obligatory ‘looking to follow new blogs’ post! fairly new to witchcraft but especially interested in blogs posting/reblogging….

  • candle magic
  • sachet magic
  • herb magic
  • bath magic
  • crystal magic
  • grimoire ideas and inspiration
  • tarot
  • lore and history - especially if it’s celtic!!! 
  • secular witchcraft
  • magic involving cats! especially cool ideas for how i could involve my wee furry love in my spells.
  • general reference regarding herb/incense/oil/colour/candles/crystals correspondence/meanings
  • magic that doesn’t take a whole lot of money/energy/spoons

happy to check out anyone who likes likes but will appreciate the exposure from reblogs if you’re that way inclined, cos this sideblog is very new and i’d love a good range of blogs to check out <3

p.s. i’ve been especially invested in learning about herb and colour correspondences + their uses in magic and my spells so far have been very focused on those aspects! additionally, im very into lush bath stuff and have been for a while; sooo, i’m hoping to spend some time after i get a lot of uni obligations out of the way looking at my fave products (bath bombs and bubble bars especially) and compiling some posts detailing all their potential magical uses, based on their listed ingredients and colours. i’d like to eventually compile a masterpost! so give us a follow if that’s your jam

xoxoxoxoxo bri