sakura in the first place, was to lure Sasuke to the village. Obviously Kido thought that his attempt on Sakura’s life would make Sasuke’s eyes react in the same way every Uchiha’s eyes change when they lose a loved one. Sakura even says to Kido that he’s a fool if he thinks Sasuke will show up to save her.

And she was right, he didn’t save her. However, our little Sasuke does show up after all and finishes off the rest of Kido’s anbu subordinates, placing them under a genjutsu. It seems that Sasuke had been just a little worried about her in the end. To all SasuSaku fans’ disappointment, she only catches just a glimpse of him and he’s off.

“After not reacting at all to this whole thing, practically telling them to handle it themselves, Sasuke came back in the end. She was happy to know this.

On his way back to the village, Sasuke came across the Anbu members cloaked in Tailed Beast chakra. If he used the sharingan, he could read his opponent’s memory.

So he probably read the memory of one of the Anbu there. So when he learned about the decisive battle fought by Sakura and the others against Kido, he took in the fact that Kido’s chakra suddenly dropped, and figured out that these Anbu were fleeing the village.

If the big boss Kido had been defeated, then there was nothing left for him to do. He would go back to his journey” (176).  

This is the most important part of this entire novel in my opinion. Sasuke shows up to get rid of Kido, only to find out that Sakura (Not Kakashi. Not Naruto) had already taken care of it. 

Starting to sound familiar, yet?

Ah, that’s right. In Gaiden, Sasuke says that when they get there, things might already be taken care of.

Since when did he have so much faith in Sakura? HELLLOOO! When Sasuke stopped his ‘traveling’ (wherever that was) and hightailed it back to Konoha, he found that Sakura had indeed taken care of herself and defended her own.

And if we know anything about Sasuke, it’s that he respects strength. Sakura has proven herself to him. She has finally proven that she can take care of herself. Bravo, Sakura.

Sasuke is remembering this when he defends his wife to Orochimaru. Is anyone else making this connection besides me?

Sakura Hiden has been a disappointment to many SasuSaku fans, but this actually fills in some grey areas of their relationship. It was in Hiden that Sasuke came to this astonishing appreciation of his future wife’s power.

It is in Gaiden, where he remembers and then openly relays that appreciation to Orochimaru.

SasuSaku, everyone.

Episode 7 (May 17) – Love and Potato Chips…!!
Boruto’s classmate, Chōchō Akimichi, has been feeling the gaze of an unseen figure on her, making her uncomfortable. When she finally catches the culprit Magire Kakuremino, it is revealed that he was actually watching Chōchō’s class representative. After knowing that Magire has feelings for Class Rep, Chōchō encourages him to confess to her.

Episode 8 (May 24) – A Dream’s Message
On a certain night, Boruto had a dream where he was given an Ocular Power from a mysterious character. Boruto believes that he had awoken the Byakugan, an inherited ability from his mother, Hinata’s side of the family, the Hyuga clan. His father Naruto however, does not believe him. Hence Boruto decided to go to his grandfather Hiashi’s place to listen to the story of the Byakugan.

Episode 9 (May 31) – One’s Own Proof
To prove that he had awoken the Byakugan, it is decided that Boruto will spar with his aunt, Hanabi. With Naruto and his grandfather watching over them, Boruto fights boldly, but no matter how hard he tries he is not able to activate the Byakugan, and gets down on himself as a result.

Episode 9 (June 7) – Begin investigations on the Ghost Incidents!!
Summary not available yet!

Sakura Hiden - Chapter 8 [Part 2/2 FINAL]

>>> All other chapters are here.<<<

This is the last section, guys! It’s been a lot of fun hearing from you guys, thank you all so much for your support while translating this. To all of you who reblog every section, who comment, I know who you are. : ) To everyone who has sent me kind messages along the way, know that I was thinking of you when I translated it. To all you lurkers, I’m not sure how you’ve stumbled across this translation but I sure hope you’ve enjoyed this story with me. 

My word document for this entire translation is 14850 words long.
This chapter might take you guys a minute to read, but it took me a little more than 1.5 hours to translate in one sitting.  

Those of you who like reading my translations, I translated some other excerpts of Sakura Hiden out of WSJ a while back [x] [x]


PSA: A lot of you use the mobile tumblr app, which will not lead you to the page with all the chapters compiled. It’s no secret that the Tumblr app is very shifty. Even if I send a link, it will just take you to my main tumblr page, so sorry about that. It might be easier to navigate and read on a computer. 

Sakura Hiden Chapter Eight, Part 2/2

Shortly after, Tsumiki Kido and Magire were transported to the Interrogation squad’s headquarters. Morino Ibiki stood as their main interrogator began to run the investigation, but Kido and Magire remained silent from the start.

Given the situation, Ibiki switched tactics from oral interrogation to conducting the investigation by reading through their memories.

A device exclusive to the Interrogation squad was set up, and the Yamanaka clan was called in to act as examiners. No matter how tightly one’s lips were sealed, it all meant nothing in the face of the interrogation device and mind reading jutsu.

In the end, the truth behind Kido and his machinations came out into the open, such as the locations of his hideouts within the village, and a list of members who were complicit with his actions.

The hideouts were then thoroughly searched, and all the manufactured tailed-beast drugs were confiscated.

The drugs as well as data from the interrogation were passed on to Shizune, who began to research and break down the drug.

“It seems like that they actually did collect Naruto’s hair and blood from the valley of the end, and extracted the Kyuubi Chakra from that to create the drug”, stated Kakashi from the Hokage’s office.

Standing before the Hokage desk, were Sakura, Ino and Sai who were absorbing the information.

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anh Trần Đình Ngân viết nhân khai giảng năm học 2009 - 2010, 

Tôi có cháu gái đằng vợ tên là Thanh Hòa. Từ ngày học mẫu giáo, cháu vốn khỏe mạnh, cứng cáp và thông minh. Khi cả bọn cùng lứa với kéo nhau lên lớp 1 trường Phan Phù Tiên, quận Thanh Xuân (Hà Nội), Hòa đương nhiên vẫn là đầu đàn, là lớp trưởng.

Gặp nhau năm Hòa lên lớp 2, vẫn với thành tích học tập tốt, vẫn lớp trưởng, quà thưởng dịp đó rất to. Vui chuyện, hỏi cháu về nhiệm vụ lớp trưởng, Hòa bẽn lẽn: nào hô các bạn đứng dậy chào thầy cô, nào lo trực nhật, lau bảng, nhắc các bạn giữ trật tự trong lớp… nhiều lắm!

- Thế khi gặp các bạn ẩu đả, nghịch ngợm, chế giễu nhau ngoái lớp thì làm sao? - bố Hòa hỏi chen vào.

- Thì báo cho cô chủ nhiệm biết, ạ.

- Thế lớp trưởng mắc khuyết điểm, có bạn nào mách cho cô giáo không?

- Có mà dám!

Nghe cháu trả lời, cả nhà nhìn nhau, lặng người, cười.

Phương Hiền, con gái tôi, học lớp 2 trường Friedrich-Reimann-Grundschule. Cô chủ nhiệm là bà giáo R.Lipka.

Đã vài lần gặp gỡ nên tại buổi họp phụ huynh đầu năm, từ ngoài cửa, bà đã tươi cười chào: “Lần này, ông có ý kiến gì góp cho lớp đây? Chúng ta có một giờ để trò chuyện cơ đấy!”.

Khi đến lượt trao đổi trực tiếp, tôi hỏi: “Thưa bà, lớp 2A, cháu nào được chọn là lớp trưởng?” (cũng phải nói thêm do khả năng tiếng Đức mà tôi đã dùng từ “lớp trưởng” theo nghĩa hiểu của tiếng Nga, hoặc tiếng Hán Ban trưởng mà người Việt ta lâu nay vẫn hay dùng).

Thoáng một chút trầm ngâm, bà R.Lipka vui vẻ nói: “Tôi nghĩ là tôi đã hiểu câu hỏi của ông. Vì qua Phương Hiền được biết, ông từng là một đồng nghiệp. Lớp chúng tôi không có học sinh nào được chọn làm Obmann hay Chef cả. Ở tuổi cấp một, chúng còn quá bé để phải chịụ thêm trách nhiệm về hành vi của một bạn khác, dù chỉ là nhắc nhở hoặc để ý rồi trình báo với thầy cô. Nếu phải chịu trách nhiệm thêm về một bạn khác, đứa trẻ dễ ngộ nhận nó có thêm quyền lực và ngược lại đứa bị giám sát sẽ có cảm giác yếm thế, lệ thuộc. Tất nhiên chữ “nếu” chỉ là hãn hữu, nhưng dù 1% chúng tôi cũng không cho phép xảy ra. Tôi nhận thêm lương giáo viên chủ nhiệm để chịu toàn bộ trách nhiệm về hoạt động của học sinh trong thời gian học tại trường. Trong lớp, mọi em đều được cô giáo phân công trách nhiệm với lớp như nhau”.

Rồi bà giáo hơi mỉm cười, hỏi: “Theo ông, khi các vị phu huynh đều đóng phần thuế học cho con bằng nhau, ông có chấp nhận khi con ông bạn hàng xóm tự nhiên lại là “trưởng" của con mình không? Tất cả các vị phụ huynh của chúng tôi đều không chấp nhận, họ đòi hỏi sự công bằng. Mới vào lớp 1, lớp 2 mà đã có đứa được là “sỹ quan”, đứa là “lính” ư? Xin ông nhớ rằng, dù có tạo ra được một thủ lĩnh thì chúng ta đã đồng thời tạo ra một loạt những đứa nhút nhát và a dua, phụ thuộc thủ lĩnh. Đấy là chưa kể đứa trẻ - được tin cậy kia có nguy cơ bị nhiễm thêm thói xấu: nhòm ngó, mách lẻo, chỉ điểm… Giai đoạn đầu giáo dục cấp một, giúp hình thành chứ không nên định hình tính cách của trẻ.

R.Lipka liếc nhìn đồng hồ: “Giải đáp câu hỏi như vậy có đúng ý ông?”.

Tôi thành thật trả lời rằng rất muốn được nghe bà nói tiếp. Bà cười hiền hậu: “Tất nhiên, đề tài này phải có kết luận! Ông nên biết, khi làm đơn xin tiếp tục nghề dạy tiểu học, tôi đã bảo vệ chính đề tài này tại Hội đồng Phổ thông trung học. Tôi hiểu ngay câu hỏi của ông, vì chính chúng tôi cũng đã qua thời kỳ chuyển hóa Đông - Tây về giáo dục!”.

Từ năm lớp 5, trách nhiệm của giáo viên chủ nhiệm với lớp vẫn nặng nề như thế. Nhưng do học sinh đã lớn lên, cứng cáp hơn, nề nếp sinh hoạt, tư duy đa dạng nên trong tổ chức của lớp có thêm một chức danh là Klassensprecher. (Xin dịch là “Phát ngôn viên của lớp”).

Vì là chức danh nên nhất định Klassensprecher phải do lớp bầu với đa số tín nhiệm (không cần sự có mặt của các thầy cô).

Mọi học sinh trong lớp đều có quyền tự ứng cử họặc vận động bè bạn bỏ phiếu cho mình. Klassensprecher là cầu nối chỉ truyền đạt những thông tin được các bạn nhờ chuyển đến thầy cô hoặc ngược lại, không được truyền những thông tin cá nhân không được nhờ. (Nếu vi phạm bị coi là mách lẻo hoặc xâm phạm đời tư!).

Đề tài “lớp trưởng” tưởng chỉ là một bài học có tính giáo dục, làm thay đổi tư duy bảo thủ của một nhà giáo cổ hủ, giáo điều như tôi.

Không ngờ, 5 năm sau, khi Phương Hiền vào học lớp 7, tôi lại được chứng kiến sự dân chủ, công bằng và rất giáo dục trong môi trường đào tạo của con mình qua đề tài đó.

Đây là cảm xúc chính để tôi kể lại câu chuyện cho bạn đọc hôm nay.

Học kỳ hai của lớp 7B trường trung học chuyên Charles-Darwin-Oberschule (Gymnasium), quận Trung tâm - Berlin.

Chiều nay, Phương Hiền tỏ ra đăm chiêu, ngồi cắm cúi viết. Thấy con bức xúc, tôi hỏi thì được biết: Jonoar phát ngôn viên lớp 7B phải theo mẹ hồi hương về Cu-ba nên lớp cần bầu một người thay thế. Đã có ứng viên là Magir - một bạn gái da màu gốc Phi. Magir thành thạo tiếng Pháp - môn ngoại ngữ thứ hai mà nhiều bạn học còn yếu. Magir có năng khiếu bẩm sinh về hoạt động thể dục thể thao. Lời cam kết trước các bạn khi đề nghị bỏ phiếu cho mình của Magir là “Tôi sẽ liên hệ để có sự giúp đỡ của cô giáo dạy tiếng Pháp. Mỗi tuần lớp sẽ có một buổi hội thoại chủ đề Pháp ngữ tại Thư viện quận Trung tâm. Năm nay, trong tuần ngoại khóa, nếu các bạn ở lớp đồng tình, được cô chủ nhiệm chấp nhận, lớp sẽ chọn Paris là địa điểm đi tham quan dã ngoại giáo dục. Tôi xin chuẩn bị đề cương tham quan bằng tiếng Pháp và in gửi trước cho các bạn. Bản thân tôi cam kết sẽ hợp tác với các bạn trong lớp, nâng điểm tóan lên 2,5 để điểm trung bình các môn của tôi trong năm là 2,5. Ngoài ra, về thể dục thể thao, tất nhiên học kỳ này, lớp ta phải có một tờ thông báo nóng hổi WM 2006 tại Đức”.

Đọc tờ rơi cam kết của ứng viên, tôi hỏi con gái:

- Magir như vậy, Phương Hiền sẽ thế nào?

- Con thích được thử sức. Trường con chưa có bạn người Việt nào nhận chức danh này. Nhiều bạn trong lớp đề cử con. Chúng nó bảo con cần viết Rede Wahl versprechen (lời cam kết của ứng viên chức danh phát ngôn viên).

- Tự con đánh giá về mình thế nào?

- Con tự tin. Con có học lực tốt nên có thể giúp đỡ được nhiều bạn về môn Toán, Đức văn, Điạ lý, Anh văn.

Còn môn lịch sử, con có thể có thêm sự giúp đỡ của bố để giúp lại các bạn.

- Hoạt động ngoại khóa?

- Tất nhiên chọn Paris làm tuần tham quan giáo dục là tuyệt vời. Chính Magir có thể cộng tác với con và các bạn trong nhóm Tây Âu học. Có hai ngày cắm trại dã ngoại, cô giáo rất ủng hộ việc đi chơi mỏ muối Eisenach và thăm nơi Hitler đã cất giấu hàng vạn bức tranh quý của các bảo tàng chúng cướp được trong chiến tranh.

Ngập ngừng một chút, Phương Hiền thổ lộ thêm một “chi tiết tranh cử” làm tôi bật cười: “Bố ạ, cả lớp con bỏ phiếu kín về món ăn khoái khẩu nhất - 83% phiếu kín khi mở ra ghi là “PHO”. Các bạn sẽ góp tiền, nhờ bố giúp con, nói chú Hoàng chuẩn bị trước, một hai lần vào thứ 7 nào đấy, cả lớp đến ăn. Sẽ rất vui phải không bố?

Chuyện “lớp trưởng” đã đến đoạn kết. Hình ảnh các ứng viên tổng thống Mỹ dốc hết trí tuệ (kéo theo cả vợ con) để thu phục nhân tâm cử tri Mỹ trong các chiến dịch tranh cử cam go, công bằng cứ hiện lên trong óc tôi.

Phải chăng chính nền giáo dục của họ ngay từ lớp 1, lớp 2 đã làm lớn dần lên những Merkel, Obama, Bush, Clinton, Schröder… cho đất nước? Lớp 7B của con gái tôi, liệu mai này có ra đời những thủ lĩnh chân chính từ Klassenspecher?

Cháu gái Thanh Hòa kể cả mẫu giáo - đến nay đã 11 năm làm lớp trưởng. Tôi thầm hỏi tương lai của “lớp trưởng chuyên nghiệp” sẽ ra sao? Có “nghề lớp trưởng” rồi, sẽ giúp cho cháu gái tôi có được lợi thế gì khi các kỳ thi sắp tới?!


Sakura Hiden - Chapter 6 [Part 3]

Here is the final part of Chapter 6. Yay~!

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 I don’t think I really need to say this because you’re all wonderful so I haven’t mentioned it before but I’ll just put it out there, usual rules of courtesy apply, no stealing translations, reposting, and please give credit where due - this is just to maintain the standard so translators and all people who contribute to this (or any) fandom are not discouraged. Respect each other. Again, not sure when I’ll start on Chapter 7, which has five sections, but I’ll work at it. Thank you all for the support, it would be a great help and contribution if you could tell your fellow fandom members that they can find the Hiden here now that I’ve actually picked it up, and thanks always for reading. <33

Chapter Six, Part Three 

“Too late!” yelled Sakura, as she balled her hand into a fist and looked at the roof. Lowering her hips, and bending her knees, Sakura tore through the roof.

It didn’t matter whether this room was an underground basement, or had more floors above or below it. Sakura only focused on breaking through to the top.

“Seize her!!” Kido had raged, but Sakura’s movements were faster.

Oukashou! (Cherry Blossom Impact)


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Alright guys, hope you’ve had a fantastic christmas and new years break. Here’s the last two sections of chapter seven. 

Other chapters can be found here.

There is some explicit Sasusaku stuff on Sakura’s end in this ; )

Sorry it took me so long, I was hacking away at it yesterday for a little bit too but I’m easily distracted… as I was today but it’s finally done hooray. 

Thank you to everyone who has stuck with me, sent me kind messages, and enjoyed the Hiden together with me.  Next chapter will be the final chapter, and it has three sections.

Here we go. :D 

The number of tails Kido sported was… nine in total. However, this time it wasn’t simply derived from that chakra cloak.

Could this possibly be… an actual tailed-beast transformation?

Sakura furrowed her brows.

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Sakura Hiden - Chapter 7 [Part 2/5]

Okedoke here is Part 2/5. The next section is pretty long so might take me a bit longer to translate. Viva Queen Sakura. Enjoy the chapter! 

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Chapter Seven, Part Two

Unconcious Anbu whose Chakra cloaks had disappeared were lying in heaps all over the place.

Even though their underlings had all been defeated, Kido and Magire displayed no signs of unrest.

Spotting Kido and Magire beyond the fallen Anbu, Sakura said “If a fight breaks out with those guys, I’ll take on Kido and lure him into the forest. Ino and Sai, I’ll leave you two to deal with Magire.”

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Sakura Hiden Chapter 6 [Part 1]

From what I gather, this is where people are able to find current translations of the story up till (like part 2 or something) so I thought I’d just continue from the start of chapter 6. I don’t know when I’ll translate the next part because I’m irresponsible af and I hate being bound to expectations - that’s when there’s a chance all this may feel like a chore rather than something I want to do - but that said I did enjoy translating this very much so it’s likely I’ll continue if it remains untranslated. 

I feel for Sakura but I feel worse for the antagonists here, she’s such a badass, don’t fk with her and her Sasuke yo. 

Update: Link to [Part 2[Part 3]

Chapter Six, Part One

A drug made from Sharingan. A drug made from Sasuke’s eyes. Sakura’s features twisted in to an unsavoury frown upon hearing this repulsive plan, and felt a wave of outrage over the fact that she herself was set to be a part of all this. However, this anger did not last long and was replaced by an overwhelming wave of self-loathing.

What the hell am I even doing…

Feelings of self-blame crashed relentlessly over Sakura and she felt her willpower torn away from her bit by bit.

Sakura reflected that, the feeling of truly being able to act for Sasuke’s sake all boiled down to this failure. Not only was she being of no actual help, she was now dragging Sasuke down too.  

“Until next time…” – were the words that Sasuke had said to her.

She had been looking forward to that “next time”. But now, due to her own failure,  Sasuke was put in danger. This is truly the worst. To see Sasuke again at this very moment, would be the worst.

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