magical transistors

Just finished this today, and I couldn’t wait to post it! I had a great idea from listening to the transistor soundtrack and I really like how it turned out. This is the first time I’ve done her more in my style, and with a gritty, old film texture that I did by hand! Let me know what you think!

no but listen, one of my favorite things still is

what a literally impossible piece of self-congratulatory iron man engineering it’s just like. it’s like

“what is gonna be our cool big innovative armor thing”

“it’s gonna be a technoknight base design that can change into EVERY FUCKING IRON MAN ARMOR. PLUS FUCKING METAL WINGS TOO”

“isn’t that cheating –”


i mean I LOVE IT because back in the day you had tony stark, super high tech industrialist with his trusty attache case and the fucking impossibly collapsible iron man suit parts and magical transistors that could be literally anything and now we live in a more technologically advanced era where the case isn’t super impressive anymore but with this new armor i feel like i still get to experience that same feeling of “YEAH TONY STARK CAN FUCKING DO THIS IMPOSSIBLE THING YOU KNOW WHY BECAUSE TONY FUCKING STARK” incorporating actual 21st century imagined tech porn WHILE ACKNOWLEDGING IRON MAN HISTORY

oh my god it’s so nice because we damn well know that this armor will probably fail majestically at some point probably mid-battle and tony’s gonna be good as dead but then he’s gonna fucking turn tables on true tony stark heroics fashion and he’s gonna go back to the workbench and fix the god damn thing and he’s not gonna be like “you know what i should probably do something more low key i should probably tone down” like fuck nO HE’S GONNA BE LIKE “LET’S MAKE THOSE PIECES COME OUT OF THE WATCH EVEN FASTER LET’S ADD THIS SUPER EXTRA EVEN MORE HIGH TECH SECURITY COMPONENT” like oh my god i am such a SLUT for how tony always goes for THE MOST ADVANCED, FAR-FETCHED, DREAM-LIKE, FANTASTICAL FUCKING CONFIGURATION no matter HOW MANY FUCKING TIMES SHOOTING FOR THE INCREDIBLE BLOWS UP IN HIS FACE OH MY FUCKING GOD TONY STARK IS SOME GOOD SHIT