magick before magick

  • Me: *wearing forty crystals across my body stick of sage burning in my mouth burning incense and white candles flicking oils and moonlit cleansed water across my bed chanting a little prayer with sigils on both hands*
  • Mum: what you doing...?
  • Me: There was a spider

nerdywolfmentality  asked:

i need a witchy opinion. im fairly new to witchcraft, but today i sat down and lit some candles and just said out loud that I need a sign if my ex is right for me and if he's my soulmate. A couple of hours later it started pouring rain harder then I'd ever seen in my life(+its 35°C here&it wasn't supposed to rain, it doesn't rain often at all.) Is this a sign from the universe? thanks!

I would say no it’s not a sign and the reason I would say that is because for one, the weather happens to everyone. It wasn’t just raining over your house, which certainly would be a sign. 

Another reason I think it wasn’t a sign is because the weather is something that, for all the technology we do have, is still rather unpredictable. It can be at an 80% chance of rain, and not rain, or at a 20% chance of rain and somehow in a downpour. I can look at an app that tells me it’s sunny in my zip code, and look up at the sky and see clouds. My point being, just because it wasn't “supposed” to rain, doesn’t mean it wasn’t going to regardless of what you asked the universe. 

And lastly, people get vary swept up in in ~magick~ and signs and vibes and what does it all mean when they first start out. It’s hard not to start looking at everything through a new perspective, and I would argue that a new perspective is healthy. However, it can also lead to witchlings being presumptuous about regular every day occurrences having occult meanings. 

You may have heard this phrase before: Mundane before magic. It’s a sort of idiom some of us use to encourage our selfs to debunk what could be regular occurrences, as well as to remind our selfs to take the needed steps in the real world to complement what ever magical steps we’re also taking. Of course, there are many ways it could be interpreted, but in your case, I hope it helps you to remember that sometimes the rain is just the rain. 

Try asking the universe for specific signs that are distinct, consulting a form of divination, or some other method of spell work to further answer your question regarding this person you’re interested in. 

I hope I was helpful! <3 

Blue Salt

Blue Salt is used for Protection, Healing, Justice and Legal Spells. It can also be mixed with Black Salt for reversing bad luck. 

You can make it by mixing:

Blue Flowers (or essential oils of those flowers)
Sea Salt
Blue Food Coloring

anonymous asked:

Hello! Would a banishing spell work to banish some people out of my sister's life? They're doing a lot of harm, to herself and my family

First and foremost, I highly highly recommend taking every “mundane” action possible before and along side of any spell work. If she or anyone is at risk of harm then I would urge you to involve the police in some way, be it calling 911 or making an anonymous report.

Above is a link for common hotline phone numbers, and even includes the texting numbers should that be something you or your sister needs. The list is quite extensive and covers a range of issues. 

If there are other people you can get into contact with like school counselors, doctors, youth leaders, or anyone else then I would again strongly urge you to do so. 

Once you have taken the proper “real world” steps to ensure the safety of your sister, self, and family, then I would recommend using banishing, warding, and protection spells. 

madamelacenoir  asked:

I just wanted to say that I love your blog, Halloween is the best!

Thank you madamelacenoir! I agree, Halloween is the greatest! It should be appreciated more!