Hatsune Miku h.ear MDR-100A Headphones by Sony

MSRP: 23,900 yen (w/o tax), Release Date: September 12th, 2016

Orders open online via Sony Japan on September 12th and orders will be accepted until stock has run out. These headphones have a set limited quantity so order quickly if you want them. A forwarding service will be needed to ship these headphones overseas.

These headphones will also be on display for this years Magical Mirai and there are two versions available: Miku headphones featuring a Miku logo and Producer headphones featuring the logos of Deco*27, Mitchie-M, and Pinocchio-P.

For additional information about these headphones, visit Mikufan. 


Kagamine Len / Sacred Spear Explosion Boy / Magical Mirai 2015

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