Dear Friends, Clients, and Supporters of The Sacred Well

We have decided to close our doors on Friday, November 28th, 2014. We have chosen to stand apart from the current narrative of “Black Friday” and the negative pattern of consumption at all costs. We honor and support the decision by other businesses to be open that day, and wish our neighbors and colleagues great success.

This year, Black Friday arrives at a time when our community is standing in solidarity with the people of Ferguson, Missouri, and
protesters across the nation. We want to stand up and be present in the current climate of protest and make a public statement: We believe that Black Lives Matter. We will not stand by and promote business as usual in the wake of repetitive, proven, purposeful injustices. We advocate that our staff and our clients take the day to reflect, mourn, and find spiritual solace or create magical action.

We hope that you will join us on “Small Business Saturday” on the
29th, and also plan to visit us for our Magical Holiday Market on
Saturday the 6th, and Saturday the 13th, where we will feature gifts by local artisans of many kinds.

Now, as always, we give heartfelt thanks for our community.
with great love,
The Sacred Well Staff.
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3 new (to us) decks just hit the floor!! Tarot de St. Croix is a beautiful, bright contemporary deck with a vibrant multicultural focus. HazelMoon’s Hawaiian Tarot evokes the beauty and method of the islands. The Steele Wizard Tarot has a strong Pagan focus and strong archetypal imagery. Come in and see for yourself!! #tarottuesdays #tarot #divination #magichappenseveryday #shopoakland (at The Sacred Well)

Today, in Honor of Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, we are giving away free candle labels designed by our beloved @eyemanifest Rha Bowden and Doc Grey as well as a beautiful and inspiring prayer for social justice written by Branwen. Come on by and listen to the amazing words of Dr King which are on the stereo all day, and add your intentions our Honey Jar of Hope!! #letsmakesomemagic
#martinlutherkingjr #socialjustice #hellasacred #oaklandismagic #magichappenseveryday #blacklivesmatter #letmypeoplego (at The Sacred Well)

So excited about the first weekend of our annual Magical Holiday Market- this Saturday at the shop from Moon-6pm. We here at The Sacred Well cherish gathering some of our favorite local artisans and their wares to provide a festive and unique holiday shopping experience for our community!

Come on down and look for that special something and one of a kind treasure, while sipping on complimentary hot chocolate. Together we can deck the halls, and bring life to our local economy.

Saturday, December 6th

Sharon Knight (
Internationally touring songstress Sharon Knight offers CDs for $15 or special holiday rates of 2 for $25. She will have some specialty
items; “Music in a Bottle”, download codes rolled up and presented in decorative bottles. Sonic Alchemy gift certificates will also be available. Get a 1 hour private session with Sharon using sound to help move through stuck places. You can get a feel for Sharon’s Sonic Alchemy work by downloading this free exercise, the Sonic Soul Alignment.

Elaine Smith (
Elaine D. Smith brings over 15 years of colorful and varied experience in metal fabrication, stone setting, custom design development and repairs. She believes that creativity is a energy field where anything is possible.

Ash Rúndaingne
A local artisan who makes a variety of handmade and witchy goods, including hand knit scarves. For those looking for a touch of magic in their holiday shopping.
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This amazing Orgonite Tetrahedron just hit the floor here at The Sacred Well. Made from a fiberglass resin and filled with Copper spirals, Brass and Titanium shavings, and a variety of crystals like Amethyst, Aquamarine, and Rose Quartz, these babies really vibrate with energy!! If any of our community feels called to share their experiences with Orgonite, we’d love to hear how you work with them!! ✨💫💥⚡🌀#orgonite #goodvibes #attunement #crystals #manifestation #magichappenseveryday (at The Sacred Well)

Super excited about the Introduction to Runes classes that start tomorrow night!

RUNE WORKSHOP: An Intro to the Elder Futhark
Wednesday Jan 7, Feb 4, March 4
$25 per class
In this 3 part introduction to the Elder Futhark rune alphabet, we
will focus mainly on the symbolism and interpretation of each symbol and its practical esoteric applications starting with the First Aett. History, bind runes, and basic runecasting techniques will be covered throughout.

Attendees are invited to bring their own rune set for our workshop activities!

For more info, call the shop at 510-444-9355

(Runes by
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Have we mentioned lately how much we love the By Nieves skincare line? We’re betting that most of the people on your list will too. We have a limited number of these gift sets available: A Dab’ll Do Ya is perfect for travelers or those who are new to the line and includes a 1 oz Cloud of Protection & trial sizes of Face Fix, The Balm, Bath Salts and “C” Perfect Skin. The Deluxe is perfect for spoiling someone and is a full size bottle/jar of the entire line!! #byNieves #gifts #yule #shoplocal #natural #skincare #healing #magichappenseveryday (at The Sacred Well)