magical weekend

Witchy Weekend Flicks!

Watching some movies on a Saturday night, whether with friends or alone, is tons of fun. You can whip up some fantastic snacks and wrap yourself in a blanket. So sit down because here’s the show.

1. Practical Magic. Seriously if you haven’t seen this yet, what are you doing? Sandra Bullock literally slays in this movie. It has the all-out witchy vibe you’ve been dying for. Plus, it’s good enough to watch again.

2. The Craft. Now, I’m pretty sure basically every witch has watched this one, but who cares? Frankly, it is brilliant and a total classic. Let your 90′s passion fill your heart. It’s also a great movie to fall asleep to pretty much every night.

3. Kiki’s Delivery Service. I own this movie and let me just say-it is worth every compliment that has come its way (and more). The animation is incredibly stunning and the characters are vivacious and relatable. The plot is innocent and inspiring, and don’t even get me started on Kiki’s house in the beginning. 

4. The Love Witch. Reminiscent of 70′s technicolor bursts, this movie is a must watch. Everything about it looks like they actually filmed the movie during the 70′s, from the gorgeous witch house (you’ll know what I’m talking about) to the cover. 

5. Howl’s Moving Castle. Although it isn’t strictly based off of witches, this movie is bursting at the seams with all the magic you’ve been looking for. Wizards and witches pretty much dominate the Waste. Howl himself knows some pretty dang impressive magic (like, really dang impressive magic). All the spells and potions will make you drool!

6. Hocus Pocus. Do I even need to put this in here? If you haven’t seen it, just. Yeah. You need to see this movie like right now. 

Hope you loved this post and if you want more like it, please request. In the meantime, have fun and happy bewitching!

Bless Jib. Bless. Things we have so far:

-Jared confirming Misha in s13

-Misha confirming Cas in s13

-J2M watching gay porn

-Misha and Jared sharing a room

So much more that I don’t have time to list. 😂

And we haven’t even gotten to the Cockles and Mishalecki panels yet. Bless this magical weekend. *Sighs dreamily*

Daily Correspondences:

MONDAY: Ruled by the moon. Colour associations: Silver, grey and white. Do magic involving: Intuition, dreams, psychic abilities, female deities, cleansing, healing, manifestation, power, peace and wisdom.

TUESDAY: Ruled by Mars. Colour associations: Red. Do magic involving: Courage, energy, physical strength, banishing negativity, cursing, protection, binding, manifestation and power.

WEDNESDAY: Ruled by Mercury. Colour associations: Purple. Do magic involving: Divination, communication, knowledge, wisdom, study, luck and wealth.

THURSDAY: Ruled by Jupiter. Colour associations: Blue. Do magic involving: Luck, wealth, healing, protection and success.

FRIDAY: Ruled by Venus. Colour associations: Green. Do magic involving: Love and friendship.

SATURDAY: Ruled by Saturn. Colour associations: Black and purple. Do magic involving: Psychic ability, meditation, communication with spirits, cursing, protection, cleansing, banishing and binding.

SUNDAY: Ruled by the sun. Colour associations: Gold and yellow. Do magic involving: Power, prosperity, health, banishing evil, exorcism, healing, success and wealth.

They’re in the middle between being a couple and work colleagues…They are like soulmates. They never criticise or coach each other, which is the toughest thing to do when you compete together for that long.
—  Patrice Lauzon

okAY I NEED TO SCREAM ABOUT THESE TWO RN !! They were so kind and amazing, and I hadn’t expected them to actually pose for these but after accidentally kissing once (which i sadly missed ;;;), we asked them to do it again and just !!!!!! lOOK AT THEM !!

A+ cosplay, A+ people, just… it was so amazing and a spur of the moment and I’m so happy

These two made my night, and made my Katsucon weekend SO worth it. It was just… amazing. 12/10.

Cosplayers: @trashcandean && @magicaldragondetectives


playlist: work in progress

i feel like i’ve been going through A Time lately like this whole year so far idk but u gotta keep shit in perspective, so i made this playlist bc life is a work in progress and these songs have been helping me muddle through it lately.

youarefire - LANY / without you - oh wonder / all in the value - HONNE / recovery - broods / belly of the beat - grimes / made in hollywood - LANY / used to be mine - last dinosaurs / life is simple in the moonlight - the strokes / latin simone - gorillaz / always - last dinosaurs / no one else - the magic gang / all our babies - VANT / taxi cab - vampire weekend / good side in - the japanese house / these words - the lemon twigs

on spotify HERE

(background image is mine from when i saw the big moon)


I haven’t posted art in a bit. So I went through my files and found a buncha sad boys

Had a great time hanging out with my dad and his girlfriend this weekend.  She told me she’s finally going to be a grandma twice over come August and November, both her  kids are having their first child!  

Funny story, dad told me that for the past few months, every time her kids would be leaving after a visit, instead of saying goodbye along with something like ‘Take care!’, ‘See you soon!’, ‘Love you!’, or whatever, she’d say ‘Make babies!’.  

I laughed so hard ‘cuz it just seemed like such a Griselda thing to do!  XD

Bog:  “Thanks again fer dinner, mom.”

Marianne:  “Yeah, it was great!  See you tomorrow!”

Griselda:  “You’re welcome, dears!  Make babies!”

Bog:  “MOM!”

Marianne:  “Oh, God.”

Griselda:  “Bye-bye!  Make babies!”  ^-^


And you’ve seen me do that more often than most. Isn’t that right, Clara?