magician and bot

Mx Bones, you’ve been a major inspiration to me. If I haven’t found you, I wouldn’t have made this blog nor gain more confidence in my art. You and your characters helped me cope through some of the most serious stress and issues in my life. The characters you made, they somehow feel like family to me. I’ve never had a father, but you created these wonderful people (and magic magician bots) that would’ve been like my own father. It helped me a lot. I’ve been one of the most antisocial people around, but since I’ve been around you, your followers, and your streams, I’ve gained confidence in being more open and social. If I’ve never known about you and made this blog, I wouldn’t have the friends I have today. You even gave me a better sense of humor. Your humor always makes me laugh till I’m on the floor and I’ve always enjoyed that every day. I’d always enjoy waking up and seeing you’re okay, being silly, and seeing your new artworks daily. I’m sad that you’re gone now… I hope you’re doing well, Bones. I just want you to know that I care as well as your own fellow followers. And if you’re happy, I’m happy. You are free from the hate and abuse and I’m glad about that. So go be with your friends and enjoy life. Fulfill your dreams. And thank you for bringing me out of the dark. Without you, I wouldn’t have gotten this far. I’ll miss you deeply…. Thank you for existing Bones. Your ride has only begun.