magick square

Planets and their associations

The Sun

Energies: self-confidence, success, vitality, courage, authority, dignity, fame, self-knowledge

Colors: gold, orange, yellow

Day: Sunday

Star Sign: Leo

Number: 1

Metal: gold

Stones/materials: diamond, citrine, yellow jasper, topaz

Deities: Ra, Apollo, Helios, Lugh, Isis, Diana, Brigit

Herbs: angelica, ash, bay, calendula, chamomile, celandine, eyebright, frankincense, juniper, mistletoe, rosemary, saffron, safflower, Saint-John’s-wort, sunflower, tormentilla, walnuts

Seal of the Sun

The Moon

Energies: psychic knowledge, dreamworking, childbirth, fertility, past life recall, imagination, the subconscious mind

Colors: lilac, silver

Day: Monday

Sign: Cancer

Number: 2

Metal: silver

Stones/materials: pearl, abalone, moonstone, selenite

Deities: Selene, Nuit, Luna, Artemis, Sin, Inannur, and Khonsu

Herbs: almond, anise seed, cabbage, camphor, cucumber, fennel, iris, jasmin, lettuce, lily, lotus, moonwort, mugwort, pumpkin, violet, watercress, white sandalwood

Seal of the Moon


Energies: victory, aggression, achievement, energy, action, assertiveness, strength, sexual desire

Colors: Red

Signs: Aries, scorpio

Day: Tuesday

Number: 5

Metal: iron and red brass

Stones/materials: garnet, ruby, carnelian, bloodstone

Deities: Ares, Hercules, Tiw, Minerva, Maeve, Pallas Athena

Herbs: aloeswood, asafoetida, basil, broom tops, briony, cactus, cayenne, cumin, dragon’s blood resin, galangal, garlic, gentian, ginger, hawthorn, horseradish, honeysuckle, mustard, nettle, peppercorn, red sandalwood, rue, safflower, sanicle, tobacco, wormwood

Seal of Mars

Martian energy is intense, and most of the time Mars’s herbs and oils are used in conjunction with the energies of other Planets to intensify their effects, rather than in a “simple”—a formula that uses only one Planet’s herbs. Here are some examples of how a touch of a Mars herb can act with and upon other Planetary energies to enhance their effectiveness:

Sun with Mars

Sun is confidence, personal power, health, and self-expression. Add a little Mars and increase your control over your life, enhance your ability to express your interests and goals with even greater success, or enable yourself to stroll through life with energy, health, and personal charisma.

Moon with Mars

Lunar energies keep you in touch with your emotions, your psyche, and your subconscious. Add some Mars to quicken the development of your psychic abilities, motivate yourself to transform bad habits into good ones, or add vitality to your system if you are working on fertility issues.

Mercury with Mars

Eloquence, intelligence, and business endeavors are some of the energies of Mercury. Combining Mercurial herbs and oils with an herb or oil belonging to the dominion of Mars will help you to be more persuasive, have an even quicker mind, and be charmingly assertive enough to get the job you deserve.

Jupiter with Mars

Expansion, honor, authority, and growth all belong to Jupiter. Add a Mars energy to grow and expand faster in an area of your ambition, garner recognition of your accomplishments, intensify your authority in any area of your life, or expand your understanding of the best ways to accomplish your goals.

Venus with Mars

Romance, beauty and the arts—what’s not to love? Combining Venusian energy with a touch of Mars will add passion to the romance, help you to express yourself confidently as an artist, and make people look twice when you pass.

Saturn with Mars

Protection, understanding of karma, endurance, self-discipline, and control are the areas where

Saturnian herbs are used. Add strength and energy with a Saturn-Mars combination to protect your home if you live in a particularly dangerous area, to work through karmic debt, to vitalize yourself in a situation which requires hard work and endurance, or to accomplish a difficult task requiring much self-control.

Neptune with Mars

Neptune is the Planet of out-of-body experiences, creative genius, and the mystical. Bringing a little Martian energy into the equation will help you to harness and express the creativity residing in your subconscious, master astral projection more quickly, and experience more intensely any meditation, trancework, or altered state.

Uranus with Mars

Intellectual genius, innovative thought, and transformation of thought patterns fall under the dominion of Uranus. Mars will increase the workings of your mind to higher levels, bring action to your original thoughts, and hasten your ability to change the way your brain works, taking you out of any thought doldrums.

Pluto with Mars

Karma, unconscious behavior patterns, letting go, facing fear, and your Shadow Self are all Plutonian in nature. Partnering Pluto’s herbs and oils with an herb or oil of Mars will help you open those scary “memory boxes” in the back of your mind that make you so uncomfortable, break through barriers when you are working in psychotherapy, recognize karmic debt, and enable you to actively work to release it. This is not a fun combination, be warned. It is very intense, and if you choose to work with this combination, expect dramatic changes that will rock your life.


Energies: communication, divination, business success, intellectualization, learning

Color: yellow

Day: Wednesday

Sign: Virgo, Gemini

Number: 7

Metal: quicksilver

Stones/materials: quartz, opal, Herkimer diamond, yellow calcite, optical calcite, yellow jasper

Deities: Janus, Hermes, Thoth, Ogma, Maat, Shesat, Calliope

Herbs: bergamot, caraway, cinnamon, dill, ephedra, gum arabic, gum mastic, horehound, lavender, licorice, marjoram, mouse-ear, mullein, papyrus, peppermint, star anise, savory, thyme, woodruff

Seal of Mercury


Energies: expansion, career, ambition, luck, material success, spiritual growth, humor

Color: Blue

Sign: Pisces, sagittarius

Day: Thursday

Number: 6

Metal: tin

Stones/materials: sapphire, turquoise, blue topaz, lapis lazuli

Deities: Zeus, Llyr, Thor, Hera, Gaea, Rhiannon

Herbs: agrimony, borage, carnation, cedar, cinquefoil, dandelion, figs, fir, hyssop, linden, magnolia, maple, meadowsweet, oak, oak moss, pine, poplar, saffron, sage, sassafras, sumac, rosin, wood beton

Seal of Jupiter


Energies: love, friendship, artistry, attraction, music, pleasure, sensual delights, beauty, balance, compassion

Color: green

Day: Friday

Sign: Taurus, Libra

Number: 3

Metal: copper

Stones/materials: emerald, malachite, apatite, green fluorite

Deities: Aphrodite, Aradia, Persephone, Eros, Cupid, Faunus

Herbs: catnip, cherry, coltsfoot, damiana, feverfew, lemon verbena, lilac, maidenhair, mandrake, myrtle, orchid, passionflower, peach, periwinkle, plumeria, rhubarb, raspberry, rose, spikenard, tansy, tonka bean, vanilla, vervain, violet

Seal of Venus


Energies: form, stability, karma, discipline, occult knowledge, protection, patience, endurance

Color: black

Sign: Capricorn

Day: Saturday

Number: 4

Metal: lead

Stones/materials: jet, onyx, hematite, smoky quartz

Deities: Kronos, Dionysus, Anubis, the Cailleach, Danu, Ceres

Herbs: asafoetida, balm of Gilead, bistort, boneset, comfrey, cypress, dill, fumitory, garlic, hawthorn, hemlock, hyssop, patchouli, petitgrain, rosemary, Solomon’s seal, Saint-John’s-wort, valerian, vetivert, wolfsbane, yew

Seal of Saturn

The rest of the planets do not have seals because they are not the seven classical planets used in witchcraft.  So many people many not agree with the rest of this lecture, but here is the rest and what the majority of people use.  


Energies: illusion and imagination; useful in hypnosis, trance, dreamwork

Color: green-blue

Number: 11.

Stone/material: seashell, amber, labradorite, cat’s-eye, lemurian crystal

Deities: Poseidon, Apa, Dylan, Tiamat, Ceridwen, Nimue

Herbs: cannabis, datura, lobelia, lotus, orange blossom (also known as neroli), peach, poppy, skullcap, wild lettuce, willow, wisteria


Energies: enlightenment, objectivity, technology, genius, eccentricity, breaking free from old patterns and electrical impulses of the brain

Color: electric blue

Number: 22

Metal: white gold

Stones/materials: quartz, rutilated quartz, kunzite, amazonite

Deities: Merlin, Shu, Ur-annu, Prometheus, Urania, Varuna

Herbs: allspice, betel nut, chicory, clove, coffee, elemi, guarana, mahuang


Energies: death, alchemical transformation, regeneration, decay, the deep unconscious, catharsis

Color: smoky black

Number: 13 or 33 to some

Stones/materials: ash, lava stone, obsidian, black opal, apache tear, black tourmaline, bismuth

Deities: Arawn, Pwyll, Osiris, Demeter, Rhea, Astarte

Herbs: barley, black cohosh, corn, damiana, fly agaric, galangal root, mushrooms, myrrh, oats, patchouli, pomegranate, psilocybin, rye, saw palmetto, wheat, wormwood, yohimbe

*Disclaimer: I do not suggest the use of herbs for medical purposes and I suggest you research each of them throughly before use.  

As Always


The construction, and application of a magickal squares

Magickal squares are squares that are divided up into smaller squares with numbers residing in those squares. All of these numbers will add up to a specific number when you add together any row, column, or main diagonal. The number that they will all add up to is going to be the main intention, and energy of the square, and will be referred to as the magick constant. The magick constant is going to dictate what energy the magickal square is going to give off based on the energy of the metaphysical properties of that number. These magickal squares represent a specific energetic frequency in a mathematical format, and work a lot like other magickal symbols, and will invoke the energies that they are associated with when a representation of them is constructed. Its multiple associations with the numerology of the magick constant will allow it to call upon that numbers energy multiple times creating a powerful tailsman that can be used in magick. All you need in order to create these magickal squares is an understanding of mathematics, and numerology, through the combination of these two understandings a magical square can be born in set forth into the world.

In order to use a magical square all you have to do is make a representation of it. You can do this by constructing it through the act of drawing, carving, or some other construction process. Once the magickal square has been constructed it will invoke the energy of whatever its magick constant is. This energy will be able to be interacted with, and will impact the vicinity of the magickal square. This can be incredibly useful, if you want to attract a certain energy to a specific place, so that you can work with it, or so it can interact with the environment. In order to stop a magickal Square all you have to do is destroy the representation of it. This will release all remaining energy from the representation which will eventually dissipate, and nullify the effects.

These magickal squares can also sometimes be used as a way to create sigils. This is usually done by associating the letters of the intent of the sigil with numbers. Then using those numbers to draw a line number to number on the magickal Square, so that a line sigil can be created. This line sigil will take on some of the magickal energy of the magickal square along with its own intent. This will give some more energy to the sigil, and will add to its intent as well.

How to create a basic magickal square:

The first thing that you were going to want to do is to pick out a number that has the intention, and magickal property that you wish to invoke. This can be pretty much anything if you know how to find the correct number with the meaning that you are looking for. This will be done through numerology and will be based off the energy of the number. This number will be calm your magick constant of choice, and will be the number that is created by the adding up of any row, column, or main diagonal adding up to the magick constant.

M = Magick Constant of choice

Once you have that number you can use a multitude of different methods in order to create a magickal Square. These methods will be mathematic formulas that when used correctly will create a magickal square that has any row, column, or main diagonal adding up to the magick constant. We are going to be looking at two methods in this post one for 3 x 3 squares, and one for 4 x 4 magickal square.

3x3 magickal square method:

For this you’re going to have to put numbers into variables. These variables being A, B, and C. ‘A’ must be greater than 0, 'B’ must be greater than 'A’, but cannot be 'A’ squared. 'C’ must be greater than 'B’, while subtracted by 'A’. Once you have those variables assigned you can fill in the formulas of the square below in order for you to create your 3x3 magickal square. In this method, I have not found a way for you to tell what magickal constant you’re going to end up with without testing for it by trial, and error.

4x4 magickal Square method:

Can you are going to want to take your magick constant of choice, and fill in this formula with it:

For this to work your magick constant of choice must be larger than 30.

M - 30 = X

X / 4= N

Once you are done with that your magickal square will be complete, and you can begin to use it using those methods I mentioned before. Good luck creating, and using your magick squares. I hope this was informative, and you found it helpful.

anonymous asked:

Hey, could you please recommend me some books or information to read about sigils? Thank you so much

Ooh have I got a thing for you - [my sigils FAQ blog page]. If you can’t view that, you can find a rebloggable version [on my old blog], but some of the links might be dead / broken at this point. (I hardcore need to rewrite that for this blog, don’t I?) Imma copy and paste the links and resources section for you from my blog page, just in case:

Links and Resources

* = external links and resources

So yeah. Sigils. Enjoy, anon :D

Enchanting Items With Cosmic Energy 🌠

Similar to my “How to Enchant Items” post, this post will focus on enchanting items with cosmic energy, specifically.

  • Carve a planetary symbol that corresponds to your intent into a candle - set the item you wish to enchant in front of the candle
  • Use candles whose color corresponds to a celestial body of your choice and set the item you wish to enchant in front of it
  • Choose herbs that correspond to a planet or celestial body and surround the item with said herbs
  • Place the item in a jar that is filled with herbs that correspond to the planetary energy of your choice
  • Choose crystals that correspond to a planet or celestial body and surround the item with said crystals
  • Set a crystal that corresponds to a planet or celestial body on top of the item you wish to enchant
  • Design a crystal grid using crystals that correspond to the planet or celestial body of your choice and place the item in the center of the grid
  • Create a gem elixir using crystals that correspond to a planet or celestial body and use the elixir to anoint objects
  • Charge water with cosmic energy and use it to anoint objects
  • Set various items outside or on your windowsill to charge depending on the current moon phase or planetary alignment - this can apply to charged waters, spell jars/sachets, crystals, etc.
  • Create a sigil based on planetary symbols and set the item on top of the sigil
  • Sew, stitch, or carve a sigil based on planetary symbols into an item
  • Construct a magick square depending on which planetary energy you want to use and place the item inside of the square
  • Choose an incense that corresponds to a celestial body or planet of your choice and pass the item through the smoke
  • Pair the item with a tarot or oracle card that represents whichever planet that corresponds to your intent - keep both items in a sealed container

Sigil surroundings are exactly what they sound like. They are shapes, designs, and/or glyphs you put around your sigil in order to enhance its magickal purpose. This part of sigil magick is usually never talked about, and it is very hard to find online, or in any other sources. Some of this information will be based off of kuji kiri, and majutsu which are two japanese mysticisms, but most of it will be base on chaos magick, and other western magicks, but I digress.


The circle is a powerful symbol used in all different types of magick. It embodies the energies of protection, unity, cycles and focus. In sigil magick the most talked about, and used sigil surrounding is the circle. The magickal purpose of drawing a circle around your sigil is to allow its energy to build up around itself, and to protect the sigil from being tampered with. Some practitioners are so into using circles around their sigils, that they actually draw two of them to ensure there will be no leaks of the sigil’s energy. Some of these practitioners will also fill the inter space between these two circles with other sigils, magickal symbols, and/or a magickal alphabet of some kind to enhance the energy of the sigil within.


The triangle represents the trinities, and embodies the energies of ascension, manifestation, and duality. Sigils surrounded by a right side up triangle will be much more expansive, and active, and sigils surrounded by a right side down triangle will lower the spiritual energy to a more tangible plane level, and make the sigil a lot more passive. Triangles are also used in the act of manifesting spirits, and other entities. Being used in order to trap them, and to keep them away from you during the summoning, and manifestation. These type of triangles are usually a “Triangle Of Art”. The triangle part is use to magnify the strength of the spirit, while usually names of gods, or other sigils a place along the outside sides of the triangle to trap the spirit in. I believe the reason that a “Triangle Of Art” is not some other shape is, because the triangle is the first shape with space in the middle. Meaning it’s the first shape to hold space from a side perspective, and only three sides to barricade in order for the spirit to not be able to sneak out.

Square, And Rectangle:

Square embodies the energies of structure, balance, and community. Although I use the word square most of all this can be used in a rectangle. Sigils surrounded with a square allows the sigil to be housed, and reserve its energy. It is for sigils that are used in more of a balanced state where its energy will be used more like a battery, and called upon. The square also allows the energy of the sigil to steep, and if there are more sigils, and/or magickal symbols in the square, their energies will combined together making a new, and unique energy.

Pentagram, And Pentacle:

The pentagram, and pentacle embodies the energies of the elements, power, and protection. Certain practitioners would place their sigil in the very center of the pentagram, or the pentacle to allow them to be stronger, and to take on the energies of the elements. Using the pentacle would also mean you would gain the magickal benefits of the circle also pretty much supercharging your sigil. Also the spots on the arms, legs , and head of the star could be used as a prime spot to place more sigils in order to enhance your original base sigil.


the Saturn square

“Enhance” square using information drawn of materials given by The Golden Dawn

Paul Case: top lines were the initiating energies, the second line where the catalysts and the third line were the results

ZAzal sigil

Nick Farrel: Zazel is heavily committed towards communication and Gemini, which is something we would not expect from a Spirit of Saturn. Indeed with the Fool we would think that the spirit is pure air. The only thing that seems to root him to anything would be having his feet in the waters of Luna and the High Priestess. Using the Golden Dawn Talismatic associations we could visualise a crowned being with a thin intelligent face, light hair (you could argue a case for a dual headed Janus). Winged with a swastika lamen, holding a sword standing on waves of water. (note that if you are using the square you do not look up the talismatic image for Lamed, you look up Gimel). There is a lot more information which can be gleened from this method, you could take it even further by adding the colour scheme from the vault.

irishriver  asked:

How do you make your sigils, or do you know a few different posts that show how some people do them? I'm looking for a variety, so I can figure out how to create my own (they're better charged for me that way). Thank you! :)

I do know of a few posts. And you’ll probably find more in my how to tag. Good luck!

Shapes and their Magickal Meanings

Circle: This is probably the most powerful shape in Wicca. Think about it, every ritual we preform is within a circle! In fact, everything in life happens in circles. Here are the meanings of circles:

Balance, emotions, life, power, wholeness.

Triangle: This is another witchy shape. The number three is a very significant aspect of Wicca and there just so happens to be three sides of a triangle. Think of the pyramids of Egypt, those are probably some of the most iconic (and magickal) triangles around. Here are a few meanings of the triangle:

Spirituality, astral projection, divination, psychic abilities, creativity.

Square: Squares aren’t exactly as “magickal” as the above shapes, but they are pretty important. Squares are stable shapes. You want to use squares for spells that involve stability, such as money, well-being, or work spells. Here is a tip, do not (emphasis on not) use squares for love spells. Here are some key words:

Stability, organization, work, career.

My take on a Jupiter / Financial Success sigil incorporated into a Jupiter talisman. I am happy for any thoughts, and thank you for the wonderful site.

Check out this excellent (and more traditionally framed) take on sigilcraft. I’m guessing the bottom one used either magick square or automatic writing, and the central one is a nice hat-tip to @everydaysigils if I’m not mistaken. Very fun. - SigilDaily

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how are sigils made?

100 Random Things About Magick, And The Occult

Since I just got a hundred followers, here is a list of 100 random things about magick, and the occult. I started this originally thinking this would be easy, but making this was actually one of the hardest things I’ve ever done here. Thank you for following my blog my friends.

  1. Chicory root is known to magically unlock all boxes, and doors.
  2. You can evil eye yourself by staring in a mirror.
  3. Your spirit guides can actually leave you, if you are mistreating them.
  4. Jediism is an actual religion in which, a good amount of its members choose to practice psychokinesis, and telekinesis.
  5. Sweeping with a broom to the east is a banishing ritual against evil spirits, and negative energies.
  6. There is a technique called Spirit burrowing which is the more positive version of spiritual  possession.
  7. Crystals, gemstones, or even sigils can replace candles in mostly every type of ritual, and spell.
  8. Some people are naturally immune to cursing.
  9. The most spirit guides I have ever experienced one person having at one time is 18, even though most people usually have about 5-10 spirit guides.
  10. In Roman culture penises with wings were worm around the neck to protect you against evil spirits, and the evil eye.
  11. You need no tools to do magick, all you need is energy, and intent.
  12. Religious people praying for you to stop your magickal practice can hinder your magickal practice, because they’re sending out their intent to stop you.
  13. Archangel Michael is known to be the angel of death.
  14. The Armanen Runes are the runes that appear in nazi ideology, and germanic mysticism.
  15. Astral temples are primarily used by practitioners who are unable to practice magick in the physical world, because of persecution.
  16. Most harmful entities feed on fear energy, and if they don’t think they can get your fear energy, they will leave you alone.
  17. Selenite is a high energy crystal that never needs to be charged, and can be used to charge sigils, and other magickal items.
  18. Looking through a hag stone is said to allow you to see into the world of the fae, and other spiritual realms.
  19. Burning a magickal item will purify it, but at the same time will release all its energy all at once.
  20. The difference between the pentagram, and a pentacle is the circle.
  21. Rubbing a quartz crystal against your head will relieve headaches
  22. Putting lapis lazuli under your pillow will induce dreaming, and allow all your dreams to be more vivid.
  23. The base energy of a person corresponds to there zodiac sun signs element. The base energy amount in corresponding elements in order from greatest to least is fire, air, water, earth.
  24. Through a technique called the chi ghost one can better themselves in different areas through a full body energy clone.
  25. Putting sigils on your router will permeate your Wi-Fi zone with that energy, and that intent.
  26. Magick is deeply connected to your emotions, and your mental state
  27. Writing magickal glyphs next to each other will combine, and mix their energies.
  28. There may be seven main chakras, but there are several lesser chakras that are almost as important as those. These chakras are your palm chakras, your feet chakras, your soul star chakra, and your earth star chakra.
  29. In energy manipulation putting energy into a physical representation of a line, or trail, will guide that energy to the end of the line.
  30. Christians actually have their own forms of mysticism that uses the power of the Holy Spirit, and the Abrahamic God. Those they won’t be likely to admit this as mysticism.
  31. Swear words are actually the lowest form of magickal cursing.
  32. Wearing opal if it’s not your birthstone is considered bad luck.
  33. If your indoor plant dies unexpectedly that may be the first sign of a spiritual attack.
  34. Rumpology is a form of divination surrounded completely around the butt.
  35. Most of the energy in the human body is stored in your solar plexus.
  36. Meditation is one of the most important skills to learn when practicing magick.
  37. Using magick too much in a consistent amount of time, while not being properly grounded can give you a spiritual burnout, or a magickal hangover.
  38. Servitors can be used, and stolen by other magickal practitioners.
  39. You can transfer servitors between two different servitor houses by simply commanding your servitor to take up residence in the new servitor house.
  40. It takes very little blood to charge things with blood.
  41. Holy water is usually just made of prayed over salt water.
  42. Every culture has some sort of understanding of chi energy.
  43. Flipping any sigil, or symbol upside down will also reverse its meanings, and energies. Unless the symbol is the same inverted.
  44. In meditation the back should be straight to allow cosmic energy to flow down your spine, and flow to the rest your body.
  45. The black aura is usually seen as negative, and represents death, abuse, and depression in the auric field, but in some occasions it can represent, and be used as more of a Shield for the person, or thing.
  46. Energy does not flow well through iron, steel, salt, or the color black.
  47. Invisible spells do not turn you invisible, but much rather make it harder for people to notice you, or sense you.
  48. Baphomet has both male, and female traits.
  49. It is easier to scry, see spiritual energy, see auras, and see spirits in dim lights.
  50. Thor is also the god of oak trees, and acorns are said to protect you from lightning.
  51. Everything dynamically tries to remain in balance.
  52. A way to train psychic ability is a technique called cloud bursting. It’s a technique where you stare at a cloud, and make it dissipate.
  53. The United States government try to make psychic agents back in the Cold War in an operation known as project Stargate.
  54. If you exhaust a high number of your spiritual energy you can actually die.
  55. Every action uses spiritual energy regardless of it being magical, or mundane.
  56. At the point of sexual orgasm a very high amount of spiritual energy is released.
  57. When meditating, or dreaming you become tuned into the etheric plane.
  58. Energy is projected the easiest through your hands, feet, eyes, and mouth.
  59. The Violet Flame is a technique of self transformation, transmutation, energy healing, and purification. The Violet flame can be invoked through visualizing violet flames, and chanting “I am a being of violet fire, I am the Purity God desires.”
  60. The cthulhu mythos is used, and thrives in some occult practices.
  61. Cats protect against harmful spirits.
  62. It is said that everyone has a spirit guide, a power animal, a dragon guardian, and a guardian angel to help them along their path.
  63. Certain gemstones can be used to make gem elixirs.
  64. Dragon runes were envisioned by Isedon Goldwing in April of 2001, and used for rituals, draconic magick, divination, and runic magick.
  65. The Druatch Language is the language that is said to be spoken by dragons.
  66. When you breathe, spiritual energy is pulled in to you through your lungs.
  67. You can open up chakras by wearing certain colored clothing that have to do with that chakra.
  68. Most magick chants to not have to be said correctly word for word, because they are just a way to declare your intention.
  69. Ganzfeld Experiment can put people into a state in which they can experience higher extrasensory perception.
  70. Sigils can be turned into sounds, tones, music and words.
  71. You can assign entities names to gain power over them.
  72. You can build a telepathic link with someone just by looking into their eyes.
  73. Cartomancy is divination using playing cards.
  74. Clapping, and ringing bells can be used to cleanse areas of negative energy.
  75. Gently lift your head off of your neck, and supporting it with your hands will quickly put you in a trance state.
  76. Having any piece of a person, anything that may have come in contact with them, or anything they have put their energy into can be used as a target.
  77. Angels have a sophisticated hierarchy of 9 different choirs the Angels belong to.
  78. Most animal spirit guides, totems, and power animals are the wolf, followed by close second the big cat.
  79. Everyone can perform magick.
  80. Practitioners can accidentally create a poltergeist by feeling too many complicated emotions and thoughts.
  81. Spirits can only sign their own name.
  82. All energy is unique, but can be quite similar.
  83. Sigils can only be used to their full power by whoever created the sigil.
  84. Apples have natural pentagrams on the inside of them.
  85. Fluorite is a good stones for students, learning, and other mental endeavors.
  86. The Sign of the horns is a hand sign to ward the evil eye.
  87. Most things can be invoked by calling out to them.
  88. Everything is connected on a energetic level.
  89. No entity can see everything.
  90. Writing sigils on your body is a good way to keep the energy of that sigil with you.
  91. Drawing seal of mars below the name of a person, or below the picture of a person will curse them.
  92. Drawing an “X” on the bottom of a table will give you good luck in any card games, or board games you play on the table.
  93. Some people sign the pentagram like the Christians do the sign of the cross.
  94. Using magick squares, or the kamea can bring planetary energies into your sigils.
  95. You must go through reiki attunement in order to use reiki energy to its maximum potential.
  96. War water is make by putting iron nails in salt water, and letting the iron nails rust.
  97. Passing things through smoke will Infuse it with the energies of whatever is burning.
  98. Ouija boards are not inherently evil. They just don’t provide any shielding, and you don’t know who you’re talking to.
  99. You can trace symbols and sigils into the air, and then push through them in order to activate them.
  100. Most things have a magical property of protection.

Intelligence of Saturn

In the Western Occult Tradition, each planet has traditionally possessed both a spirit and an intelligence: ethereal souls (sometimes called daemons) responsible for the baleful and beneficial influences (respectively) of the individual planet. After all, even humans have souls, and the planets of the Celestial realm are far more spiritual, existing closer to God and constructed of a much more rarefied matter. It was therefore logical to occultists that the planets also possessed their own souls.

Identity of the Intelligence:
The name of Saturn’s intelligence, responsible for the planet’s beneficial influences, is Agiel.

Construction of the Planetary Sigil:
This sigil, published by Henry Cornelius Agrippa in his Three Books of Occult Philosophy and frequently repeated in other publications, is constructed through numerology and magic squares. The name Agiel is spelled out in Hebrew, and then each Hebrew letter is associated with a number, as the Hebrew language inherently does. Each number is located on the magic square associated with Saturn, and a line is drawn to pass through each number.

Aesthetic Choices:
The terminating circles at each end of the line appear to have been added for purely aesthetic reasons. Many hold that the sigil can also be freely rotated, either for aesthetic purposes or to further disguise the meaning and method of construction of the sigil.

Purpose of The Sigil:
This sigil would be used to attract the beneficial influences of Saturn, which according to Agrippa includes the ability to bring forth, to make a man safe, to make a man powerful, and to cause success of petitions with princes and powers. Marsilio Ficino and others also associated Saturn with intellectuals, whose minds are more lofty and divine than those of common folk. This is because Saturn is the highest planet in occult cosmology and therefore closest to God.

anonymous asked:

1. How do you make your sigils? They're different from other ones I've seen. 2. I have chronic nausea, I get nauseous twice a day, and I think it might be due to anxiety? Do you have any sigils that could help/could you make one? Thanks 😊

Hello there!

Well, that’s what’s awesome about sigils - even with the same creation method two different witches can end up with two vastly looking sigils. We all have our own aesthetics and artistic tastes, and they definitely show up in our sigil work.

As for what method I use, it’s really inconsistent, honestly. Sometimes I stick to a rigid set of rules, sometimes I only use a few steps, sometimes I just doodle and let the sigil come out on its own. The longer I work with sigils, the more I find myself experimenting with methods and styles, and I think that’s evident if you look at the sigils at @magic-for-the-masses, and even go through @thesigilwitch. (Conveniently, I just posted a masterlist of all the sigils I ever posted at thesigilwitch [here] if you wanna check those out!)

Anyways, I will try to give you a basic idea of what my sigil creation method is currently like. This post can originally be found [here], but I am rewriting some bits and further expanding on, so it can be a better resource for this blog.

The first thing I do when making sigils is write down my statement of intent, what I want the sigil to do for me. I always do this in present tense - ”I am” versus “I will”. (There is a post about this somewhere but gods be damned if I can find it right now.) I prefer to use longer complete sentences to make sure I get exactly what I need out of the sigil; only using a couple words or even just one can work just as well, and I have done this too. To help show you some of my process I’ll use the statement “I am safe and protected in my city" as an example - a sigil I made ages ago on @thesigilwitch.

From there I remove any letter that repeats more than once. I keep the first “instance” of the letter and remove any other times it’s used in the statement after that. Some people say you should or “have to” remove the vowels as well, but I keep them, and my sigils turn out just fine; that feels very much like a personal preference thing to me, so whatever works for you. From this step, our example of “I am safe and protected in my city" becomes “IAMSFENDPROTCY.” I always tend to write my statements in capital letters too, because I guess it feels it gives it more impact, makes it stand out and is more prominent, but again, personal preference.

Once that’s done, I break down the remaining letters of my statement into smaller, basic shapes. So A would become / - \, D is just | ), and I think you get the point. :p This is very much a personal preference step. I find my sigils more aesthetically pleasing when they don’t look like the English alphabet - they look more mysterious and arcane, which is a huge draw for me, and basically what made me want to start working with sigils in the first place. Well, besides the fact that they looked super easy, not so draining of one’s energy, and the least likely to cause negative backlash, but I digress. It is good to note, as well, that it is pretty important that you like how a sigil works when you use it. This helps to add a sense of connection with it, which is always a positive thing in magic.

After that, I basically just doodle. I keep my statement of intent in mind as I draw, constantly thinking and repeating it to myself, even sometimes saying it out loud. Sometimes I use all the pieces of the letters, sometimes I use only one of each “piece,” sometimes I just wing it and don’t use any of them…consciously, anyway. This is the part of my creation process that is the most fluid, the most random and sporadic, which I find sort of hilarious. I spend the time to write out the statement, break it down as far as I can, and then most of the time I don’t even use the pieces I end up with. xD There are times when I don’t even break down the statement of intent - like my [”Amulet Coin” sigil] on my personal blog - and others when I rid the duplicate letters but never break it down any further than that - the [”Bring Rain” sigil] is a good example of that. Again, sometimes I just write down a statement of intent, focus on it, then just put my pencil to the paper and let it design itself. Other times I just repeat the statement in my head as I draw it completely freehand on my computer. It basically just depends on my mood, and what I’m feeling for each particular sigil, and also time constrictions.

Anyways, back to the creation process. I generally get a design I like in one to three sketches, but that’s because I’ve spent over a year doing this and I’ve gotten my style nailed down pretty tightly. Sometimes it takes a while to get a design that you like - last year I spent an hour and something like thirty designs for one sigil, that was brutal. It’s fine if it takes some time, just keep trying until you get something you really like the look of. There is no rush, no pressure, and nothing wrong with you or your skills if it still doesn’t happen. Sometimes it’s the universe telling us now is not the right time for us to be trying to use a sigil for that. But that’s a post for another time.

The design I went with for “I am safe and protected in my city" looked like this:

When I have a sketch that I like, I “digitalize” it. I draw a little bit outside of sigil work, and most of my artwork is done with digital art programs now, so I started neatening up my sigils that way as well. It’s super aesthetically pleasing to me, plus they look really nice uploaded to Tumblr when they’re digital. This step is another one of those absolutely personal ones, and has ultimately nothing to do with how the sigils works, just how it looks. I scan the sketch of the sigil, then use a mixture PaintTool SAI and Adobe Photoshop for making a final, digital my sigils. This sigil, “I am safe and protected in my city,“ looks like this when drawn in PaintTool SAI, and made to have a transparent background in Photoshop:

And that’s my process - for the most part. Lately I have been playing around with other creation methods, to see what sort of “looks” I can get, and to see if they’ll work as well. I find experimentation pretty important when working with sigils - they are a part of chaos magic, after all, which heavily recommends playing around and trying new things with magic. Personalization is a big thing as well, in all branches of magic. 

My creation method also really depends on the kind of mood I’m in, and how much time and/or energy I have to make a sigil. If I need to pump one out really fast, I generally just focus on my statement mentally and just let the pencil lead the way.

It wouldn’t be a post by me if it didn’t also include a ton of links for you to browse for further reading and comparison of other methods. ;) You don’t have to stick to one method - you can even Frankenstein steps from multiple methods to make one unique one of your own. It’s all about what you want, what will work for you, and what you like. :)

* = external links / resources

I also have to include [] - an AMAZING sigil generator that I love and highly recommend to those who have difficulties crafting their own sigils!

I hope that is useful to you anon, and good luck in your sigil-y ventures!


anonymous asked:

hi, I'm new to the craft and just wanted to know if you could point me to the right place or a book I could read about Sigils. I'm very interested in learning more .... thank you!

Well, THIS blog is definitely the right place to go, you know, being theSIGILwitch ;)

Anyways, I have this [sigil FAQ masterpost] that I like to pass around, where I answered lots of common questions about sigils as well as provided a large majority of links for further reading. Long post, but tons of information, covers lots of areas, and I am always okay to expand upon that.

If you just want a bunch of resources, I’ll copy-paste it from the sigil FAQ:

Links and Resources

Have fun ;)

Austin Spare’s Stele of Revealing

Sigil Magick is defined as a magickal system that makes use of occult characters, diagrams, condensed verbal intentions, geometric symbols, mystical alphabets, angular signatures of spirits and other kinds of symbolic or hieroglyphic representations. The word sigil comes from the Latin word sigilum, which means “seal.” Of additional significance is the Hebrew word SGULH or sagulah, which means “some kind of word or action” that has a specific spiritual or magickal impact. The use of sigils in magick has its roots in antiquity, possibly from Hebrew sources, since sigils often accompanied magickal squares, which were used extensively in the Jewish tradition of ceremonial magick. 

Most often, sigils, or specialized characters, were incorporated into grimoires and had a traditional use, requiring the wielder to copy them exactly as depicted, even though they had to have been invented by someone at some point in history. These kinds of sigils were carefully crafted using very specific techniques (and not derived from either imagination or revelation), but the methodology used for their creation is typically missing from those same works. (A good example that shows how these sigils were developed can be found in Donald Tyson’s version of “Three Books of Occult Philosophy” originally written by Agrippa - particularly Appendix V on Magick Squares (Llewellyn 1997).)

Some believe that magickal sigils or characters have a power and potency all to themselves, others believe that a sigil has to be activated, at the very least, by the imagination and will of a trained and competent magician. Some grimoires are notorious for the sigils and characters that they contain, lending weight to the superstition that sigils have an independent volition quite separate from whoever invented or wields them. Most often, sigils are reputed to be the specialized symbolic names of angels, demons or various spirits, and the sigil is used to summon and evoke them. This makes a sigil similar in some ways to the “Veve” as found in Haitian Vodoun. Still, sigils used as the symbolic name of a spirit assumes that the sigil is a more pure and direct representation of that spirit’s true nature, and of course, whoever knows the “true” name or nature of a spirit has direct power over it. 

When I perform an invocation or an evocation, I will employ a sigil crafted from the name of the target spirit. That sigil can be derived from a number of sources, but I generally use the Rose diagram from the Golden Dawn Rose Cross, which has the Hebrew letters drawn on the three concentric circles of petals, representing the triple division of those same letters (3 mother letters, 7 double letters and 12 single letters). One could also derive a spirit sigil from one of the appropriate magickal planetary squares, depending on the spirit’s hierarchical association, since there are different squares for each of the seven planets. There is also the Aiq Bkr magickal square that can be used to craft a sigil from a spirit’s name.

Essentially, a sigil is a visual magickal sign of some sort, whether it’s taken from some traditional body of magickal lore (grimoire or tradition), or created by the magician to represent the name of a spirit or to encapsulate a specific intention or desire. Manufacturing sigils became the hallmark of the famous British witch and sorcerer, Austin Osman Spare, who proposed a system of creating sigils by condensing and extracting the forms of the letters from a phrase that stated the magician’s intent. Spare called this methodology “sigilization,” and it was later adopted by Chaos magicians and others who use it as an independent system of magick. Sigilization is employed for casting spells, organizing and deploying an “alphabet of desire” for the same, or building up thought forms. However, it is probably one of the most direct and useful methods for creating a magickal link that I ever seen or experienced.

First, let me define what a magickal link is, and why it’s important in certain kinds of ritual magick. A link is employed whenever a magician seeks to make something happen in the material world. It is usually tangible in some manner and it should model or symbolize the magician’s intention. A link is a symbolic quality that establishes a connection between the magician, his desire, the magickal power raised and the intended target, whatever that happens to be. 

In archaic forms of magick, the link was usually something that was directly “linked” or attached at some point to the target, such as hair, finger nail parings, blood, jewelry or clothing, if the target was to be a person. If the target was more general, then the link consisted of herbs, power objects (stones, crystals, odd shaped pieces of wood), bird or animal parts (or even human parts), bits of metal (magnets, nails) or other curious odds and ends collected while on the hunt for internal occult connections. A table of correspondences would also help the magician sort out and select analogous items consisting of colors, incense, herbs, gem stones, precious and semi-precious metals - the list is nearly endless. 

These various objects would be put together in an artistic manner to symbolize the intent, such as piercing an apple with rusty nails, piercing dried organs or herbs with thorns, or creating a poppet or miniature human shape out of wax or some tuber, adorning it with bits of hair, finger nails or cloth, and then baptizing and naming it for the intended target. The objects would be blessed, charged, assembled, and the final product would be used in a spell to make something happen. The completed link object could be put in a metal container or a bottle, a leather or cloth pouch, and either kept, buried or burned. In some cases words could be printed on the object, or perhaps even a scrap of cloth or paper could be used to contain drawings and words or names. In antiquity, curses were drawn and written out on lead sheets, folded and dropped into a well or stuck between the stones of the victim’s home. 

Organic or inorganic links are called “gross links” because they are made from organic or inorganic materials, where the actual physical form and structure determines its use and intended purpose. Writing something down on a parchment, paper, cloth or a thin sheet of metal is a very different kind of link. A drawing or writing represents a transitional kind of magickal object, becoming more of what I call a symbolic link, since it uses symbolic forms to depict and establish the link. 

A symbolic link is more versatile than a gross link, which is normally used just once. A symbolic link often caries no trace of any previous spell on it, so it can be reused for other purposes. A link that could be fashioned to be used multiple times would require that the original intent was the same. For instance, you could fashion a symbolic link for acquiring money, use it for yourself, and then at another time, use it for a friend. So long as there were no identifying factors or names, a general symbolic link can serve multiple purposes.

In the energy model or theory of magick, a link is used to imprint the raised energy before it’s exteriorized to fulfill the magician’s intention. The raised energy can be highly qualified, or not, but it still has to be imprinted with the magician’s desire. In the system of magick that I use, a sigil is employed to facilitate the instrumentation of a link. The act of imprinting the energy is where the magician wills the link, in the form of a sigil, and the raised energy into a unified field. (This technique will be discussed in more detail later in another section.) 

Crafting a sigil to be used as a link doesn’t usually trigger it’s inherent effect or cause the desire to become manifest by itself. This is because one needs to charge or consecrate the sigil after fashioning it, and then apply it as a link within a magickal working where the energy is raised. Others may perform sigil magick as an independent magickal mechanism, so in that situation it’s possible that the act of crafting it might actually trigger the spell. 

Since it is my habit to always craft a sigil just prior to performing a working (and I have never, to my knowledge, crafted one without it being used in a working), it would be difficult for me to judge whether the act of crafting the sigil prematurely triggered a working. I just know that in order for a ritual working to be successful, a link must be fashioned and used to imprint the energy. The two magickal operations performed sequentially are being blended together, but it’s possible to fulfill a working with just the internalized application of the link. Now that I have explained how I use sigilization in my magickal workings, I should probably describe how to actually craft a sigil. 

The general rule for crafting a sigil is to start out by writing a phrase that encapsulates the intention of the rite. It should be written in upper case, then the phrase is reduced to a simple pictographic diagram through a process of reduction and simplification, where the curves, lines, and intersected forms of those actual letters are reduced to a unique set and reassembled into a kind of logo. 

Let’s go through the steps that one would typically follow to produce a sigil, keeping in mind that there are a lot of variations and methods used in this technique. How I do it may not be exactly the same as how others do it, but each practitioner will ultimately find a technique that works for them. 

1. Write out a phrase of your intent; make it as simple and specific as possible. You can also eliminate words like “I” or “desire” or “will” from the phrase since that would be redundant. Just state what you intend or seek to make happen. 

To make things easier, you will want to print this phrase out in all capital letters, but actually, I prefer to add the nuance of having larger and smaller letters in the mix. Using all caps actually helps to reduce the number of linear forms in the sample of extracted letters. 

The act of succinctly stating one’s intention also helps to simplify and refine the intention of a work. It’s better to reduce the intention down to one thing. If you are seeking to make more than one thing happen, then you should employ more than one phrase and then build multiple sigils from them. (It might also be necessary to perform separate workings for each sigil link as well.)

2.  Looking over the phrase, from left to right, eliminate all redundant letters - or letters that occur more than once. Now the phrase should just have all of the unique letters in the order that they first occur.

3. Next, eliminate letters that are variations of each other, for instance, “M” and “W” are analogous to each other. Break out of the letters the various analogous structures, like the cross bar in the “E”, “R”, “F”, “A”, “H” or “G”, the curve in the “B”, ‘C”, “D”, “G”, “J”, “P”, “R”, “S” or “U”, and the vertical, horizontal and diagonal lines that are found in the remaining letters. All of the these forms are reduced down to a single form, or dual forms facing left or right. The “O” can become a small circle or it can be fused with the rest of the curves, being a left and right curve joined together. What you have now are just single incidences of multiple structures (essential forms) arrayed in a line, like letters.

4. Assemble the line of essential structural forms together again to create a condensed linear form, which should look something like a pictographic representation or logo of the original phrase. This last step may require several attempts to find a final structure that “looks” elegant and interesting to the eye. You can fashion a single sigil form, or multiple sigils. Using multiple iterations to build a sigil makes for a less cluttered final sigil structure. If you are going to use a name in your sigil, then I would recommend making that a separate sigil form from the actual intention. 

The point of this exercise is to produce a final structure that is simplistic, looks something like a pictograph of the intention, and the letters used in the original phrase can still be perceived in the final shape, although this last condition is not as important as creating a memorable pictograph. 

I usually have to make four or five passes using this process before I am able to condense the form down to something that is esthetically pleasing and interesting to look at. Austin Spare was something of a graphic genius when it came to this kind representation (he could probably do it automatically and in one pass), but you don’t have to measure your results by that very high standard. 

While working out the sigil, I will use a pencil on a scrap of paper, but the final form will be rendered on parchment with a special water-proof ink. It could also be painted on a piece of board, cloth, etched on metal, or even drawn on the floor or wall of your temple. However it is finally done, it will become an important magickal instrument, so the act itself should be executed as if it were a magickal rite, with the intention of the sigil and its associated desire strongly fixated in the mind of the magician. 

Once the sigil is crafted, it will need to be consecrated if it’s to be used in a magickal working. This step is not followed by many who use sigilization magick, but this is how I do it, and it keeps the sigil from being too active until its intended use. I will consecrate the sigil with just a spot of lustral water (carefully applied with a wand) and then fumigated over an incense burner just before performing the working. For the sigil of a spirit, I would use consecrated wine, leaving a small stain on the corner as a sign that the sigil parchment has been activated. 

Although I don’t actually work sigil magick without also performing a working of some kind, the basic idea behind it is to fill the mind with an emotional charge associated with the desire or intention so that no other thoughts or feelings are possible. This is a type of powerful obsession, often accompanied with a deep focused trance. This mind state is gradually built up through the process of crafting the sigil and then it’s elevated once the sigil is committed to its final form, executed in ink on parchment, or in whatever media is elected. The magician holds the sigil before his sight, focusing on the image of the design (not the words that were used to build it), while the emotional sentiments associated with the spell are worked to a climax. Then the sigil is either destroyed or set aside and promptly forgotten, allowing the image of the sigil to work in one’s unconscious mind. The magician can generate an intensely focused climax in a number of different ways, such as an orgasmic release through sex magick, masturbation, or even assuming Spare’s Death Posture. Yet often just intensely focusing the mind for a period of time and then quickly releasing it, is sufficient to obtain a good result.  

I should probably mention two other methods that are used to create a sigil device. These are the methods of fashioning a mantra or using condensed pictures. The mantra technique is similar to the word based sigil, except the reduced set of letters and vowels are arranged to spell out a magickal word or formula. It will most likely (though not always) be a nonsense word, but it will symbolize a specific intent. It will function as a barbarous magickal word of power, which can be used in a chant or as a mantra. A sigil derived from a picture or symbolic images (such as the symbols for the elements, planets, astrological signs, alchemical symbols, or even international traffic signs) uses the same methodology as stated in steps 3 and 4 for building a word sigil, where the forms are broken apart, condensed and reassembled. 

That’s briefly how to formulate and use sigils as links in the discipline of ritual magick. This is based completely on how I do it, so of course, there will be a lot of possible variations. I doubt that two magicians who use this technique do it exactly in the same manner, but I believe that I have revealed the basic steps that most would follow. A more thorough resource on the art of sigil magick is to be found in the book “Practical Sigil Magic” by Frater U.D. (Llewellyn, 1990), which I heartily recommend.

© Frater Barrabbas

anonymous asked:

I'm a new witch and I was wondering how do I make a sigil? I have written down the runes and the meaning but they're a bit unclear to me.

Well, first of all, you don’t need to use the runes in creating sigils. You can, but that is just one way to go about things, and by no means is it absolute. If the runes are unclear to you, I suggest not worrying so much about using those for now, and focus a bit more on something you can relate to and understand better. This will make the sigils you create more connected with you, since you actually understand them and they make sense to you. Fortunately, there are a number of methods you can use to make sigils, and I will list a few of them here for you. Play around with them - if you find a method you mostly like, but don’t agree with a step or two, feel free to modify them. The best thing about sigils is how easy to personalize they are, how versatile. Also, you are absolutely encouraged to make your own methods and experiment with anything you want in regards to sigils as well; the branch of magic sigils originate from - chaos magic - is all about finding things that work for you, and playing around with things until you do manage to get something working the way you want it.

Good luck, and have fun! :D

kemetiwitch  asked:

may I ask what method you use to make sigils? I am constantly looking for new ones to try out

The method I have stuck with the longest goes something like this:

I write down my statement of intent, in present tense (”I am” versus “I will”). I prefer to use longer sentences to make sure I get exactly what I want and need out of the sigil, though just using a couple words can work just as well. I’ll use “I am safe and protected in my city" as an example - a sigil I made ages ago on thesigilwitch.

From there I remove any letter that repeats more than once. Some say to remove the vowels as well, but I like to keep them; that feels very much like a personal preference thing to me, anyway. So “I am safe and protected in my city" becomes “IAMSFENDPROTCY.”

Once that’s done, I generally break down those letters into smaller, basic shapes. So A would become / - \, D is just | ), and I think you get the point. :p This is very much a personal preference step. I find my sigils more aesthetically pleasing when they don’t look like the English alphabet - they look more mysterious and arcane, which is a huge draw for me, and basically what made me want to start working with sigils in the first place. (Besides the fact that they looked super easy, not so draining of one’s energy, and the least likely to cause negative backlash, but I digress.)

After that, I doodle. I keep my statement of intent in mind as I draw, constantly thinking and repeating it to myself. Sometimes I use all the pieces of the letters, sometimes I use only one of each, sometimes I just wing it. This is the part of my creation process that is the most fluid, which I find hilarious. I spend the time to write out the statement, break it down as far as I can, and then most of the time I don’t even use the pieces xD There are times when I don’t even break down the statement of intent - like my [”Amulet Coin” sigil] - and others when I rid the duplicate letters but never break it down any further than that - the [”Bring Rain” sigil] is a good example of that. It basically just depends on my mood, and what I’m feeling for each particular sigil.

Anyways, back to the creation process. I generally get a design I like in one to three sketches, but that’s because I’ve spent over a year doing this and I’ve gotten my style nailed down pretty tightly. Sometimes it takes a while to get a design that you like - last year I spent an hour and thirty designs for one sigil, that was brutal. It’s fine if it takes some time, just keep trying until you get something you really like the look of. 

The design I went with for “I am safe and protected in my city" looked like this:

When I have a sketch that I like, I “digitalize” it. I draw a bit outside of sigil work, and most of my work is done with digital art programs, so I started neatening up my sigils that way as well. It’s super aesthetically pleasing to me, plus they look really nice uploaded to Tumblr when they’re digital like that. I scan the sketch, then use PaintTool SAI and Adobe Photoshop for digitalizing my sigils. This sigil, “I am safe and protected in my city,“ looks like this when drawn in PaintTool SAI, and made transparent in Photoshop:

And that’s my process. Sometimes I play around with other methods, just to see what I can get / if they’ll work as well. I find experimentation pretty important when working with sigils (they’re a part of chaos magic, which heavily recommends playing around and trying new things with magic). It also really depends on the kind of mood I’m in, and how much time and/or energy I have to make a sigil. If I need to pump one out really fast, I generally just focus on my statement mentally and just let the pencil lead the way.

I’m including some links to other sigil creation methods, so you can get an idea of how they vary and how you can personalize your method to suit you and your needs. :)

Good luck, and have fun making your sigils! :D