103. Probably not allowed to become illegal animagus and go on magical midnight adventures with our werewolf best friend.

But if I DID turn into an animagus, I’d probably be a dog. - SB

Why a dog? Cause you’re an overgrown puppy? Hairy, full of energy, and covered in fleas? HA. Up top, Remus! - JP

*High-fives James* - RL

Gasp. Moony? How could you? - SB

What? That was funny. - RL

I’d probably be a lion. Or an eagle. - PP

Really? - JP

You don’t think you’d be a, oh i dunno, a rat, WORMTAIL? - SB

Anyway, it’s not like we could actually do this one without getting caught. I mean, keeping a mandrake leaf in our mouth for a whole month? Sirius would die if he had to stop talking. - JP