“I Love Koiking (Magikarp)” Pokemon MV

Today i had to go visit a college to do some placement testing and after I was done i got lost so I couldn’t go camp out by the one pokestop at the campus so i sat in the area by the gym. I helped fight off Valor and Mystic twice and i got so excited and some other Instinct member was already defending the gym with their Vaporeon. I had to heal my Flareon before i put it in but by the time i did…

Some scrub put his cp 300 magikarp in the gym.

And as much as I wanted to be mad I couldn’t bc this guy was either being a huge memelord or he was just a stressed college kid doing his best.

And now I imagine that Spark himself would pull the same shit and just throw a magikarp in his teams gym and cheer his team on like “Guys!!! Look im helping!!!!” While his teammates are smiling awkwardly and trying not to cry as he high fives them.

anonymous asked:

What would S bros do if some shady guy gave them a Magikarp and tell they would be rich 'cause of it?

Shu- “… Okay then, uh-” He’d take it, though he thought it looked rather useless, but it reminded him of himself.

Reiji- Reiji stared in confusion but took the pokemon anyway and gave it to Shu later, saying it was a good for nothing like him.

Ayato- Ayato got pissed upon seeing what was in the ball and told the man he wasted his time. Later, he’d give it to another of his brothers.

Laito- He would thank the man in the most annoyed way possible, then never look at the pokemon again. 

Kanato- He would yell at the man, shaking his head and clutching his Eevee to his chest, “ARE YOU INSULTING ME?! I AM MUCH BETTER THAN THIS WORTHLESS THING!”

Subaru- Subaru would stare at it for a while, then shake his head, keeping it regardless and maybe leveling it up in time.

Kino- Kino, though wary of taking things from strangers, he would keep it and level it up. He likes pokemon many consider ‘useless’ and always gives them a chance.

Hello all, and welcome to our second giveaway!

Today we have a shiny Jolteon and Sylveon for all you darlings!


  • Shiny
  • Level 53
  • Male


  • Thunder Wave
  • Discharge
  • Last Resort
  • Thunder


  • Shiny
  • Level 50
  • Male


  • Moonblast
  • Draining Kiss
  • Last Resort
  • Skill Swap

How to obtain these pokemon:

Deposit a magikarp, and put in the specifics; Gender, level, and pokemon

Put “TeamPyreGives!” as your message.

Where to find Magikarp:

X & Y

  • Route 3
  • Route 22


  • Route 102
  • Route 103
  • Route 104
  • Seriously, any route with water has one of these bad boys!


  • No double dipping unless we post and say otherwise
  • No sniping others
  • You may have one of each
  • If we catch you not obeying our simple rules, you will get a warning. If we catch you a second time, you will be banned from our giveaways


scott pilgrim characters & their pokemon

scott: psyduck

rammy: abra

envy: arcanine >> alternatively: jigglypuff, altaria, or sylveon

kim: quilava

wallace: snorlax

neil: magikarp

lisa: dratini or dragonair

julie: houndoom

steven: ludicolo or zangoose

joseph: ursaring

comeau: electrode

knives: spinda

gideon: gengar (most likely, anyway? bc dream eater n all)

ken: gyarados (ken has a shiny one though & thats why hes worth a bit more after defeating him) >> alternatively: steelix

kyle: gyarados >> alternatively: onix

todd: poliwrath?

roxy: audino or greninja

lucas: blastoise

matthew: infernape >> alternatively: golbat

@lottieperson: I really like Lucas w/ blastoise out of the two because I like the idea of him training him since he was a squirtle and it being part of a squirtle squad lol

also ^ i love that idea

★ feel free to add on or anything!! ★