Contributors of To Ashes: A McHanzo fic and art Zine!


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Plus some mystery contributors who didn’t want to be named just yet! We greatly look forward to working with all of them!

Pokeddexy, day 6!

Yet another gen 3 Pokemon, I told you guys they’re my favorite!  I’d say as a whole fighting type pokes are my favorites, and Breloom kinda tops them all.  I just, I don’t know.  Fighting spore dinosaur, what’s not to love?  I got a shiny Shroomish from my bae, who named him Monty, and I couldn’t be happier.

Ahh!  I’ve been on this pic on and off for the past couple days!  I haven’t made myself an actual slime character, so I wanted a cutie that’d fit into my monster girl world!

So I would like you all to meet…..Gootrude.

Yes, a horrible pun, I know.  She goes to an academy for monster girls who show an affinity for magic!  Gootrude can summon her staff from her own jelly goodness, though she’s not of much use right now.  She also doesn’t have a flavor, sorry!  You’re not supposed to eat her!  ;o

I have finally accepted that this is what my art style wants out of me.  I’ve been struggling with finding my best way of drawing Archie, and I gosh darn diddly guess this is it.

(I’m so sorry for all these style-experiment busts of Archie, whoops.)

Pokeddexy challenge, day 5!

I love Gardevoir.  I love Gardevoir.  I think the third gen just hit me the hardest with the batch of favorite pokes; there’s just something about that sleek grace that was kinda unseen in those days, when it came out.  It was hard to decide between Gardevoir and Gallade for favorite psychic type, but Gardevoir came out on top.

Happy Draw a Centaur Day!  Well…instead of drawing a regular centaur, I went with an ichthyocentaur!  I will say, trying to figure out the horse to fish ration, when it comes to balance, was a bit difficult.  But I like it!

I might mess around with her color palette, but for now, it’s staying.