💘Hey y’all!!! So today March 7, 2017, is the one month mark from when i decided i loved GOT7!! I wanted to do a cute little follow forever for the blogs i’ve begun to love (mutuals and non), the homies who stuck around and didn’t leave when i became a kpop blog, and just because i’m super close to that 7k !!!!💘

💘i love every single one of you wether we are mutuals or not, wether we’re friends or not, and wether we’ve spoken or not!💘

# - D

@17dad + @19940106 + @1ie + @1ooks + @20angel + @24jb + @2jaekisses + @5angtan + @93yoong + @alienoffical + @alreadygonx + @amerithotkongs + @angelsvevo+ @appleyugyeom + @artwrkz + @baeker + @bananaschnapps + @bbbambam + @bittersoul + @blueeyedho + @chicanafeministax + @cuteaqua + @cutepimook + @cynicals + @daddyjaebumie + @defwang + @dsasterology + @dsouls + @dujourvevo

E - I

@edgygirlfriend + @ehgase@etherealcubana + @etoileslune + @expiredvirgin + @exploitinginsecurity + @fakehoe + @felldownthegot7rabbithole + @fireemoji + @foulvixen + @gabbyfuckyou + @get7 + @goldensmaknaes + @goldnedays + @got7peaches + @gotchicken + @goth7 + @gothcoast + @gothvibes + @gotsichi7 + @gyeomsgrl + @hereforjaebum+ @herestothemusic + @horchataheart + @ifyoudomv + @ilovejackson@imarkson + @imeightout + @imxjaebeom + @imyugbam + @irwingroupie 

J - N

@j-aebum + @j1ny0ung + @jackbum + @jackhemmingz@jackseun + @jacksonplusme + @jacksonsmeetinghisniece + @jacksontienemicorazon + @jacksonwangblog + @jacksonwangtastic + @jackssion + @jacksvn + @jaebeat + @jaebomi + @jaesbum + @jbsfroot + @jbumholic + @jehbum + @jieunyoung + @jingogi + @jinyoungslover + @jjjaebum + @justinsprincesa + @justwhatevermark + @jypnior + @jyum + @kissbbom + @kpopipod + @lackkofreason + @lavendermask + @leaderbum + @limjaebeom + @liquidhighlight + @livinonaprayer + @lovelyugyeom + @lukes-penguinn + @lukeslatinagf + @lunesaphique + @magiccastles + @maisuks + @markificent + @mattehunny + @memento-moree + @menudo + @micool5sos + @milk-tuan + @missmrder + @mjbm + @moonschild + @mounshine + @nevereverbygot7 + @newreject + @nnonet + @nurseries

O - T

@officialimjaebum + @officialjjproject + @okjb + @ollymurs + @oro-enpaz@paletropic + @parkjinyougns + @parkjinyoungology + @parkjinyoungsbooty + @piercjngs + @pinkhoodiemark + @poeticyoungjae + @posiufo + @prettygemini + @princessscut + @protectmarkjin + @rhystarlight + @rllybitchy + @rosecrystal + @rosegoldlatina + @roseified + @roseloves + @sadgf + @satinblues + @sebaeksgirl + @seokijn + @sharingoth + @shitheadofficial + @skatergf + @slay-bum + @slutforjinyoung + @softbeom + @softforjackson + @softforyugyeom + @softgyeom + @softjb + @soulmatesjjp + @suhos-lotto + @sunkiss + @tawkos + @tengosiete + @thegirlwhocriedluke + @tokyoluke + @traumamp3 + @tuanpumpkins + @turnon

U - Y

@ultgotbang + @ultramattelip + @ultyugyeom + @unpredicteble + @walmark + @wangcutie + @weirdgf + @whenshewasbad + @whyoungjae + @wwwowzer + @wystm + @yezir + @yoongisgff + @yoongs-bitch + @yougjae + @youngjaes + @youngjai + @yourmajestyqueenchelseachels + @yugbam + @yugbamsdaughter + @yugmark + @yugy + @yugy-uhm + @yugybeom + @yugyeomish + @yugyeomism + @yugyeomki

thanks again and i love yall sooooooooo much !!!! 💘

hi everyone! i recently hit over 30K followers on my blog YAY!! thank you all so much for following me, reblogging my gifs, and sending me sweet messages. i really appreciate all of you guys! here are some of my favorite blogs that make my dash a beautiful and warm place! ♡

special shoutouts

@got7europe: my twinnie, my other half. i’m so glad we stan the same group and i love how we fangirl about got7 24/7. thank you for being an amazing supportive sister and best friend. hopefully got7 are coming to europe soon so we can meet them after 4 years of waiting. I LOVE YOU THE MOST SIS. twinning is winning.

@umma-jy: you’ve been here since the beginning and you never changed a bit. thank you for always being so sweet and supportive. not only to me but to everyone. please never change because you’re awesome ily!

@jypnior: you’re the mark to my jin!!! and the jin to my mark. you’re always helping me whenever i need something, and no matter what time it is you’re always there for me. i love our serious and hilarious convo’s! thank you for making me feel better when i’m insecure about something. you truly have a special place in my heart! i love you limxi!!!

@markmarktuan: TINA! can you believe we’ve been friends for like 4 years now? remember team thirsty for mark and L.A secrets? haha it has been an amazing road. even though you’re not active on here anymore you’re my first friend i made in this fandom and i love you so much!

# - g
@amerithotkongs, @busa-n, @baroms, @bang-sayang, @buffoppas, @ceohan, @cryjeon, @chambaeq@dazzlingkai, @defwang, @fuckyeahchoiyoungjae, @fuckmejaebum@got7, @got7europe, @got7ish, @gukchims, @got7baes, @ggot7, @got7savedkpop

h - m
@huggableyoungjae, @igot7-love, @imarkson, @j1ny0ung, @jacksonsflip@justwhatevermark@jimiyoong, @jypnior, @jaebumiie, @jackseun, @jacksonisjbsprincess@kimdaily, @kickmyassjimin, @leaderbum, @madkingjaebum,  @marktuan, @markmarktuan, @maark-tuan@markgot7, @markyieuns@magiccastles@mymarktuan, @marksseunie, @markificent, @milk-tuan, @mjbm, @moonsjunhui ♡

n - z
@nochuie@ohgoshjackson, @pastel-mark, @pettyjinyeong, @pingumark, @strxctlygotseven@seoullama, @softjj0ng, @taestysuga, @thiccjimin, @umma-jy, @whyoungjae, @yourmajestyqueenchelseachels, @yituans, @yugy, @yugyeomia, @zamnari

Okay I’ve attempted to make a follow forever for quite some time now and honestly this took forever to make anyway?? But I’ve reached 1200 which I feel is a decent milestone so I wanted to make one of these to celebrate! :D I do want to preface though, because I’ve mentally said it over probably thirty times at least as I was making this that I truly am sorry that I’m the worst person ever at communication and literally I love to talk to anyone, but sometimes I genuinely forget and don’t look in my IMs for months on end and the next time I see it I’m like?? Oh wow they probably hate me for taking so long should I still reply?? Lolol, but yeah I’ll go ahead and do these but I’m gonna do the special shoutouts at the bottom ^.^ But honestly thank you and I love you to everyone who follows me and who I follow and I appreciate all of you and I know I forgot people so chances are even if you’re not on here I’ll still follow you forever??

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anonymous asked:

Mlt prefer slow, passionate love making for Got7, please? Thank you :)

thank you for requesting! just a heads up, this is FICTION, aka its not real & i don’t know got7 personally & credits to @magiccastles for the gif

Originally posted by magiccastles



- i feel like he likes to take his time, you know to get it right, not to rush, making eye contact, all that cute stuff


- i would say jinyoung second since he gives off the serious vibe he kinda likes to savour the moment, there’s no need to rush anything


-  i feel like he would enjoy you riding him, his hands on your waist, trying to keep eye contact


- he likes to take his time and admire your expressions and watch how his little touches make your body react


- i would say that bambam is in the middle, i likes it hard and fast but sometimes he just likes to take his time and let the pleasure was over the two of you


- i think the only time is like make up sex or something like a special occasion, i just dont see him being into slow sex, he likes it rawww but would give gr8 aftercare bc thats important boys and girls


- kinda like jackson, i just see him having slow sex you know but if he did, it would be slow & HARD


andjatrubarac  asked:

Wow,you really want to do that,that Will be amazing!!💖 Thank you so much.Wish you all best🌸💖😍

Of course~! It’s no problem! ❤️❤️❤️ Ok here are some of my favorite blogs:

@jypnior, @husbandsjjp, @pinkhoodiemark, @tuanpumpkins, @kissbbom, @umma-jy, @doublebam1a, @sidepartmark, @magiccastles, @ungiis, @2jaekisses, @marktuansflip, @dsouls, @jjks, @ult2jae, @marksseunie, @milk-tuan, @jingogi, @jinyoung-trash, @okjb, @holyfuckmark, @soulmatesjjp, @defwang, @prince-chanyeol, @officialwangtrash, @gotchicken @psychicdrama, @yourmajestyqueenchelseachels 

I mean this is all I can think of at the top of my head, but yeah! All of these blogs are great.

anonymous asked:

can you recommend jaebum blogs to follow? thank you :)

Hello💗 I sure can!! here are some of my favorite Jaebum stans all lovely ppl with lovely blogs👌💗(I’m gonna forget some so this is just a handful of them lol)

@dsouls @jaebumskitten @jajajaebum @imjaebumaf @kissbbom @2jaekisses @ult2jae @mkcyj @allofk @imjaebeomtrash @gotchicken @pinkjbeom @fuckmejaebum @got7europe @magiccastles @co-kai-ne @queen-im @husbandsjjp @littlemimosa @imjbun


‘Ballad of the Golden Bird’ Magic Castles
Video by Jon Carling

Game Over;

Originally posted by magiccastles

Summary: Your mission is to kill Im Jaebum and the only way to do that is to make him fall for you 

Disclaimer: All the things that are mentioned in this are words of fiction aka it’s not real. I’ve literally just made this up and as always credits to @magiccastles for the gif

Member: Jaebum from GOT7 x black female reader

Rating: PG - mentions of blood & death

Words: 1692

Note: this is gonna be part 2 bc i can tell it’s gonna be super long & feedback is appreciated btw, feel free to gas me up & thnks to @byleo for the beta of this chapter

  chapter one:

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GOT7 related Blogs. Some blogs are multi-fandom

Check these blogs out if you are looking for more GOT7 blogs to follow

@aegyotuan @adoringjinyoung @ambersgf @amerthaikong @awesomemeowww @b-boyking @blondetuan @boringperson @chaebeom @choijunhyuksgf @coco-jae  @defsouljb @defwang @demfluffycheeks @dsouls @exo-love-in-my-shineeworld @fudgers @got7ish @gotpmgifs @gotsxvn @igot7-love @imjaebumism @hailjacksonwang @ithadtobeyouforever @jaebumiie @jaebums @jaksunshine @jackbumworld @jackson-7 @jaqseun @jenniferchiang @justgot7 @jwxngs @kittenyeong @kpopislife99 @krystuan @lavender-kills @leader-jb @lu-minescents @magiccastles @malegroups @markbrows @markbutton @markjestic @markjin @markmarktuan @marksonchill @marktuon @minghaosnose @minw @mysteriousz @noxarcanax @pepi-junior @polarbeom @realx2got7 @swoonfinite @thekpopfix @tuanpumpkins @ughjacksonwang @umma-jr @wang-me-harder @wangjackseons @wangmins @wang-thighs @welcome-to-all-kpop @whaaaalep @yugyeomism @yooneroos @yougotmeyugyeomie @yongwon-ee @yuhwan

FYeah GOT7 (fantaken/update blogs)

@19940106 @dailygot7 @fuckyeahchoiyoungjae @fuckyeahjinson @fuckyeah-gotseven @fuckyeahgot7 @fy-got7 @fywangjackson @fyeah-marktuan @fyeahmarkson @fyeah-junior @fy-yugyeom

I did this in case anyone is new to the GOT7 fandom or to Tumblr and maybe wanted some more blogs to follow. I may eventually separate the multi-fandom and GOT7 only blogs. I kind of did this spur of the moment so it is kind of sloppy (poor alphabet order haha) and I know for sure I forgot some blogs but hopefully this is helpful to at least one person. I chose these blogs since I find myself reblogging from them a lot. Feel free to message me if you know any good GOT7 blogs I didn’t mention. I will eventually make this a link on my blog.

*Some blogs (not many) may be a month or 2 inactive but that doesn’t mean that they won’t come back and I wanted to make sure they were on here.

@gotdirectory is a great place to go for blogs.

I just reached my goal, so I wanted to say thank you to all my followers and mutuals. I really apreciate all of you for making my dash SO AMAZING. Thanks to y’all for making my days happier. Also, I’m happy because I’m making some really good friends here. Thank you so much  💚 💚 💚

Here are some blogs I really love, so please check them, I’m sure you won’t regret it. 

@bbymarkiepooh  @blondetuan  @chic-jae  @coco-man  @cutetuans @defsouljaebum  @defwang  @dimsumark  @dongbangsoojjp  @dsouls @eatmark  @gentleyoungjae  @got7-ijb-imjaebum   @got7ish  @got7gifs  @got7-out​  @got7jacksonwang  @got7europe @got7lover101  @grandpaimjaebum   @got7problems  @gotchicken  @got7kings  @holyfuckmark  @huggableyoungjae  @igot7-love @imarkson  @imjbun  @imjaebumisbae  @imjaehoe  @imjaebumaf @imxjaebeom  @jbwroteproveitforjackson  @jackseunie  @jypnior @jaebeat @jacksontienemicorazon  @jaenglebeom  @jacksonwangism@jaebumsbabe​  @jinyoungiesgirl​  @jehbum​  @justright7@jaebumiie​  @jieunyoung​  @jaesbum​  @jjjaebum​  @jbsfroot@kittenyeong​  @leaderbum​  @loveisyugyeom​  @leader-jb@limjaebeom​  @mark2young2jae​ @marksramen@markmarktuan​  @markificent​  @milk-tuan​  @m-yien@myhomemygyeom​  @mrktns@markticseas​  @mistlehoejaebum@maknaeyugyeom​  @mjbm@myjaebutt​  @nyeong-ing​  @onekissjc@pkjy @raines-random-trash​​ @slay-bum​​  @strxctlygotseven​  @soft-jaebum​  @seoul-my-soul@tuanpumpkins​  @umma-jy  @wang-thighs  @wangjckson @wangmins  @winkthensmile  @yourmajestyqueenchelseachels  @yu-gyummy @yue2428  @yugyeim  @yugyeomiebaby  @yituans @yougotmeyugyeomie  @yugjaes  @yugyeomism  @younggjaebum​  

I hit my goal recently, so I’m here to make another follow forever. Honestly, who would’ve ever thought I’d reach 2,000 followers? It’s unreal.

Anyways, thank you all for making my Tumblr experience a wonderful one whether we are mutuals and talk often or if you guys follow me and just reblog my posts, either way, it really means a lot to me. 

Sorry if I miss anyone, but I am gonna try to make this short and simple unlike my past two follow forevers. Please take the time to check these blogs out and follow them and interact with the bloggers because they are all so nice and have A+ quality blogs!!!

Special mentions:

@jaywalkingmylifeaway @adoringjinyoung @huggableyoungjae, @officialwangtrash @yougotmeyugyeomie @lovemarkjin @allofk @noutsuretho @j-peaceful @lalitakayy @omojinyounghobi @yugyeommm @mynxosity @parkmyjinyoung @eatmark @foreverseokjin

Y’all mean a lot to me. My baes, my senpais and my friends. I’m really glad I met all of you through Tumblr and I hope one day we could hang out and see each other in person. That’s my dream :)

bolded: faves/senpais

@jenniferchiang @gentleyoungjae @slay-bum @neorangirls @gotchicken @jjjaebum @02211994 @magiccastles @limjaebeom @defsouljb @defwang @whyoungjae @jacksonwangism @jacksonsorganictea @alphajb @igotdefsoul @y0ngsin @tuanpumpkins @igotsiete @7cm @protectmarkjin @minyoonghi @jehbum @imjaebummaomao @imjaebumisbae @jayhoppe @markbutton @markificent @mjbm @jbsfroot @got7ish @holyfuckmark @igot-scenarios @igot7-love @jackseunie @youngejae @1moonstar @buypagetwoonitunes @got7-ijb-imjaebum @tae-n-daisies @wang-thighs @jaebumiie @jaebeom-s @jaebums @jaebuvm @ithadtobeyouforever @taehjin @leaderbum @belle-isa96 @younggjaebum @jengkook @no-more-diamond @ceohan @chic-jae @umma-jr @umma-mia @etherealay @justright7 @the8ght @tea-and-kookies @kunpimuak @golden-makdoongie @coco-jae @choijunhyuksgf @pepi-junior @got7europe @got7jacksonwang @twerkforjaebum @swoonfinite @banjjak-ssi @yugyeomism @jieunyoung @sevendless @jibeom @polarbeom @leader-jb @kittenyeong @ttakjoha

sorry  I got lazy to do this in a chronological order XD



—— my first follow forever ——

A little while ago, I hit 1000 followers!! I’ve only had this blog for a few months but every single one of you guys have made my experience so great ;;u;; thank you for following me and thank you for all of the compliments and love!! /tears up and hugs all of you/ 

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Hello everyone! I recently reached 200+ followers (how?!?! HOW?!?! i don’t know) Thank you guys so much for choosing to follow a messy little blog like mine :-)

There are so so many great blogs and people that I have talked to and who I enjoy seeing on my dash and I appreciate the community that you guys have made here (especially for GOT7 fans) I’m glad I have a place to come and scream about share GOT7 content with since I don’t have any other place really. Since I follow almost 300 blogs (!!!) I will try to only list a few. I apologize if I miss anyone, I really love all the blogs I follow because they all add to this lovely community :) 

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i recently hit 10k followers and to be honest i never expected to hit this number especially since all i ever do is cry over the boys. this warmed up the end of my 2016 and i definitely do not deserve this amount of love but i thank each and every one of you for always showing me so much love.  so i’m here with another follow forever because without these people my blog probably won’t even last for so long. 💕

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