oscyllarus  asked:

Oh dear, now that I've ruined everything - I had a quick look and I don't remember much about Philo (clearly) - what's his story? Also, what did After's mother and father look like?

Philo was a saratoan/magiphage hybrid who did not get up to much before the things in jars decided his home was an excellent place to live/have impromptu, eerily silent meetings on the kitchen table.

I never did get around to designing After’s mom, though I did draw his magiphage dad once

(this drawing is ten years old, mind)

All parentage bets are off now, since I think I’m going to change Philo/After’s background from magiphage/saratoan hybrid to like the saratoan equivalent of what Peter is - magically distorted.

He’s got eyes in the back of his head! Sort of.

This was an experiment. In an effort to get friendly with Painter (because my friend Inu encouraged me to), I used Photoshop for the part I’d previously found troublesome in Painter (sketching and underpainting) and only used Painter to finish and detail. I was hoping this combo would get me the best of both worlds and it appears it did… once I figured out which tools were not my sworn enemy.