I just reached my goal, so I wanted to say thank you to all my followers and mutuals. I really apreciate all of you for making my dash SO AMAZING. Thanks to y’all for making my days happier. Also, I’m happy because I’m making some really good friends here. Thank you so much  💚 💚 💚

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‘Ballad of the Golden Bird’ Magic Castles
Video by Jon Carling

I just wanted to say that I was quite possibly one of the happiest creatures alive when one of my besttttttesstttt friends ever (Emily) came to visit me about two weeks ago. She is my soul-friend as we like to call it. We just get each other. This is us all dressed up to head to the Magic Castle, one of my most favorite places here in LA. Haha me and her say this all the time, but we wish she wasn’t married already and already owning a house in North Carolina. She should just move out here and we should spend forever together being silly. Hehehe. No but really, she is happy and I am happy and we can be happy even if we are apart. I will always be friends with this girl. Always. We’ll be old in rocking chairs and she’ll be getting high everyday still and cleaning and cooking amazing meals like always, and I’ll be doing some craft project, like always or singing her songs I’ve written, (hehe like always) and we’ll be talking about how lovely our lives are and talking each other through the drama in our lives and sitting on the couch watching Ancient Aliens. I love her. Wish her trip had been longer here. OK, I could talk about her forever. She’s amazing. I just don’t think people understand how hard it is not to have super close friends out here in LA, or even in life in general. I have very few. She is one of them. I LOVE MY EMILY! I’m blessed to have her in my life.