Recently someone asked me why I don’t seem to like pewdiepie so to answer I suppose I’ll just say what my first experience watching him was and how I feel about him in general.

I had heard about him being an absolutely hilarious let’s player so I figured I’d check him out. What little I could stomach watching (all of five minutes) was enough to repel me for the rest of my life. Between the inane screaming and churning out of cuss words like a 12 year old figuring out how to swear, and the use of rape as a joke- constantly— I had no idea what most people saw in him. 

Maybe he’s gotten better since, I wouldn’t know. I have zero desire to look up any of his videos again but I figured I should answer this since I find him to be one of the most overrated people on youtube. I just find it annoying how people like him can have 15 million subscribers but people that I feel put so much more time, effort, and fun into their videos like chuggaaconroy can’t even reach a million, and others like toegoff, magicklorelai, or lucahjin cannot even reach a hundred thousand. Sorry if this turned into a bit of a rant but I guess I just needed to get this off my chest.


Let’s Play! Phantasmagoria: Part One: The Descent into Nightmares

Fun fact about an ongoing gag with David Homb being the guest commentator for this LP series: it came about because of a technical screwup while trying to record commentary, where the audio was botched because of a video edit I forgot to make. I feature it at the beginning of my Montage Video- because of the timing of my realizing my mistake, it sounded as though I’d been despairing over Suraht being my guest.

Now, over the course of recording, I’d been talking with David Homb about the possibility of him actually making a cameo appearance for the finale of the Let’s Play. Unfortunately, that ended up falling through.

Even more, the running gag was going to be that Suraht was even responsible for David not showing up, just so he could worm his way into being the guest commentator. That he’d deliberately misled David or intercepted communications somehow.

Ah well.

As a side note, this is one of the only series I implemented editing on as extensively as I did. The episode previews at the end of each video were fun to assemble.

Hello, Everyone! Welcome to my Tumblr page!

Well, actually, I’ve already got a personal tumblr, but this particular tumblr is for posting the videos and fan-related content of my youtube page.

Feel free to send me questions here, and once I have submissions enabled, I’d be happy to feature viewer content. This is meant as a moderately more professional space, however, so bear in mind that not everything will be posted.

I do, however, encourage discussion on my videos– especially as youtube seems to have changed to discourage the community as it already exists.

Thank you for watching my videos!


Let’s Play! Phantasmagoria: Part Two: Discovering Antique Infidelity

So, obviously, one thing to know about this game is that exploring everything takes a lot of time. Also, coming up with titles to videos is hard sometimes.

As a side note, getting things to cooperate for this Let’s Play was fucking unbelievable. Getting the game to record, getting the audio to record, realizing that the first, LIVE go-around of commentary had to be scrapped because of technical difficulties, and then trying to get the video to cooperate for the RE-recording of POST-commentary was a nightmare.

I have to continue to thank Suraht for his patience while we hammered out the timing and the livestream and the Audacity and everything else.

Yes, some jokes were also plotted out while reviewing the video. And occasionally, I forgot a joke because Suraht improvised something, and said something blank in response to what he said.

I don’t like deviating from my script, SURAHT.

And of course, you can check out the full playlist here.


Remember when I put the effort into editing?

Remember when WMM wasn’t absolute shit to edit with?

Not that this is the shining pinnacle of joy, but

Oh by the way, this was the promo I put together for my and Suraht’s Let’s Play of Phantasmagoria! You can check out the original playlist here.


A humble PSA regarding Black Friday, and a few ways we can get through what will be an intense, possibly overwhelming day.

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