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The door to Isabelle’s home opened with a creak as she made her way out. She started to progress more outside, but was stopped by the sight of a large piece of straw falling from the sky and onto her nose, causing it to pucker up and irritate immediately. Isabelle sneezes softly as she looks around for the source from the sky. She spots a blue figure riding a broom slowly starting to land. Isabelle slams her door shut and begins to chase the person, shouting up towards it.

“Hey! Excuse me! Thought I’d say hello!”

She shouted. She didn’t exactly have a reason to call for the Koopa, other than wanting to meet them. 

>> Magicubical


     マリオ >> The plumber collided with the floor roughly, putting in all his form to cushion the impact for Kamek at the cost of getting hurt himself.

The wall crumbled as it hit the floor, causing the floor to rumble in response and cloud the air with bits of dirt, stone, powder and dust. The rumbling soon died down as the wall collapsed completely, leaving the smaller and lighter bits of debris to flutter through the air and settle upon any nearby objects like accumulating dust.