Strange Place || MDRPOPEN RP

Vanellope wandered around a bit, unsure of where to go. She honestly had no clue were she was, after all she’d only ever been as far as Game Central Station and this was not GCS. So where was she? Looking around she tried to find some sort of direction she could go, hoping it would lead her back to her game, but even she knew she was too far away to make it back. Candy pieces, she wished Ralph were here. Or even Felix! Someone familiar.

“You shouldn’t have ran away” she told herself, “You stupid- stupid stink brain.”

Her voice cracked on the last two words, the nickname she always called Ralph. She looked behind her once more and jumped when she saw something coming up behind her. She ran, but footsteps followed behind her.

“Whaddo you want?!” She screamed.


Hey hey! So I noticed that we have a lot of people that are new to roleplaying!

Yay! That’s great! It’s a wonderful experience that introduces you to lots of new things and new people.

So don’t be scared or shy about ANY of it. Don’t be afraid to message a character you think your own character will get along with! Don’t be scared to start a thread! That’s actually a really good way to grow and help yourself out when you’re just starting to roleplay. 

If anyone is new and would like some helpful words, advice, or anything else, just message me! Or our beautiful Claudia roleplayer, or either of the mods! They’re all lovely amazing people you guys!!


SPRING HAS SPRUNG!!!11!!1!1!1!!!!!

Hey guys. Most of you probably don’t know this, but I role play as some Disney characters with . Everybody is really cool there. You can pick a character and write stories as your character with other Disney characters from the same or different movies. I write as Jafar, The Cheshire Cat, and Hades. There are still a ton of openings and they are looking for more people. If you sound interested, check out their page. It’s really a lot of fun :) I know some of you are very creative writers, and trust me, there are still many characters to choose from. 

OOC: Important Mod Post

Hi guys!!

So I just wanted to make a litte reminder/note real quick.

I’ve noticed a lot of unnecessary reblogging lately that clutters the dash a lot.

Examples: Reblogging gifsets that aren’t from your movie, or dont relate to your character.. Or reblogging ever “Fill My Inbox” you see..

The only reason this all is a problem is because it clutters the dash a lot. No one can finds threads if someone is reblogging something every 2 minutes, especially if it’s something not even related to their character. 

Many people are guilty of this, but I’m not gonna point out anybody cause that would be out of line and rude. I just want everyone to be aware that it is a bother sometimes.. 

Also, it’s totally cool to reblog stuff relating to your character (stuff they like, things from their movie, stuff like that), but try to keep it to a minimum. Again, clutters the dash. Just add it to your queue! Everyone needs a queue! THE QUEUE IS YOUR FRIEND. THE QUEUE WILL NOT HURT YOU. HE IS VERY NICE. 

So simmer children! If you see something you like, just reblog it on your personal!