magick orchids

//conjures flowers//

Salutations Gryffindor’s, Hufflepuff’s, Ravenclaw’s, and Slytherin’s!

In the world of magick, it’s easy to forget the simplest of things. I cannot tell you how many times I’ve neglected my Mandrakes and Wolfsbane!

Though I am certain, Students, that your memory is far and away better than mine. I’d like to share a little trick to aid in the health and growth of your herbs and plants!

⚡️Before I continue Students, an important reminder that you cannot simply wave your wands and expect things to happen! You must believe and focus your intent!⚡️

🌱 The Sigil is empowered by the spell, Orchideous. Known to summon the strength of all kinds of Fauna and Flora.

🌱 Charge the Sigil by focusing your intent and with your wand chant ‘Orchideous’ until you feel ready to continue. Or you may utilize any technique, you feel comfortable with, to charge it.

🌱 You may place the Sigil on the planters and ceramic pots themselves.

🌱 Or add a Crystal/Gemstone companion with your plants, charmed with Orchideous, to send its energy to your plants.

🌱how do I charm my Crystals?: Ground and center. Then place the crystal in your hands and visualize a green soothing light entering the crystal. This green light is earth energy. Visualize your seedlings or plants growing strong and healthy until it blooms while chanting “Orchideous”.

🌱Crystals that aid in plant growth?: any green crystal has energy from the green ray spectrum. Or earth energy.

🌱For example:

•Moss agate

•Green Calcite

•Aquamarine (for those who have ponds with koi fish and plant life living together)

•Clear Quartz/Rutile (I know not green, however, this stone is known as a “Jack of all Trades” for being able to harness all kinds of energy. Rutilated Quartz is Clear Quartz’s ‘strong older brother’ the strong vibration energy that resides acts as a small battery.

🌱please research the crystals you’d like to use. The crystals may corrode in water or rust. Like Malachite.

🌱Don’t have a garden of your own? No Lawn? Allergic? Whatever your reasons, I have a perfect idea! It doesn’t matter where you live donate some of your love and energy into the earth itself. If you hike or travel to parks or forests, etc., you can sit by a tree and send Orchideous energy to help them stay healthy. You don’t even have to leave your home. Simply sit or lay on the ground and get comfortable with your palms flat on the ground. Chant Orchideous while visualizing the earth wrapped in soothing green light.

Well! There you have it! The first spell! Please use it and enjoy! I had a wonderful time writing this post and I hope you all liked it too!

If you use this spell tell me your experience! If you could change the intent of the spell in any way, what would be different?

I will see you all next week with another spell!!!

✨🔮Be creative and always inspired Students!🔮✨

⚡️Professor Key⚡️