magical thighs

I get the feeling I’m in deep
Troubled waters but they’re only thigh-high

Kaito has very under-appreciated thighs imo


Hi ho, hi ho. It’s back to work I go. 😭
Had a fun weekend in a proper city with things to do & I could run around a beautiful garden full of Pokémon….now I’m back in middle of nowhere SC & acting like an adult. Boo.😒

At least it’s warm & I’m wearing loads of pink.

Today I had the house to myself for about 7hrs. I smoked a few doobs, got fairly stoned, and drew some tarot cards of my favourite human and the ever beautiful @thighhighs-n-fries! When you’re missing the person, making art of them is the absolute next best thing!!

anonymous asked:

You seem so confident and cool. I really struggle with my self-perception and self-confidence -- how do you think I can become more comfortable in who I am & what I look like?

Oh man. Well first off, I do not always feel confident and cool, I don’t think anyone does. There’s definitely things about myself and my body that I wish I could change. But when I get twisted up, there’s a few things that help me keep it in perspective:

1. Everybody is a set of strengths and weaknesses. Yup, I have a shit metabolism but you should see my memory. Yeah, I’ll never be able to sing but man can I put together an outfit. So every time I get down about something, I remember that in the grand scheme of humanity, I have some pretty amazing skills. And when I really think about it, I wouldn’t trade my greatest strengths for my greatest weaknesses. Which is related to…

2. Only worry about what’s (a) in your control and (b) what you choose to prioritize. I spent ages in high school thinking that if I just worked out more or ate less then I’d have that lovely, willowy thin type of body that looks amazing and effortless in clothes. But I spent a summer playing/teaching tennis pretty much full time and eating really damn well and guess what, my thighs didn’t magically go away. I have a body that’s built much more like a Serena than a Venus, and I’ve learned that anything outside of unhealthy extreme isn’t going to change that. So, I let it go. Do I sometimes look at an outfit and think “god I would love to look good in that”? Yup. But I’ve learned to either ignore trends that are definitely never going to work on me or find ways of re-working them (straight slip dresses? absolutely not. But add a waistline in here or some twisting there and we’re talking). If something is able to be improved and really matters to you, work on it. Otherwise, you have to give yourself a break. 

3. Stop caring about people that aren’t worth your time. I know, this is horrible advice that begs the question “But HOW?” For me, I regularly prune people out of my life. If your opinion about me doesn’t, or shouldn’t, matter to me, then you don’t either. Poof, begone. I have a small and tight group of people I care about, and their opinions do matter to me. If my boyfriend says I need to tone it down, that’s probably a good call. If my mom says I shouldn’t judge someone so quickly, she’s probably right. So think about who in your life is important - who complements your weaknesses, who always knows just what to say, who isn’t afraid to say what you don’t want to hear - and chop off the excess. I promise you’ll feel lighter not carrying around the weight of unnecessary people’s expectations or judgements. 

4. And most importantly…have goals. If you’re focused and know what you want, it’s much easier to brush off people, ideas, thoughts, that can knock you down. Focus on what’s ahead and you’ll realize just how unnecessary a lot of the crap you’re dealing with is. Stupid relationship drama, bitchy ‘friends,’ nasty comments, it all rolls off like water on a duck when you have a vision you’re working towards. When high school used to get too much, I would close my eyes and try to picture what life would be like at Cam, walking to lectures on cobblestone streets, punting on the river, candlelit dinners… Having a vision for the life you want outside of the bubble you’re in can make all the difference. 

That’s pretty much what I’ve got. I hope some of that is helpful. The long and short is: make sure you’re on the track to be the person you want to be, flaws in areas that don’t matter balanced out with strengths that do. Good luck.