I drew one of these in the morning, so I think that kind of counts.

Anyway, I was playing around with the idea of drawing the gestures first, then fitting the character’s construction into the gesture.  It’s going to take some more practice, but it’s already a lot more fun, faster and less frustrating than drawing the character’s construction from the get-go, then getting a stiff looking pose at the end.

Also, thanks to chameleoncove again for the suggestion of drawing stuff from TUFF Puppy.  I’m personally not a fan of the show, but I generally enjoy Butch Hartman’s artwork and found it a fun challenge to learn more about drawing his characters. :)


One of my favorite rare games of Snes:

Magical Pop’n

The game is a side-scroller which is divided into six stages. The player starts with a three-heart life gauge and one spell attack. The player can increase Princess’s lives by collecting golden tokens (which look like the Princess’s face), gaining one life for every three coins collected. The player can also increase health by finding heart containers in treasure chests. Spells can be obtained throughout the game and are important for advancing further.