The newest member of the Smoko Inc Family!

Smoko Inc has just introduced the giant unicorn lamp and is using a kickstarter to help fund it. The Giant Unicorn Lamp will eventually be $125 but for the first 100 kickstarter pledgers it will only be $85! 

I would love it if you could pop on over to their Kickstarter and have a look. There are some other great rewards for pledging including goodies such as Narwhal slippers, a narwhal backpack and magicorn beanie!

Btw you should totally watch the Giant Unicorn Lamp Video, as I did the voiceover for it!

Help Fund the Magicorn Beanie on Kickstarter!

Smoko Inc is at it again with their super cute new Magicorn beanie with rainbow pastel mane! The sides even hang down and have little pockets so that you can keep your hands warm too!

“Magicorn is a soft, unicorn shaped hoodie adorned with a gold horn and a rainbow pastel mane. The idea was born from our love of the mythical creature and our need to be warm and comfy!”

They’re about 30% of the way there so far, so still a fair way to go. 

As always when you pledge towards a new project on kickstarter you won’t go home empty handed.

The starter amount is $35.00, and you will receive your very own Magicorn. For a few extra bucks though you can grab a whole variety of extras. 

Warm Me up Pledge $49.00

You will receive a magicorn + wireless handwarmers

External image

Dynamic Duo Pledge $65.00  

You will receive a magicorn + a pair of narwhal Footwarmers (USB Powered)

External image

S'more Pledge $75.00 

You will receive a magicorn + a S'mores heated pillow (battery powered)

External image

Fairy Pledge $100.00 

You will receive 
  • a magicorn  
  • a pair of narwhal Footwarmers  
  • a S'mores heated pillow.

Ultimate Pledge $130.00

You will receive 
  • a magicorn  
  • a pair of narwhal Footwarmers 
  • a S'mores heated pillow
  • a pair of wireless toast handwarmers.


You will receive 
  • a magicorn
  • a pair of narwhal footwarmers  
  • a pair of S'mores slippers 
  • a heart pillow 
  • Butta Toast Pillow 
  • Tato&Butta USB handwarmers
  • Wireless Tato&Butta&RyRy&Crisp Handwarmers  

Get Pledging!