Today, a person who works for Star Wars came into the shop, and commented on Albert’s shirt. They struck up a conversation and Albert got a firm handshake when he identified himself to this person as a Jedi. Our happy customer left with a ring that had moldavite and two other types of meteorites in it. The magical perfection of this, in its entirety, is not wasted on us. A) Albert has managed to manifest a visitation from someone who is like a bishop in his personal religion, B) we are both in geek heaven right now due to sheer proximity of said person, and C) we approve of said person’s choice in stones. Of course, all the meteorites. Of course. #magichappenseveryday

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Dear Friends, Clients, and Supporters of The Sacred Well

We have decided to close our doors on Friday, November 28th, 2014. We have chosen to stand apart from the current narrative of “Black Friday” and the negative pattern of consumption at all costs. We honor and support the decision by other businesses to be open that day, and wish our neighbors and colleagues great success.

This year, Black Friday arrives at a time when our community is standing in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Missouri, and
protesters across the nation. We want to stand up and be present in the current climate of protest and make a public statement: We believe that Black Lives Matter. We will not stand by and promote business as usual in the wake of repetitive, proven, purposeful injustices. We advocate that our staff and our clients take the day to reflect, mourn, and find spiritual solace or create magical action.

We hope that you will join us on “Small Business Saturday” on the
29th, and also plan to visit us for our Magical Holiday Market on
Saturday the 6th, and Saturday the 13th, where we will feature gifts by local artisans of many kinds.

Now, as always, we give heartfelt thanks for our community.
with great love,
The Sacred Well Staff.
#blacklivesmatter #blackoutblackfriday #notonedime #magichappenseveryday

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3 new (to us) decks just hit the floor!! Tarot de St. Croix is a beautiful, bright contemporary deck with a vibrant multicultural focus. HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot evokes the beauty and method of the islands. The Steele Wizard Tarot has a strong Pagan focus and strong archetypal imagery. Come in and see for yourself!! #tarottuesdays #tarot #divination #magichappenseveryday #shopoakland (at The Sacred Well)

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