Finnish mythology inspired JJBAs!

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The clothes are based on Finnish national and ancient costumes, and Magician’s Red and Star Platinum are both based on Kalevala jewelry (Hattulan lintu for Red and Hannunvaakuna for Platinum) and mythology (Kokko the fire/metal eagle and “Sammon Puolustus” painting). In some Midsummer Eve’s magics lily-of-the-valley is considered a plant that protects you, so had to include that too.

(Somewhere deep in my Twitter you can find process images)

The Magician -  I

I have been wanting to design a Tarot deck for a long time. I have set myself the target of approx. 1 year to get all 22 of the Major Arcana down with my current commission load. I am not going to do them in order, instead I’m going to let inspiration and vibe guide each choice of card, I think this will help me stay motivated and keep a natural flow of progression.

I’m also sure that in a year i’ll probably want to brush up the first few XD

東方ワンドロ絵つめ by おいも

Permission to upload this was given by the artist.