I recently watched the show for the first time and DAMN I really hoped  it would have this one magical girl anime moment when love saves the day Q.Q but I guess it’s good soo ^^° I do love me some drama and tears… still those too deserve a lil bit of love Q.Q

and yeah, I think it’s quiet obvious that I ship them, like seriously, how could you not xD



Gym hoe moments.
Like most of us i struggle tough with body image. I don’t talk about it much bc i recognize i walk around with soooo much privilege being thin. That shit is real af and dont let anyone tell you otherwise.
But i definitely do get low feelin like im not curvy enough. Im *too* small. Especially as a Black woman like if i had a dollar for every time someone shamed or threw shade at me for it id have enough money to go buy an ass and some titties.
But ive done a lot of selflove work. Because first off, equating my worth as a Black woman to my body is no accident and fuck that noise that tried to reduce us to measurements. Shit is capitalist and violent. Secondly, nigga i have so much more to offer than just a bangin body like i can really learn you about the cosmos, infinity, and god, antiBlackness and political schemes, provide psychotherapy, work you out with some yoga, and all in french if you need.
Da fuq?

So ive really tried to find the love in bein little like its been a whole journey. Confidence really is key bc trust, i can stand next to a bitch with a phat ass and still pull bc i BELIEVE in me. I may get low on myself some days but more often than not im feelin myself.
Going to the gym helps me. Thats what really helped my confidence. I feel sexy when i work out. I carry that with me when i leave. I also use mantras as reminders. I take selfies when i feel cute so i remember what a cutie i am!

Aint nothing wrong with how my body is and theres nothing wrong with yours. Some bullshit.

Magical Girl Moments List Meme


1. Beautiful Moment

The meeting of Sakura and Light Card.

2. Cute Moment

Mokona, Mokona, and Mokona! Basically, everything about Mokona.

3. Cool Moment

Wedding Peach being a badass.

4. Funny Moment

Nagisa spitting her potato chips towards Honoka.

5. Happy Moment

Angel Lily’s reaction about the comeback of Limone.

6. Sad Moment

Cure White attempting to stop Kiriya walking into vortex of destruction, while Cure Black keeps restraining her best friend to do so.

7. Inspiring Moment

Alice’s choice to sacrifice her humanity for sake of defeating Mamo disguising as Cutey Madame.

8. Epic Moment

The Cures charging towards Bel.

9. Shocking Moment

Honoka finding out that Kiriya is a part of Dusk Zone lackeys.

10. Scary Moment

Yousuke in deep rage upon hearing the true story about his father.

11. Romantic Moment

Everything about Momoko and Yousuke.

12. Transformation

Dai-Jama Cross!!

13. Attack

Saint Honeymoon Attack in Ai Tenshi Saigo no Tatakai omake video.

14. Friendship

Everything about Nagisa and Honoka.

15. Final Battle

Magic Knights vs Emeraude.

I went to Wondercon today and watched that one “Justice League VS Teen Titans” movie.

There’s a lot of parallels to season 4 of teen titans movie.
Things I love without spoiling it:

Starfire soccer mom.
Starfire being an unaware tease to someone.
Starfire yelling titans go. Oh yes.
And well. Other little slice of life stuff.

Oh and the titans having a magical girl transformation moment. That was nice to look at ✨

I love how Flynn was still watching wee Rapunzel while she was meeting with Snow White and the Prince.  And after the meet and greet, he ran over to walk Lane out of Fairytale Hall. :D