THE BOX IS DONE 🔥🔥🔥 a custom deck box for a very patient and awesome person, decked out with wood-burned card art. Juicy Jace, Umezawa’s Jitte. The back is Tolarian Academy, Griselbrand, and Thalia. The front is Birds of Paradise, Karn, and Sensei’s Divining Top (which was extra spicy to burn). The bottom is a promo art of Hypnotic Spectre vs Serra Angel.


Amonkhet inspired designs by @serrasilverbrush

A special project for GP Vegas that we hope we can bring to life! The Magic Art Show Kickstarter is only $2K from the Cosplay Stretch Goal and it would mean a ton if you could share this and/or support!! Thank you so much. This is one of the cool things we’d like to do for the Stretch, as the Art Show will have an Amonkhet Room featuring original paintings from AKH!!

Another Planeswalker fan art this time Nissa Revane! I also did a little time lapse video from…if some one is interested in my art please follow me in facebook page there I post sketch and some video process.

this is a reupload because the old one has a color mistake, It made me feel uncomfortable u_u

Trying to gauge interest on a mtg podcast

So I was thinking about starting a weekly magic podcast featuring rotating mtg focused tumblr blogs just talking about their interests as a person who enjoys the game.

So I was wondering if this would be a thing people would want to listen to?

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Magic Art Show - Art Exhibition at GP Las Vegas 2017
Support the world's largest exhibition of Magic: the Gathering artwork ever created to be hosted at GP Vegas 2017 on June 14-18

Hi Tumblr! Hopefully you’ve already heard of this amazing event happening at GP Vegas. I’m happy to announce that the Art Show has teamed up with me to bring a diverse group of community cosplayers to work as hosts in the gallery if the Stretch Goal is met. Needless to say, your support of this event would mean a lot to me and the good people I’m bringing with.

For $25 you can get the sweet exclusive playmat with Amonkhet-themed artwork by Zack Stella, but whatever the size of your donation, or even if it’s just a share of this post or telling your friends about the Kickstarter - myself, the Art Show team, and the other cosplayers are so grateful for you having our backs and caring about things like community, diversity, art, story, and other Vorthosian matters of the heart.

I hope to see you in Vegas!

<3 Moxy


Magic The Gathering Live Action Trailer

There has been a lot of Magic: the Gathering promo videos / set trailers, but one of my favourite to date is still this one for Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013, which prominently features an encounter with the Mind-Mage Jace and evil Elder Dragon Nicol Bolas.

What is your favourite MTG trailer ?