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I definitely can not frown at you taking pleasure in their idiocy. All the nasty homophobic comments ive gotten from that particular group had me. LOLing hard at their tag. I’m 23 yrs old but I took great pleasure in watching that.

Malicious high- five.

That Glee has such a large homophobic fanbase who all seem to gather within the Finn-fandom is something that really proves how much the writers suck.

I received those messages, too. Seeing Finn suffer and the Finn-fandom being sad feels like watching your bully trip and fall flat on the face. 

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What's weird is that my obsession with Glee made me a feminist. I don't watch much Tv, and I'm selective with my media in general so a lot of the sexist and mysogenistic things in Tv and film were foreign to me for the most part. Its when I fell in love with this new show about a girl with big dreams in a small town, and watched all the female characters blatanly be used over and over again for their male counterparts, that I thought "this isn't cool, its offensive. What can I do about this?"

They gave us female protagonists. They let us fall in love with those characters. And then one night when we didn’t expect it they came into our homes and they punched us in the face.

If they had advertised the show as a show about the straight white male Finn Hudson I would never have watched it. Or maybe I would have checked out the concept of the show. 

But Glee pretends to be feminist. They pretend to be inclusive and they pretend to have a show about underdogs and frankly, that’s not the case. It’s those lies they tell us that lured all of us into watching the show.

They gave us Rachel Berry and then they took her away and replaced her with Bella Cullen.

They gave us Quinn Fabray and replaced her with Norman Bates.

They gave us Mercedes and Tina and took them away and didn’t even care to replace them. 

They gave us the promise of a lesbian storyline and then all they do is dangle that promise in front of our faces. 

They show us things we could have and then they take them away again. That’s what makes us angry and hurt. And that’s what wakes up the feminist in me.

That is what makes so many people call their obsession with Glee an abusive relationship. They promise they’ll love you and then they never really do.

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Omg. Finn’s gonna take over Glee coaching? I’m now henceforth calling it “Finn directions”. Hahahaha!

I wonder what direction that would be, though, seeing as Finn doesn’t really know anything about life.

Then again, neither does Shuester. So they can just continue what they were doing before.

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I might have to get into this show.. you make it sound really good, haha.

I was very sceptical at first and it took me three attempts to watch the first episode. I don’t believe in fairy tales. Actually I find fairy tales quite horrifying with their misogynistic messages and their pro-violence, pro-arbitrary law stands. Oh, and of course love addiction is celebrated. Blegh, fairy tales.

But Once Upon a Time is actually really amazing. They take everything I hate about fairy tales, about romantic movies and stereotypes about love and relationship, and turn it upside down and make it so healthy.

I feel like those characters are finally characters kids can look up to and say: I want to be like that. And it’s true for both, girls and boys (although I do feel like women are the main target audience here).

Really. Watch it.

I’ve been waiting for this show since Buffy ended.

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You follow Matthew Hodgson? What’s that like? Unless I’m misunderstanding how twitter recs work lol.

My satire account follows him (MrPRMurphy).

Personally I can’t follow Matthew Hodgson.

I tweeted something along the lines of that it’s narcissistic to block people who voice criticism.

He replied to me, saying “Don’t you see that I haven’t blocked you?”

Then he blocked me.

And that’s really all you have to know about him.

Ali Adler blocked me, too, by the way, right after tweeting that she only wants to hear what positive things people have to say.

And that’s really all you have to know about her.

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Not only did the fans suffer for this, the show paid a price by a serious drop in ratings. Hopefully they learned their lesson and won’t make the mistake of repeating finchel ever again.

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I’ve always argued that they intentionally wrote them as toxic, but I honestly though it would be Rachel who finally woke up in the finale and realized what it was. I (haha laugh I know) did not forsee Finn saving her.

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I’d say they broke them up simply for an unexpected twist/a cliffhanger and to create intrigue for the next season. I won’t be surprised if they reunite in a few episodes.

I agree to what all of you said. I do think Finchel will get back together, simply because they are supposed to be the face of the show (which is bullshit, but that’s another story).  

I also hoped that Rachel would be the one to wake up, but I should have known better after New York last year. They wanted to make Finn an obstacle and the hero at the same time. Of course no girl on this show can ever make any healthy decisions on her own. There’s always gotta be a guy saving her. 

But I also do think that the entire plot of Finchel slowly destroying each other was planned. We saw Rachel go bananas over Finn and she was clearly meant to go to New York and be a star. Otherwise the entire show wouldn’t have made sense (oh..wait). We witnessed her giving up her dreams and comparing her relationship to Twilight and we saw Finn trying to get her off course and being extremely unhappy with his part in the relationship throughout the season. His story was literally that he didn’t have a plan, but only a girlfriend. I did not foresee the break-up, but only, because I didn’t trust the Glee writers to actually come up with a message at the end (a message that most Finchel fans apparently didn’t even get). 

Either way, the whole story arc was extremely poorly written. I see the intention behind it, and it just doesn’t work.

The only result is that they made Finn such an unlikeable character that now I’m almost giddy, just because he is unhappy whilst Rachel is where she belongs. Seriously, when I’m having a bad day I think about how season 3 ended with Finchel breaking up and how all those Finchel fans who thought they were celebrating a healthy relationship got punched in the face by the Glee writers and I immediately feel better. 

I know that’s not nice. But really, after all the crap I had to take from Finn fans after Santana’s outing and in general… I cannot bring myself to care if I’m spiteful and if that’s nice or not. 

I mean, why should we always be the ones to suffer from the Glee writers’ lacking ability to write?

In the end the straight white male ‘hero’ Finn who can’t do wrong will have it all.

Until then I’m enjoying my summer.