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Have you seen the recent problems? It feels like the haters are pointing it right at YOU. I think you should lay off, then probably they'll stop too.

That’s been happening for months. It’s doing nothing but making me even more steadfast. I also have a clear idea as to who is doing it. 

Take my advice, watch out for Oriko Mikuni in sheep’s clothing.

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Birthday: January 8th


Favourite color:I like them all!!!

Lucky number: 19

Last thing I googled: glitter force op

Relationship status: single

Zodiac sign: capricorn

Siblings: Two big brothers and a sister


Love/Lust: Love

Lemonade or Ice tea:Lemonade

Cats or dogs:Cats!

Day or night:Definitely night.

Makeup or all natural: All natural:)

City or country: City

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Actually completely enjoying Sailor Moon Crystal and seeing only negative reactions to it. If you guys wanted a copy of the original anime - go rewatch the original anime. If you just wanted the manga animated - go effin’ read the manga and use your imagination! Don’t bitch just because it’s new and different - can’t we just enjoy what’s good and tolerate what’s bad?

The obvious SMC haters/trolls that refuse to acknowledge that the Blu-ray and DVD volumes have cleaned up and re-drawn a LOT of the animation that was so horrible in the initial release. They still cling to the old animation and say SMC is still so horrible. And now they’re trolling on the in-between frames. If someone did this with any other MG show that they liked (other than the 90s anime) they would be beyond mad.

Never being able to find any other Panty Anarchy cosplayers because, according to the cosplay community, either “nobody else wants to cosplay a slut” or “all of her outfits would make me look like a whore”. Which is incredibly hypocritical since half of said cosplayers have in fact cosplayed scantily-clad female characters before, with the only difference between them and Panty being that Panty actually enjoys being sexy and having a sex life instead of being a blushing modest moeblob.