GO FIGHT! Magi Magi Magiranger
Shinjite Future
OK! All right! Yuuki wo kono te ni…
Mahou Sentai Magiranger!

While Dekaranger was one of my many favorites, MagiRanger is a bit less so. Oh, don’t get me wrong, I think the show is nifty, and even Mystic Force was likable (still better than freaking Operation Overdrive, but that’s a rant for another day…). Heck, me and my room mate even own MagiShine’s lamp gun, and that thing’s pretty spiffy in it’s own right (hmm, maybe I should review that some time!). My beef is with it’s toy in this line, actually.

DX Gokai Machine 01: MagiDragon represents the Grand Power of Magiranger, and was the first Grand Power we see the Gokaigers receive in the show. It was a neat starting line up and set the tone for things to come. Transitioning to the toy line though, I think it was a bit lack luster, to be honest.

Just like the last two, it breaks up into five pieces to go with GokaiOh’s pop out gimmick, and doesn’t look too bad in action. MagiDragon is nicely represented, his jaw and horns have decent articulation, though the tail end is a big bulky, but considering it breaks up to form the feet bits in combination with GokaiOh, it’s sort of necessary. Unlike the last two, no sounds or lights on this one, which is a little disappointing after the showing I got from GaoLion and PattoStriker, but for the first one you get in the series it’s understandable. It’s still very recognizable as what it’s meant to be, a big red magical fire breathing dragon! Nice paint applications, excellent details, I even like the little Gokaiger logo on it’s forehead. Lots of little touches! Movable little t-rex arms, his wings are spring loaded and fold up easily for when you wish to use the turn crank function on GokaiOh, and the tail flops out into the feet naturally. Lots of black and red on this one which is expected, with a gold Magiranger symbol on the tail end, and the claws and ears are in that nice Bandai Silver (thank you TJOmega).

I’m not calling this one a bad toy, it’s fun to play around with, and MagiGokaiOh doesn’t look that bad, but at least in my opinion it’s not nearly as impressive as the two that come to follow. I got both MagiDragon and PattoStriker for under $50 USD together, so the two of them run pretty cheap if you decide to go looking for them for your collection, or if you’re just a fan of either of the shows.

I don’t yet have the other two Gokai Machines, 04 Furaimaru or 05 Engine Machalcon yet, but I do plan to get them at some point. I do have other nifty stuff coming, and a few other gems I’m considering writing stuff about, so keep your eyes peeled. Thanks to everyone that has been watching, liking, and reblogging, glad to see folks do like the stuff I post here, even if it’s not related to ponies. :P