GUIDED MEDITATION: Making This Moment Magical

A guided meditation that will help you see the magic in this moment and allow you to feel all of its wonders. Enjoy ♥

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You’re a flavour of ice cream

It is summer
I eat ice cream in the bath
The water is as hot as the air
Chocolate chip cookie dough
From the grocery store
The next night
I walk through the starry heat
Step inside an ice cream shop advertising a new flavour
Butter brickle
I ask you to fill a pint for me
When you offer me a plastic spoon
I say, No thank you
It irritates me to no end when I refuse
The nice gesture of a beautiful woman
But I do say, Thank you as I leave
Cold pint in my hand
Retreat to my apartment
I run the bath
Get in
Of course I forget to grab a spoon
I’m too lazy to get out of the water
The cold on my fingers and tongue
A week later
You serve me again
It is the lull in the evening
Before customers again
We talk about the heat
Philosophy and books we’ve read
I ask you if it is okay if I tell you a secret
You nod your head
Say yes with your eyes
I eat ice cream in the bath
You utter, I do too
We laugh
You say my laugh is like a flavour of ice cream
She fills a sugar cone and says try this
And I say, Yes, I’d like to
She says, Its on me,
Stammers, I mean on the house
I am filled with a smile
Its burnt marshmallow ice cream
I lick it
Say, this is my new favourite flavour
I smile about that every once in a while

Michael Baumgart