Let’s Shoot Magic WITH Fenris

C: What’s the deal with unarmed spellcasting whys that not a thing?
J: something abt needing a conductive device to prevent spells backfiring into your own body i think i mean, it’s possible to do (given the Inquisitor’s comment abt not needing staves to be dangerous)
C: Lol man that’d be hilarious
J: but probably not common
C: Like when Ron broke his wand
r: Sort of? You can use magic without a staff, but it takes more effort and more time, the staff is there to focus your abilities. The same can be said in HP, Harry has used his magic without a wand before, but it was because of very strong emotions, generally it’s not very common and extremely difficult in that ‘verse. I use staffless magic all the time in Origins because my mage fights a lot with his sword too
J: you could probably use just about anything, not juste a staff anything that’s straight and you can point with
J: i hate how this is sounding rn
r: PFft. But, no you can’t I’m pretty sure. A staff is specially made to conduct magic
J: but like if you have. idk like not a pan or something
C: Vints have lyrium etched swords,no? That would be the ultimate arcane warrior wep
J: that would be reasonable but yeah anything that can be made to have the express purpose of channelling power can be used i think
C: A lyrium etched pan
J: no
r: That would be what you would have to do to use any other item as a staff.
C: hawke waving fenris around
r: jfc xD
r: Nono Hawke swings around Fen who’s holding out his sword
J: but like, for example the ke magic sword hilt
J: oh god don’t do that please leave poor fenris on the ground
r: But yeah, back to topic proper, anything can technically be used like a staff so long as it has been crafted to channel magic.
J: ^^
r: Which means, yes, lyrium etched frying pan
J: oh no
r: will shoot fireballs, brings a whole new meaning to frying your enemies
J: runed golf club “FORE”
r: lmao
J: modern au ideas right there
r: pmuch
J: modern au mage hawke who goes out of his way to find the weirdest possible conductors for his magic who also wears capes entirely unironically though
J: “it makes me look cool!”
J: “you look like a dumbass put that tablecloth back in the kitchen”
J: “and put the pan back too hawke”
r: omg yes pls
C: “I am the night” does that dramatic cape thing
C: I still wanna shoot magic with fen
C: We all know hawke must’ve tried that at some point
r: My gift to you

C: AAAAAAAAAAAA beautiful.
r: ikr?
J: i’m crying irl
r: -cackles-

Passei tantas vezes pela sua casa hoje, senti tanto falta de estar ali com você. Lembrei de todas as coisas que a gente conversava e das nossas risadas, preocupações, choros, festas, tudo era tão bom quando eu estava do teu lado. Como tudo isso morreu? Como uma amizade tão forte como a nossa se transformou em frangalhos? Eu sinto tanto a sua falta, queria te contar tantas coisas, mas tu está longe… tem outras pessoas ao seu redor, talvez tu tenha achado um substituto, pra amizade que eu achei que era insubstituível.