Ok I’m very sorry, I’ve been putting this off for like 2 weeks now!!!! I got a prompt asking for Connor spending time with someone who’s not Kevin and Kevin getting mad about it and Connor then trying to make it up to him. So here goes. (1,038 words)

Kevin looks up from the pot of spaghetti he’s stirring when he hears the apartment door swing open. 

“Hi, Connor!” He calls over his shoulder. A few seconds pass.


Finally, Connor McKinley-Price walks through the door, briefcase slung over his shoulder, and iPhone glued to the side of his face.

“Yeah. Yeah, that’d be great!” He says enthusiastically, trying to slide his bag onto the floor while holding the phone to his ear. He waves at Kevin and mouths “Hi, honey!” Kevin gives him a mildly annoyed smile and turns back to their dinner.

Connor laughs at something said on the other end of the line. This bothers Kevin, to say the least. It seems to him that Connor has been acting like his boss’s conjoined twin recently. They’ve been going out to lunch, talking on the phone nonstop, and Connor’s been working late almost every night. Kevin isn’t really afraid of an affair going on, considering Connor’s boss is forty and married happily to a woman. But still, it annoys him.

“Alright, I’ll see you tomorrow!” Kevin’s head snaps back up. “Twelve o’clock. Got it. Bye, Dave.” Connor finally presses ‘end’.

“What are you two doing tomorrow?” Kevin asks, pouring the spaghetti through a strainer in the sink.

“We’re going golfing.” 

This makes Kevin turn around, arms akimbo. “You don’t golf.”

“Yeah, well, if that’s what Dave wants to do, I’ll do it.” Connor reaches into a drawer and grabs two placemats.

“You don’t have to be his puppet all the time.”

Connor faces Kevin. “What if I want to go golfing? Besides, I can learn fast.”

“Good luck.” Kevin knows Connor will be absolute shit at golf. It’s not that he’s uncoordinated, he can sing and dance like a Broadway star, but Connor couldn’t hit a baseball if his life depended on it. To put it mildly, sports involving hitting or throwing a projectile are not Connor’s forte.


They make small talk until they sit down at the dinner table, right across from each other. Connor grabs his fork and starts the tedious process of wrapping long strands of angel hair around it. “Mmm, this is amazing. Thanks, hon.”

“If there’s one thing I can do, it’s cook.” Kevin smiles.

“Oh, you can do a lot more than that.”

Connor’s phone starts to vibrate from the kitchen counter. Both heads snap up towards it, then blue and brown eyes meet. To Kevin’s disappointment, Connor sighs and gets up to answer the call. 

“Oh, it’s Dave again. I should probably answer it.” His hand is reaching towards the device when Kevin snaps. 

He slams his knife and fork down on the table and marches to Connor in three long strides, taking the phone and angrily pressing ‘end’. 

“Hey, why’d you do that? It could’ve been important.” Then Connor notices the anger ablaze in Kevin’s eyes.

Slamming Connor’s phone back on the marble countertop, Kevin nearly explodes with rage. “Important? Really? You know what, I’m about three hundred percent sure that asshole was just calling to take you out to get ice cream after dinner or some other stupid shit. I feel like all he ever wants to do is take you away from me, and why the fuck are you letting him? We are married. I should come first. Then your stupid fucking boss.”

He turns around and storms out of the room. Connor is shocked for a few seconds before he runs after Kevin.

“Kevin, it’s not like that at all!” Connor starts to apologize, but then realizes that Kevin should be the one apologizing. “I’ve been working in this crappy position for three fucking years, supporting us, paying rent, and paying for all your hair products! So when somebody finally notices me, I’m going to be just a little sycophantic, don’t you think? He’s talking about giving me a raise. Kevin, if I got a raise, we could move into an actual house, and maybe even start a family like you’ve always wanted!” He lightens his tone on the last sentence, grabbing his husband’s hands for emphasis. “Excuse me if I’m pissing you off by trying to make things better for us.” Now it’s Connor’s turn to walk out.

Kevin thinks for a moment, then follows him. He finds Connor in the kitchen, cleaning off the table.

“Alright, I’m sorry for yelling at you. I just wish you could make a little more time for me and a little less time for him. I’m sure if you cancel that stupid golfing excursion tomorrow he’ll still give you a raise.”

Connor crosses his arms. “Fine. I’ll..take you out to lunch instead.”

“Thank you,” Kevin says, getting that look on his face characteristic of when he gets his way. Kevin loops his arms around Connor’s waist and pulls him in for a kiss. When they break apart, Connor holds onto Kevin’s upper arms and looks into his eyes. “I forgot to tell you, since your birthday’s coming up…I have a little trip planned for you”- He punctuates the word by tapping Kevin on the nose with his forefinger- “We are going to Orlando.” 

The look on Kevin Price’s face is indescribable. Mormon or non-Mormon, Kevin never gave up his dream of spending eternity in Planet Orlando. First, his eyes go wide. Then his mouth parts in a smile. Then he jumps around the kitchen screaming like a ten-year-old and shaking the whole fucking apartment complex. “OH MY GOD I’M ACTUALLY GOING BACK TO ORLANDO!” Kevin runs over to Connor, grabs his face, and kisses him roughly with a lot of tongue. “Ohmphfh,” Connor manages, pushing Kevin back a little. He laughs at the sight of his slightly-crazy soul mate. “I LOVE YOU SO MUCH RIGHT NOW!” 

“Kevin, Kevin, Kevin, calm down, honey,” Connor says, guiding him into the bedroom. “You should get ready for bed. And try to process the information without murdering my eardrums.” He kisses him one more time before striding out of the room. Looking behind him to make sure Kevin is no where in sight, Connor sprints to his laptop and pulls up the homepage of Southwest Airlines, checking rates for flights to Orlando.